WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes Guide

WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes Guide

WWE 2K18 is one of the biggest, most feature-rich WWE games ever made. Get info on WWE 2K18’s MyPlayer, MyCareer, Fighting Style, Attributes, and more in the complete WWE 2K18 guide. Also, how to earn VC in WWE 2K18. WWE 2K18 Switch, Xbox One, PS4 guide.

In WWE 2K18 the overall rating of your MyPlayer superstar is determined by the number of attribute points you've pumped into them. In this WWE 2K18 MyPlayer Attributes guide we will detail the different attribute groups in WWE 2K18 and explain the sub-attributes found within each category.

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WWE 2K18 Attributes Guide

There are 10 attribute categories in WWE 2K18 that you need to think about when building your WWE 2K18 MyPlayer superstar. These are Striking, Grappling, Power, Toughness, Technique, Reversals, Athleticism, Speed, Stamina and Promo - each of these has its own set of sub-attributes.

Note: Attribute info taken from WWE 2K18 info screens.

WWE 2K18 Striking Attributes

Striking, as you might imagine, increases the amount of damage your WWE superstar deals when striking with a fist or a foot. This attribute also boosts the chance of strike reversal and the wrestler's effectiveness using foreign objects - like chairs.

  • Arm Power: Damage from arm attacks
  • Leg Power: Damage from leg attacks
  • Foreign Object Offense: Damage from foreign objects attacks
  • Strike Reversal: The wrestler's ability to reverse strikes

WWE 2K18 Grappling Attributes

You might spot a trend here: Grappling increases the damage caused by grappling moves. Additionally, as you might expect, it increases the ability to reverse grapples, getting you out of tricky situations.

  • Grapple Offense: Damage caused by grapple attacks
  • Grapple Reversal: Ability to successfully reverse grapple attempts from opponents

WWE 2K18 Power Attributes

Power is essentially how strong a wrestler is, so it includes sub attributes like Strength. Power is the attribute class that determines if your superstar is a tank or a weed (if a weed can exist in WWE?).

  • Strength: The weight your WWE superstar can lift
  • Running Offense: Damage caused by running attacks
  • Environmental Offense: Damage caused by the objects around the ring
  • Power Submission Offense: Damage caused by power submissions
  • Power Submission Defense: Determines Damage caused by power submissions on your wrestler

WWE 2K18 Toughness Attributes

Your resilience is important in WWE 2K18, as chances are you're going to get beaten on a lot. Toughness your recovery and how many hits you can take. This also has an affect on how good you are at getting up from a pin.

  • Head Durability: Determines damage caused to head
  • Body Durability: Determines damage caused to body
  • Arm Durability: Determines damage caused to arms
  • Leg Durability: Determines damage caused to legs
  • Damage Recovery: Hit point recovery speed
  • Pin Escape: How hard it is to escape being pinned

WWE 2K18 Technique Attributes

This group helps determine how good your WWE superstar is at wrestling - it's what the true 'artists' the the sport excel at. Wrestlers with good technique can get away with being less powerful.

  • Chain Wrestling: Chain wrestling skill
  • Technical Submission Offense: Damage caused by technical submissions
  • Technical Submission Defense: Damage caused by opponent's technical submissions

WWE 2K18 Reversals Attributes

If you want to be able to perform more reversals in a match, you're going to need to build up your Reversal attributes.

  • Reversal: Maximum number of reversals available for a match
  • Reversal Offense: Damage caused by reversal attacks

WWE 2K18 Athleticism Attributes

Big, powerful wrestlers can also be pretty nimble if you build up your Athleticism attributes. Doing so will limit their power, though, which kind of defeats the purpose of going with a giant.

  • Agility: Turnbuckle climbing speed
  • Aerial Offense: Damage caused by performing diving attacks
  • Aerial Range: Maximum range of diving and springboard attacks
  • Aerial Reversals: How effective your wrestler is at reversing aerial attacks
  • Springboard Offense: Damage caused from an opponent's springboard attack

WWE 2K18 Speed Attributes

Speed affects numerous areas of your WWE superstar's abilities, making it a good set of attributes to upgrade.

  • Movement Speed: Maximum walking and running speed
  • Strike Speed: Speed of strikes (leg and arm)
  • Grapple Speed: Speed of grapple attempts
  • Chain Wrestling Speed: Determines how fast the chain wrestling mini-game gauge fills

WWE 2K18 Stamina Attributes

If you want to play the long game in WWE matches, Stamina is your friend. Showboats rely on stamina to ensure they can entertain the crowd.

  • Stamina: Speed WWE superstar's stamina decreases
  • Stamina Recovery: Speed WWE superstar's stamina recovers
  • Momentum: How fast momentum is earned during a match

WWE 2K18 Promo Attributes

Promo determines your superstar's ability to get interest from the crowd during WWE Universe and MyCareer. Again, great for showboaters.

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