Gwent: How to Build the Best Decks, How to Get the Best Cards

Gwent: How to Build the Best Decks, How to Get the Best Cards

Gwent requires a lot of strategy and tactical thinking, and we've assembled some of the best decks you can aim to put together.

Although Gwent requires a lot of luck in drawing the best cards from your deck, you can help yourself out by building up the best deck possible for any of the four factions, giving yourself an edge over any opponent you might face. In this Gwent guide we'll list all the very best decks that we've discovered in Gwent, telling you which cards you should be using when, as well as the best Leader card to use in the appropriate situation.

There can be a lot to get your head around when you start out with Gwent, so if you're at all confused or in need of help with knowing your Djikstra from your Deck, then head over to our Gwent guides hub.

The Best Gwent Decks

We've listed all the Gwent decks that in our opinion are the very best you can assemble. Don't worry if you find that you don't have most of the cards in a listed deck, as part of the fun with Gwent is grinding it out to collect Scraps, and unlock new cards.

  • Skellige Berserker Deck
  • Monsters Weather Deck
  • Northern Realms Beginner Deck
  • Scoia'tal Dwarven Melee Boost Deck
  • Nilfgaardian Spying Deck

The Most Powerful Gwent Cards

In case you were after a list of the single most powerful Gwent cards in the game, then head on over to our guide on the very best Gwent cards. This details all the best cards as well as their special abilities, on top of how much Scrap you'll need to unlock each one.

How to Form a Balanced Gwent Deck

When you're assembling your Gwent deck, there are a few things you should probably look out for, should you wish to assemble the most balanced, even Gwent deck possible.

Firstly, it's almost always a good idea to make sure you have at least three unit cards for each area of the battlefield. These areas are Close Quarters, Ranged, and Siege, and you should spread your allotted unit cards over all three areas. You don't want to have 90% of your unit cards on the Ranged level of the playing field, and your opponent to hit you with an Impenetrable Fog card, rendering them all useless in one move.

Furthermore, always select a Leader card that plays to your strengths, based on the cards available to you in your deck. For example, it might not be such a good idea to select Brouver Hoog as your Leader card for the Scoia'tael faction, if you have few Silver cards in that deck, since the Leader powers of Hoog revolve around Silver cards.

It's always a good idea to have a variety of Weather cards in all your Gwent decks. This is primarily because you'll never know what kind of decks you'll be facing in Gwent, meaning that you could have three Biting Frost cards and no Impenetrable Fog cards, and your opponent could heavily rely on Ranged units, leaving you unable to counter this with only Biting Frost cards. Weather cards will always play a huge factor in Gwent, and you should always aim to have a variety of them for any situation.

Skellige Berserker Deck

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This Skellige deck is a good one to start out with, particularly since you'll likely have very little cards to earn to complete this Berserker deck from where you start out with the base deck. This deck is all about the Close Quarters units, and you should hold as many of these units past the first round, playing Geralt or another high value card in the first round to draw out your opponent's strongest cards.

It's okay to lose the first round after playing one high value card, as you're holding back your hard-hitting melee units until the later rounds. Always play the Clan An Craite Warriors with the Warcry cry, to increase their attack, and save the Crach An Craite Leader card for either the second or third round, to give yourself a big advantage on the Close Quarters frontlines.

Having three Priestess of Freya cards means you can play a solid Bronze card in the first or second round, for example a Light Longship or Raging Berserker, and then bring them back for a later round. Hold any First Light cards for the later rounds, as you won't want to caught out by a Biting Frost card.

Monsters Weather Deck

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This is an extremely powerful deck to use, and doesn't necessarily require a whole lot of luck to draw the right cards at the right time. Caranthir, the Woodland Spirit, Sarah, the Water Hag, Drowner, Wild Hunt Rider, Wild Hunt Warrior and the Ancient Foglet all give you Weather Immunity, allowing you to play other cards like the Skellige Storm without facing repercussions on your side of the battlefield.

The Drowner can also be used to eliminate any cards in the enemies Close Quarters row that buffs other cards, while the Woodland Spirit and Caranthir can be used to summon additional cards to the battlefield, meaning you should probably hold off on using them until the later rounds.

If you plan on playing down lots of Weather cards like Merigold's Hailstorm, or using the ability of cards like the Water Hag, then play Sarah first, as she'll gain a three point boost every time one of these cards is played. On top of this, if you find yourself in a bad situation, Eredin can always be played to give a numerical boost to your forces.

Northern Realms Novice Deck

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This deck has a lot of powerful potential, but primarily revolves around your ability to play the duplicates of a card down on the battlefield at the same time. The Blue Stripes Scout cards can be devastating when played together, even moreso if the Promote of Swallow Potion is used on them.

You should try to go all out with these cards as soon as you have them, or if you happen to have played one of them in an earlier round, revive them with the Field Medic card. Use the Foltest Leader card only when you have duplicate cards on the battlefield, and try to combine the use of Foltest with the Commander's Horn card to maximise numerical values.

Play the Prize Winning Cow early on to take advantage of the Chort it spawns in the later rounds, and make sure you respond to any high value non-Gold cards on your opponent's side of the field with Sile De Tansarville or a Trebuchet, to lessen their numerical value. This isn't a hard deck to acquire, but a lot of its potential requires some luck in the cards you draw from your deck.

Scoia'tael Dwarven Deck

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This deck mainly revolves around the ability of the Dwarves in the Close Quarters area to stick together, buffing each other to give you a huge numerical bonus. Use Francesca's Leader ability to redraw any cards to get as many Mahakam Defender and Guard in your hand at once, and then play them together to secure a win in any round.

Save any First Light cards just in case the Mahakam cards become affected by Biting Frost cards, but save Geralt and Sheldon Skaggs for a separate round in order to draw in some of your opponent's more valuable cards, using up as few cards as possible.

Play the Prize Winning Cow early on, but save the Lacerate and Scorch cards for later rounds, after you've used up the majority of the Mahakam cards, and the later rounds become a much closer affair. Try to save the Hawker Healer cards for either the Mahakam Defender or the Vrihedd Brigade cards.

Nilfgaardian Spying Deck

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As you can see from the picture and tell from the title, this Nilfgaardian deck revolves heavily around the use of spy cards. Every time you play an Emissary card, follow up by killing them with a Nauzicaa Brigade card, which will send the spy to your opponent's graveyard. From here, resurrect the Emissary with the Vicovaro Medic, and repeat this tactic.

Alternatively, use the Treason card in the place of the Vicovaro Medic, but only if you don't have a medic card available. It might also be a good idea to play the Impera Brigade card before engaging in this tactic, as they gain a numerical boost every time you play a spying card to your opponent's side of the field.

In the rounds where you aren't using this tactic, use Tibor Eggebracht, Geralt, and Morvran Voorhis' Leader ability to keep up the pressure on your opponent, forcing them to play their best cards to keep pace with you.

If you need help, or general information on the Gwent open beta, make sure to head over to our everything we know about Gwent page.

Now that we've established which are the best cards to obtain within each faction, all that's left to do is for you to collect enough Scraps to obtain them..

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