Gwent Guide - The Best Gwent Cards to Unlock First, Most Powerful Gwent Cards

Gwent Guide - The Best Gwent Cards to Unlock First, Most Powerful Gwent Cards

We've assembled a handy guide detailing the most powerful Gwent cards in the game, and the ones that you should be spending your hard earned Scrap on.

As soon as you open up the Card Collection section of Gwent, you'll be overwhelmed when trying to choose the best cards to unlock with Scrap first. In this detailed guide, we'll walk you through the very best, most powerful Gwent cards to unlock first, in order to assemble the most powerful decks in the game.

If you need help with anything else related to Gwent, then be sure to check out our Gwent guides hub, containing multiple guides on assembling the best decks in the game, as well as general tips and tricks for how to master the game of Gwent.

It should be noted that we'll be dealing with the most basic versions of Gwent cards here, and not the upgradeable (animated) versions that can be unlocked with more Scraps.

The Best Gwent Cards to Unlock First

We'll go through each faction individually, selecting the best, most useful Gwent cards with the best abilities that you should be spending your Scrap on. Note that the cards are ordered by the amount of Scrap required to unlock them, and not in a priority order.

Click on any of the links below to take you straight to the corresponding faction, and all the best cards featured within.

The Best Neutral Gwent Cards

Prize-Winning Cow - 200 Scrap - This card might seem very weak at just 2 power, but should the Prize-Winning Cow be removed from the board in any way, a Chort with 6 power will take its place, giving you a nice boost in any situation.

King of Beggars - 200 Scrap - It'd be preferential to play the King of Beggers Gwent card when you're losing, as the card can single-handedly tie the round as soon as it is played, up to a maximum of 15 power.

Ciri - 800 Scrap - The Witcher-to-be can be a massive help to anyone, as should Ciri finish the round still on the playing field (which is highly likely), the card will automatically be placed back in your hand, giving you the chance to use the card for a second time against your opponent.

The Best Monster Gwent Cards

Foglet - 30 Scrap - While this card is relatively weak at just 2 power, the Foglet Gwent card will automatically be summoned to the board whenever you play a Fog card, giving you a nice boost to an already useful Weather card.

Wild Hunt Rider - 30 Scrap - If any Wild Hunt Rider Gwent cards remain on the board at the end of the round, they will all stay there and not be discarded, due to the Resilience ability. However this does only apply if your opponent has won the round, so the Wild Hunt Rider is best used in a round you intend to lose.

Water Hag - 200 Scrap - Besides being a decent silver card at 3 power, the Water Hag will allow you to spawn a Clear Skies, Lacerate, or Torrential Rain card when played, giving you a nice Weather or outright damage boost whenever you need it.

Caretaker - 800 Scrap - The Caretaker Gwent card can be extremely useful, but mainly once the game has gone on for at least one round. The card boasts 4 power, is Gold, and also allows you to Resurrect and play a card from your opponent's graveyard, allowing you to potentially steal away a decent card.

Draug - 800 Scrap - Besides being a Gold card carrying a power rating of 7, Draug damages 6 enemies by 1 power each, allowing you to whittle down the score of your opponent while playing a powerful card.

The Best Nilfgaardian Gwent Cards

Back Infantry Arbalest - 30 Scrap - At just 30 Scrap, the Black Infantry Arbalest is cheap to manufacture, and can damage an opposing card by 3 whenever it is played, this potentially increasing to 5 if the unit was already boosted.

Impera Enforcers - 30 Scrap - The Impera Enforcers card boasts a high power value of 8, and can has a very unique ability. If the top card in your deck is Bronze, the Impera Enforcers card gains 2 Armor, while it gains a power boost of 1 if the card is Silver, and a Promotion of the card is Gold. This card ultimately gains a boost no matter what.

Vanhemar - 200 Scrap - Vanhemar has a decent power rating of 3, but also lets the player choose between playing Stammelford's Tremors, Clear Skies, or a Biting Frost card, giving it a definitive edge in any match.

Cynthia - 200 Scrap - Cynthia has a relatively solid power rating of 4, but also reveals the highest rated card in your opponent's hand when played, boosting herself by the power rating of the card revealed.

Fake Ciri - 200 Scrap - You can choose whether Fake Ciri spies for you or not, and while she gains a boost to her power rating by 3 if she stays on your side of the board, she can still come back to your side of the board if spying when your opponent passes.

Stefan Skellen - 800 Scrap - Stefan Skellen has a great power rating of 9, but also allows you to effectively select the next card that you'll draw from your deck, as Skellen allows you to search through your deck and put a selected card at the very top of the deck.

The Best Northern Realms Gwent Cards

Trebuchet - 30 Scrap - The Trebuchet is your fairly standard Bronze unit card at 2 power, but it also allows you to damage all units on an opposing row by 2, ignoring all Armor as you do so.

Temerian Infantryman - 80 Scrap - The Temerian Infantryman card is mainly useful if you've got multiple copies, as while the card carries a relatively low power rating of 3, all copies of the card can be summoned when a single one is played, allowing them to bolster each other.

Kaedweni Siege Support - 80 Scrap - The Kaedweni Siege Support card is best used early on in the round, as it boosts the power rating of all subsequent cards played on your side by 1, while also upping their Armor rating by 1. This doubles to 2 for each stat if the ally card is a machine, which gives your forces an even better boost.

Reinforced Siege Tower - 80 Scrap - This Reinforced Siege Tower card works well with the previous Kaedweni Siege Support card, as the latter boosts the former by 3 whenever the two are played adjacent to one another. Outside of this, the Reinforced Siege Tower adds 2 Armor points to all adjacent units.

