Madden 18 Ultimate Team Guide - Best Budget Players on Offense and Defense

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Guide - Best Budget Players on Offense and Defense

MUT might just be the biggest mode in Madden 18, which is why we've put together this guide on earning coins and other items as quickly as possible.

As soon as you start your Madden 18 Ultimate Team, it'll be left up to you to decide which players to target in the MUT auction house. There can be a lot to get your head around when you're first putting your MUT team together, so we've got a guide on the best MUT budget players you can find in Madden 18, for some quick, easy additions to your lineup.

In case you need a helping hand getting your head around anything else to do with Madden 18, make sure to head over to our Madden 18 tips and tricks guide hub, featuring guides on the best offensive and defensive playbooks in the game, as well as the best money plays to call in any situation.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Best Budget Players

To start out with, it's worth noting that Gold players are generally rated lower in Madden 18 than they have been in past iterations of the game. On top of this, you can expect Elite players to be incredibly overpriced in the MUT auction house, since Madden 18 is still in its early days. You can probably expect the prices of Elite players to decrease as the NFL season goes on, and EA adds more Elite players to the mix.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Best Budget Offensive Players

We'll begin on the offensive side of the ball, marking out all the skill positions like the QB and HB that you should probably address first, and we'll later move on to the offensive line, which shouldn't be forgotten about in Madden 18.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget QBs:

  • Dan Marino (82 OVR, Longshot version) - To obtain this nice 82 overall Dan Marino card, all you need to do is beat Madden 18's Longshot mode, and beat Marino's team in the 7v7 drill at the army camp in the second act. It's not a difficult task by any means, and the entire Longshot mode takes around 3 hours to complete, so get in there and earn yourself this excellent budget QB card.
  • Joe Flacco (79 OVR, Core Gold) - The base version of Joe Flacco shouldn't be too expensive to pick up in the MUT auction house, and he's one of the highest rated Gold QB cards out there. Flacco has decent enough speed to be able to take off in any situation, and all his throwing stats are above 70, meaning he'll very rarely come up short in any situation.
  • Derek Carr (70 OVR, NFL Stars) - Carr's solid MUT card can be obtained as soon as you start your MUT team, as all you need to do is pick the Oakland Raiders as your starting pack, and you'll obtain him immediately. His speed, throw power, and throw accuracy stats all hover in the mid 60s, meaning Derek Carr's a solid base QB to start your MUT team with.
  • Kellen Moore (68 OVR, Core Silver) - Stay with us on this one, because Kellen Moore of the Dallas Cowboys actually has some pretty solid throwing stats. All his throwing stats are in the mid 60s, putting him level with Derek Carr's Gold card, but his speed is 70, meaning he can scramble out of the pocket easily.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget HBs:

  • Frank Gore (79 OVR, Core Gold) - If you want a tough running back who can power through most defenders, then look no further than Frank Gore. He won't necessarily be the cheapest player on this list, but he'll likely be the most powerful with a trucking rating of 75.
  • Branden Oliver (75 OVR, Core Gold) - The Branden Oliver card for the Chargers has a solid carrying rating of 72, on top of a speed rating of 82 and a juke move of 72. This is a nice card to get early on in MUT, and it should be a solid no. 2 back even if you do later come across a better card.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson (73 OVR, Level Master) - Once you hit MUT Level 4, you'll be able to purchase a Level Master Pack in the MUT store for just 250 coins, which guarantees you this base version of LaDainian Tomlinson. You can upgrade this card with additional Tomlinson tokens found in other Level Master Packs, but this is a great card to unlock very early on in your MUT career.
  • T.J. Logan (68 OVR, Core Silver) - This Cardinals Silver player has a surprisingly good speed rating of 88, putting him up there with some of the Elite level players, and a strength rating of 64, meaning that once he's into the secondary, he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the strength rating of the majority of cornerbacks in the league.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget WRs:

  • Chad Johnson (82 OVR, Longshot version) - Like then Dan Marino card, all you need to do is complete the finale of the Longshot mode, and you'll be granted this nice receiver card. Johnson has solid all-round statistics, boasting a decent speed rating and catching abilities that guarantee he'll hang on to passes in the majority of situations.
  • Marvin Jones Jr. (79 OVR, Core Gold) - If you want a receiver that boasts a mid 80s speed rating and 70+ catching stats, then look no further than Marvin Jones Jr. of the Detroit Lions. He might not be the quickest of receivers available near the beginning of Madden 18's Ultimate Team, but his solid catching stats more than make up for this.
  • Adam Humphries (75 OVR, Core Gold) - You might not think it, but Humphries of the Buccaneers has a good route running stat of 70, combined with a speed rating of 82 and a catching stat of 73. This makes him a player you should target early on in MUT, especially if you need someone who can hang on to the ball for you.
  • Doug Baldwin (70 OVR, NFL Stars) - As with Derek Carr's card, you can get Baldwin as soon as you start your team by selecting the Seahawks pack. He has a decent speed rating of 71, but he has some solid catching stats, especially for his fairly modest overall rating of just 70.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget TEs:

