Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Guide - Themed Items and Furniture

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Guide - Themed Items and Furniture

This Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need. Our beginner's guide includes the best ways to earn bells and leaf tickets, fishing, unlocking all Animals and Characters, sending gifts, the Holiday Event, KK Slider question, and how to get all the villagers and learn their resources and themes.

A special Holiday event has started in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. In this guide to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s Holiday event we’ll tell you all you need to know about the festive Christmas activities, including the unique themed items and furniture.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Guide

In this Animal Crossing Holiday Event guide we’ll go over everything that Nintendo has added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in the game’s new Holiday Event. This will include the special items, such as holiday clothing, that you can acquire.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Start Date and End Date

The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event began on November 29/November 30 and runs until the end of Christmas Day, December 25.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Furniture and Items

If you fulfil requests for Animals you can earn Candy Canes, while special holiday furniture can be crafted over the event period. You can also unlock special holiday themed clothing items.

Holiday furniture includes a festive bow tree, a three-ball snowman, a Jingle Fence, and more. Holiday clothing includes a Santa hat, a Santa coat, a Santa skirt, Santa pants, and Santa boots. Get it all and you can dress your character as a little camping Santa. To get everyone into the festive mood, all players will find a Santa hat in their mailbox.

Players who visit Shovelstrike Quarry will receive Candy Canes when they enter. By using the acquired Candy Canes you can craft special holiday event furniture. It’s worth noting that the special furniture can only be crafted while the event is ongoing, although any items you start to craft will continue to be made if the event closes part way through.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event Item Prices

Holiday Event ItemItem Price
Jingle Checked Sofa100 Bells
Christmas Cake100 Bells
Mountain of Presents100 Bells
Christmas Bed300 Bells
Christmas Blanket300 Bells
Christmas Gate300 Bells
Snowglobe500 Bells
Christmas Tree500 Bells
Christmas lamp500 Bells
Christmas fireplace800 Bells
Snowman800 Bells

Each item can also be bought using Candy Canes, but these are harder to come by than Bells (which you may well already have a large supply of).

That's all we've got for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s Holiday Event. Look elsewhere for guides on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Animals and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Fish. We've also got Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cheats, Tips, and Secrets and how to send gifts in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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