Sabrina Glevessig - 200 Scrap - Despite being a Spy card with a power rating of 3, Sabrina Glevissig will damage all units on the row she is played on to match the rating of the lowest card on that row. As such, you'll have to destroy her to activate this ability, but it can be useful in bringing down your opponent's score.

Philippa Eilhart - 800 Scrap - Although she may only have a power rating of 1, Philippa Eilhart's Gwent card can damage multiple enemies at once when first played. This damage decreases from 5, all the way down to 1 with each enemy that is damaged, and no enemy can be damaged twice, meaning it's best to play Philippa Eilhart near the end of a round.

Shani - 800 Scrap - While Shani may only have a power value of 3, she can resurrect any card from your graveyard upon being played, adding 4 Armor to it. This allows you to bring back any card of your choosing, while also giving it some protection.

Dijkstra - 800 Scrap - Sigimund Dijkstra is your fairly standard Spy card, as although the card carries a decent power rating of 4 for your opponent, he allows you to instantly play the top 2 cards from your deck, including more powerful Gold cards.

The Best Scoia'tael Gwent Cards

Hawker Healer - 30 Scrap - The Hawker Healer card is relatively cheap to manufacture at just 30 Scrap, but crucially boosts two cards to the right by 3, giving you a nice boost to any row on your side of the board.

Dwarven Skirmisher - 30 Scrap - Another cheap card to produce, the Dwarven Skirmisher carries a decent power value of 5, but also allows you to damage an enemy by 3 when you play the card, and if that card was not destroyed, the Dwarven Skirmisher receiver a boost of 2 to their power rating.

Dwarven Mercenary - 30 Scrap - Strength in numbers is the key with the Dwarven Skirmisher card, as it allows you to move any card on your side of the board to the same row, giving it a nice boost of 3 to the power rating of the moved card.

Hawker Smuggler - 80 Scrap - This card should be played early on in any round, as the Hawker Smuggler gains a boost of 1 to its power rating every time your opponent plays a unit card on their side of the board.

Mahakam Guard - 80 Scrap - The Mahakam Guard card is particularly good if you already have a dwarf card down on your side of the board, as while the Mahakam Guard boosts any one card by 3, it can boost a dwarf ally card by 5.

Morenn - 200 Scrap - Play Morenn face down, and when your opponent plays any unit card whatsoever onto their side of the board, Morenn will automatically activate, damaging the unit card that was just put down by 5.

Toruviel - 200 Scrap - As with Morenn, Toruviel's Gwent card should be played face down, and when your opponent eventually passes, Toruviel will activate, boosting the power rating of both cards either side of her by 2 each.

Yarpen Zigrin - 200 Scrap - Yarpen Zigrin boasts an impressive power rating of 7, and he is best played at the beginning of a round, since whenever you subsequently play a dwarf card on your side of the board, he gains a boost to his power rating of 1.

Dennis Cranmer - 200 Scrap - Another powerful dwarf card for the Scoia'tael faction, Dennis Cranmer has a hefty power rating of 8, while also having the ability to boost every dwarf card in your hand, deck, and side of the board by 1, making him an essential team player.

Sheldon Skaggs - 200 Scrap - Sheldon Skaggs allows you to move all units on the row on which he is played to other, random rows on the same side of the board. He also gains a boost of 1 to his power rating for every unit moved, making him ideal for playing further into a round.

Ithlinne - 800 Scrap - Although Ithlinne is a Spy card and will contribute her power rating of 2 towards your opponent, she allows you to play any Bronze card from your deck straight onto the board, and then play a copy of that Bronze card, giving you a boost of two unit cards instantly.

The Best Skellige Gwent Cards

Clan Brovkar Archer - 30 Scrap - While this card gains a boost of 1 wherever it is during rounds two or three due to the Veteran ability, the Clan Brovkar Archer damages three units by 1 power point, whenever it is played.

Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden - 80 Scrap - While this card carries the same Veteran ability as the Clan Brovkar Archer, the Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden card damages an enemy card by two whenever you play it. If the card you choose to damage was already damaged prior to this, then another Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden card will instantly be played on your side of the field.

Savage Bear - 80 Scrap - The Savage Bear card is a fairly solid one to posses, as while it features a decent power rating of 4, it can damage each unit card played by your opponent by 1, meaning you should get it out onto the battlefield early on in the round.

Gremist - 200 Scrap - While he only has a power rating of 3, Gremist allows the player to play an Impenetrable Fog, Bloodcurdling Roar, or Clear Skies card, whenever he is first played. This could be essential in turning the tides of the battle in your favour.

Morkvarg - 200 Scrap - This werewolf carries a unique special ability, as whenever Morkvarg is destroyed from the board or discarded from your hand, it respawns, albeit with the power rating lowered from 8 down to 5.

Coral - 800 Scrap - Coral allows the player to pick a single row on the opposing side of the board, and cut down all unit cards on that row by half their power, rounding down as you do so. This can be a very powerful card, when played at the right time, ideally towards the end of a round.

Ermion - 800 Scrap - Ermion effectively allows the player the chance to redraw two cards of their choice, selecting two cards (including Golds) from their deck and placing them in their hand, while discarding two cards from their hand.

Hjalmar - 800 Scrap - Although playing Hjalmar (power rating 15) onto the board plays the Lord of Undvik card (power rating 5) on the opponent’s side of the field, Hjalmar gains an increase of 10 to his already high power rating should the Lord of Undvik card somehow be destroyed.

Should you need any more information on the spin-off Gwent game, be sure to head over to our everything we know about Gwent article, or alternatively, head to our guide on how to build the very best Gwent decks possible.

Now that we’ve outlined the best cards to unlock in the Gwent open beta, it’s up to you to build up enough Scrap in order to collect them all.

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