Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide - How to Send Gifts

This Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need. Our beginner's guide includes the best ways to earn bells and leaf tickets, fishing, unlocking all Animals and Characters, sending gifts, the Holiday Event, KK Slider question, and how to get all the villagers and learn their resources and themes.

Guide by Caty McCarthy, Hirun Cryer, and Tom Orry, .

Sending gifts to friends in Animal Crossing is great, but how do you send gifts to friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? While there isn’t a proper gifting system yet, there is a way to receive gifts from friends. In this guide on how to send gifts in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp we’ll detail how you go about it and earn some extra bells.

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How to Send Gifts in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

As we mentioned right at the start, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp doesn’t have a gifting system. No matter how much you want to send your best friend a gift of some items or some bells, you can’t. But you can help a friend out and get some bells as a gift in return.

Help Friends get Into the Quarry and Earn Bells as Gifts

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp there is a location called Shovelstrike Quarry. To gain access to Shovelstrike Quarry you must pay 20 Leaf Tickets (ouch!) or get the help of five friends in the game. This is where the Animal Crossing gifting system comes into play.

If you choose to help out a friend with their entry to Shovelstrike Quarry you will get a gift of some bells in the post. This is the only way to receive gifts in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. The amount of bells you receive as a gift depends on when the friend enters the Quarry.

  • Help friend who enters Quarry that day: Receive 100 Bells as a gift
  • Help friend who doesn’t enter Quarry that day: Receive 10 Bells as a gift

Will Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Allow you to Send Gifts in the Future?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is still relatively new, so additional features are bound to be added in the coming months. Sending gifts to friends is a feature many players are keen to be added, but at the moment it’s unclear if this will make it into the game in a future update.

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