Pokemon GO PvP Battles - Release Date, Trainer PvP Battle Gameplay - Everything we Know

Here's all the information you need to know about PvP Trainer battles coming to Pokemon GO.

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PvP Trainer battles are a brand new aspect of Pokemon GO, and we've already got the chance to demo the new feature ahead of release. In this Pokemon GO PvP guide, we'll be detailing everything we know for certain so far about the upcoming feature, including the Pokemon GO PvP release date, all the Pokemon GO PvP gameplay details you need to know about, and much more.

We mentioned that we got the chance to try out the new feature coming to Pokemon GO, and we came away surprised. For our full thoughts and impressions of the new mode coming to the mobile game, head over to our Pokemon GO PvP battles impressions piece.

Pokemon GO PvP Trainer Battles Release Date

For starters, when will the new PvP mode be out for Pokemon GO players? Niantic hasn’t slapped a firm release date on the new mode just yet, but new PvP Trainer battles will be coming to Pokemon GO at some point during December 2018. There’s precious little time left in the year for this new mode to release, so we’ll be keeping an ear out for any additional information regarding a release date.

Pokemon GO PvP Gameplay

One crucial question on every Pokemon GO player’s lips will be wondering how the new PvP mode actually plays. Just below, we’ve outlined the basics of how the PvP Trainer battles are played in Pokemon GO.

  • You can play 1v1, or 3v3 in Trainer battles.
  • There are three tiers for PvP, with max CP set to 1500, 2500, and 5000.
  • You can tap rapidly to build up your special Charge Attack.
  • Charge Attack come with a countdown.
  • You get two uses of Protect per battle, and this nullifies all Charge Attack damage.
  • You can’t use any items in PvP battles.
  • You can switch between Pokemon in PvP Trainer battles, but there’s a cooldown between each switch.
  • You can only battle users remotely that you have established an ‘Ultra Friend’ level with.
  • Otherwise, you can only battle users locally using a QR code.

And that’s all the information you need to know about how a PvP Trainer battle actually functions in Pokemon GO. But there’s also rewards to consider, and crucially, both players partaking in the battle will always get a reward, whether they win or lose, and your Friendship level with a player can increase through battling them.

In addition to this, you can actually battle AI opponents in Pokemon GO. However these AI opponents will only reward you with one item a day for your hard work, so you can’t grind them out repeatedly. The Ace Badge is also back in Pokemon GO as part of Trainer PvP battles, and you can earn progress towards obtaining it through battles.

At the current time, this is all the information that you need to know about PvP Trainer battles coming to Pokemon GO. Should any additional information come to light, including a concrete release date, we’ll be sure to update this guide straight away.

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