Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Weapons - All New Season of the Drifter Exotic and Legendary Guns

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter Weapons - All New Season of the Drifter Exotic and Legendary Guns

Here's a complete list of all the new Season of the Drifter weapons we've seen for Destiny 2 so far, both in Legendary and Exotic rarities.

The Season of the Drifter has launched just recently for Destiny 2, and introduced with it a bunch of new weapons for you to obtain. In this Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter weapons guide, we'll be compiling a complete list of all the Season of the Drifter Exotics and Legendary weapons that we've seen so far.

But if you instead need any additional information on the Season of the Drifter, you can check out our Destiny 2 DLC guide. It’s here that we’ve compiled all the information about past and future DLC for Bungie’s game, so you know the seasonal events that are launching further down the road in 2019.

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter New Weapons

With every new Destiny 2 event or content drop, you can be sure to find new weapons to obtain. The Forsaken DLC expansion introduced a ton of new weapons and armor items in September 2018, and the following Season of the Forge brought with it a bunch of new weapons that you could obtain through the new Forge missions.

With Season of the Drifter, there’s once again going to be a load of new weapons. As of right now, we've compiled a complete list of all the new weapons that can be obtained through Season of the Drifter.

Season of the Drifter Pinnacle Weapons

So what are Pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2? As you can read below, each Pinnacle weapon is assigned to a faction, be that Vanguard for Strikes, Crucible for PvP matches, or Gambit for Gambit matches. There'll be a season-long quest objective for each of these weapons from each faction. This quest objective might require you to complete a set number of Strikes, for example, in order to obtain the Oxygen SR3 weapon.

Previously in Season of the Forge, there were also three Pinnacle weapons, one for each faction. For example, you had to complete a set number of Gambit matches, and slay a set number of Gambit enemies in order to obtain the Breakneck auto rifle. We imagine that the Pinnacle weapons below will be obtained through similar quest objectives, but we'll report back once we know for sure.

Oxygen SR3

The new Oxygen SR3 is a precision scout rifle that belongs to the Vanguard. The SR3’s unique perk is Meganeura: Dragonfly, which deals more damage based upon the number of precision hits you can land on an enemy.

The Oxygen SR3 scout rifle. | Bungie

The Recluse

The Recluse is a lightweight submachine gun obtained through Crucible and Lord Shaxx, which deals out Void damage. The unique perk of the Recluse is known as Master of Arms, and kills with any weapon in your entire arsenal increase this weapon’s damage, for a short amount of time. The Recluse could be deadly as your backup weapon that you switch out to after a kill or two.

The Recluse submachine gun. | Bungie

21% Delirium

Somewhat in the same vein as the Thunderlord, the 21% Delirium is a huge machine gun that deals out Arc damage. The unique perk for Delirium is Kill Tally, where kills increase this weapon’s damage, until it is stowed or reloaded. So if you can land a kill near the beginning of a clip, the Delirium can temporarily become a force to be reckoned with.

The 21% Delirium machine gun. | Bungie


As for weapons that don't come under the Pinnacle umbrella, there's Arbalest. This Linear Fusion Rifle not only fires slug bullets instead of energy blasts, but also does increased damage to enemies with shields.

Arbalest. | Bungie

As of right now, it's not clear how any of the weapons detailed above can be earned in Destiny 2. Should we uncover a sure method for earning any of them, you can be sure to read about it right here.

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