WWE 2K18 - How to Earn VC Quickly

WWE 2K18 is one of the biggest, most feature-rich WWE games ever made. Get info on WWE 2K18’s MyPlayer, MyCareer, Fighting Style, Attributes, and more in the complete WWE 2K18 guide. Also, how to earn VC in WWE 2K18. WWE 2K18 Switch, Xbox One, PS4 guide.

In WWE 2K18 there is a currency known as VC. This VC is essential if you want to buy anything in WWE 2K18, including the bronze, silver and gold Loot Boxes. Earning VC can seem like a bit of a slog, but there are ways to make it easier. Read our guide on how to earn VC in WWE 2K18 for all the info you need to start earning loads of VC in WWE 2K18.

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WWE 2K18 - How to Earn VC Quickly and Easily Guide

While you earn VC for every match you play in WWE 2K18, no matter what game mode you’re playing, there are some things you can do to make sure you maximise your VC earnings. We’ve got the tips you need below.

WWE 2K18 Loot Cases will cost you VC, so earning it is essential.

Earn VC in WWE 2K18 Single Matches

Single matches are a great way to earn VC in WWE 2K18. While there’s a lot of talk about grinding VC by playing through the WWE 2K18 Universe, you can earn VC for taking part in one-off matches. We’ve got all the info you need to get farming VC.

  • Pick Unbalanced Match-ups - If you’re Bautista or Reigns and your AI opponent is Enzo Amore or another small, low rated fighter, you’re going to have a great chance of getting easy wins.
  • Entertain - If you’re not entertaining the crowd you won’t get high star ratings for your matches. Perform as many different moves as possible and try to get pinned by your opponent to raise the rating and earn more VC.
  • Perform Signature Moves and Finishing Moves - These special character-specific moves will get the crowd excited and earn you more VC.
  • Rematch - If you find a match-up that you can easily win, just keep rematching. This isn’t the most fun way to play WWE 2K18, but if earning VC is your main priority you can make a lot pretty quickly by exploiting unbalanced match-ups.
  • Backstage Matches - Fighting outside of the ring, behind the scenes in what WWE called backstage, is one of the easiest ways to earn high match ratings and earn plenty of bonus VC in WWE 2K18.

Earn VC in WWE 2K18 MyCareer

Playing through your MyCareer in WWE 2K18 is another way to earn VC, and you should find it more fun than taking part in single matches. There’s less scope to farm here as you can’t set up such one-sided fights, but there are other ways to earn lots of WWE 2K18 VC.

From your start in the WWE Performance Center, through to taking part in shows, you’ll earn VC as you progress. The points you earn won’t come as regularly as constantly replaying single matches, but this is less of a grueling way to earn VC in WWE 2K18.

Shirt Sales are a great way to make WWE 2K18 VC in MyCareer. As you increase your status your shirt sale should go up. If they start to slow, change your shirt’s logo, and then change your shirt completely to freshen things up and spark new sales.

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