WWE 2K18 Fighting Styles - MyPLAYER and MyCareer - Full Guide to Starting Abilities

WWE 2K18 is one of the biggest, most feature-rich WWE games ever made. Get info on WWE 2K18’s MyPlayer, MyCareer, Fighting Style, Attributes, and more in the complete WWE 2K18 guide. Also, how to earn VC in WWE 2K18. WWE 2K18 Switch, Xbox One, PS4 guide.

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Your Fighting Style in WWE 2K18 will determine the kind of wrestler you are, governing your attributes, skills, and abilities. In this WWE 2K18 Fighting Styles guide we’ll list the different options you have and detail how they affect your Superstar in MyPlayer and MyCareer.

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WWE 2K18 Fighting Styles

WWE 2K18 includes eight fighting styles you can use to shape your MyPlayer superstar for use in MyCareer. The fighting style you choose in WWE 2K18 will determine your MyPlayer superstar’s strengths and weaknesses, attributes, body size, skills, and abilities. Some of these are exclusive to certain fighting styles.

On top of the Fighting Style you can affect your attributes by choosing a Weight Class. Your Weight Class choices will be dictated by the Fighting Style you choose, with some having more options than others.

Read on for an in-depth look at each of the eight fighting styles in WWE 2K18.

Note: Attribute info taken from WWE 2K18 info screens.

High Flyer Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

High flyers make use of high risk moves and their speed around the ring. Sadly for them this means they can hurt themselves buy pulling off dangerous stunts.

High Flyer Starting Skills

  • Top Rope Diver
  • Springboard Diver

High Flyer Starting Ability

  • Diving Pin Combo Level 1

Showboat Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

Showboaters are all about performing for the crowd. They feed off the crowd and love to put on a show. They want to entertain for as long as possible, so have strong stamina and are generally good at performing reversals.

Showboat Starting Skills

  • Second Finisher
  • Comeback

Showboat Starting Ability

  • Fan Favorite Level 1

Striker Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

Strikers are proper fighters, who like to use their fists and their feet to take down opponents. Their striking ability combined with high power mean they can sustain frenetic periods of attack.

Striker Starting Skill

  • Combo Striker

Striker Starting Ability

  • Ring Escape Level 1

Technician Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

Technicians are clever and are experts at the art of wrestling. With their superb grappling and technique, these superstars will always win if you try to match them at their own game.

Technician Starting Skills

  • Top Rope Diver
  • Leverage Pin

Technician Starting Ability

  • Technician Level 1

Brawler Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

While strikers like to do their fighting in the legitimate arenas, brawlers don’t care where they fight. Whether it’s in the ring or backstage, these wrestlers are tough and athletic, and will take on their foes at any opportunity.

Brawler Starting Skills

  • Comeback
  • Remove the Turnbuckle

Brawler Starting Ability

  • Ruthless Aggression Level 1

Strong Style Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

While strong fighters might lack in technique, they make up for it with sheer toughness, resilience, and grappling ability.

Strong Style Starting Skills

  • Top Rope Diver
  • Comeback

Strong Style Starting Ability

  • Resiliency Level 1

Powerhouse Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

As the name suggests, powerhouse wrestlers put power above everything else. They will try to brute force their way to victory.

Powerhouse Starting Skill

  • Fired Up

Powerhouse Starting Ability

  • Pin Combo Level 1

Giant Fighting Style in WWE 2K18

As you might guess from the name ‘giant’, these wrestlers aren’t quick but they are big and tough. Giants aren’t going to outmanoeuvre anyone, but they can do real damage.

Giant Starting Skill

  • Hammer Throw

Giant Starting Ability

  • Immovable Object Level 1

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