  • Rob Gronkowski (76 OVR, Kickoff Challenge Gold) - Gronkowski's base card is one of the first you can earn by undertaking the easy Kickoff Challenges inside the Solo Challenges section of MUT. He'll take you merely 10 minutes to earn, and that's not bad for the card of the undisputed best tight end in the NFL.
  • Crockett Gillmore (74 OVR, Core Gold) - The Baltimore Ravens' tight end shouldn't be expensive by any means in the MUT auction house, and he's a solid run blocker with a rating of 67. With a speed rating of 73 and a catch rating of 70, Gillmore will make for a solid vertical threat off the line of scrimmage.
  • Khari Lee (70 OVR, Core Gold) - The Detroit Lions' tight end has some surprisingly decent stats for his relatively low overall rating. He can block for your running back with a solid 66 rating, and his catching stats are of a similar rating, although his route running stat is slightly lower than desired.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget Offensive Linemen:

  • Shon Coleman (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Coleman for the Browns is likely one of the best Gold offensive tackle players that you can find in MUT, boasting a 78 rating in both run block and pass block, on top of an 80 rating in impact blocking.
  • Eric Fisher (79 OVR, Core Gold) - The top pick for the Chiefs a matter of years ago, Fisher is still a great offensive tackle to have on your team, coupling a run block rating of 79 with an impact block rating of 80. He has a strength rating of 82 and an awareness rating of 80, meaning he'll rarely be caught off guard by blitzing defenders.
  • Marshall Newhouse (77 OVR, Core Gold) - Don't look past this New York Giants offensive tackle, as he possesses a mean strength rating of 80, on top of blocking stats in the mid 70s. Newhouse will double up as a player who can block for you in both the run and the pass, even when he has to get outside on a screen play.
  • Dillion Gordon (76 OVR, Core Gold) - This left offensive tackle for the Eagles might not have a fantastic awareness rating, but he makes up for it everywhere else, having high 70 ratings for all blocking stats, and being able to move fairly quickly with 70+ agility and acceleration ratings.
  • Alex Boone (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Boone for the Vikings is an all-round great player, having a strength and impact blocking rating above 80, and scoring in the high 70s for both run block and pass blocking.
  • John Miller (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Yet another strength rating of 80 in this roundup, Miller might not be quick, but he has a great strength rating of 80, and some equally good run and pass blocking stats following right behind.
  • Evan Smith (76 OVR, Core Gold) - This Buccaneers guard is a solid pickup early on, being able to protect in any situation with pass and run block ratings of above 70, a strength rating of 79, and an impact block rating of 74.
  • Matt Tobin (74 OVR, Core Gold) - A budget offensive lineman that you should be able to pickup in the auction house for a relatively small price, Tobin has blocking ratings all in the 70s, on top of a strength rating of 73, and solid speed and acceleration ratings of 70 and 77, respectively.
  • Tyler Larsen (76 OVR, Core Gold) - With a strength rating of 86, and blocking statistics in the mid 70s, this Panthers guard should have no problem holding off defenders whether you're calling a run or a pass play.
  • John Urschel (74 OVR, Core Gold) - Urschel for the Ravens should come cheap in the auction house, as most people surprisingly overlook his impressive strength rating of 81, and his pass and impact block ratings of 71.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget Defensive Ends:

  • Dante Fowler Jr. (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Fowler is much more suited to the 4-3 formation with a high finesse move, but he can also take down anyone should be need to drop into coverage, with a hit power rating of 82 and a tackling rating of 79.
  • Robert Ayers Jr. (77 OVR, Core Gold) - Ayers has a great power rating move of 80, and solid ratings of 70+ in pursuit, tackling, hit power, and block shedding, making him a great all round player.
  • Vinny Curry (77 OVR, Core Gold) - Able to get off the line of scrimmage quickly with an acceleration rating of 83, Curry can put up a fight against anyone with a block shed rating of 72, a finesse moves rating of 76, and a hit power rating of 75.
  • Brian Robinson (77 OVR, Core Gold) - Robinson undoubtedly excels in the 4-3 scheme, having a finesse moves rating of 79, along with some other solid ratings in block shed, pursuit, and tackling.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget DTs:

  • Dominique Easley (79 OVR, Core Gold) - This DT for the Rams has a pretty great block shed rating of 76 and an equal power moves rating, meaning he should be able to go through most players on the offensive line in a relatively short time.
  • Tony McDaniel (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Boasting a great strength rating of 83 along with a block shed rating of 75, most players in the auction house will probably overlook McDaniel and go for an Elite player, but he's still a fantastic Gold pickup for anyone.
  • Christian Ringo (75 OVR, Core Gold) - Ringo generally excels in all areas, having multiple mid 70s stats in sections like block shed, tackling, power moves, pursuit, and more.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget Outside Linebackers:

  • Ahmad Brooks (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Brooks shouldn't be expensive by any means in the MUT auction house, but he's a great linebacker to send on the blitz, having a pursuit, hit power, and play recognition statistics of over 80.
  • Dannell Ellerbe (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Right outside linebackers are usually the ones to be sent blitzing, and so Ellerbe fits this mould fantastically, having play recognition, awareness, hit power, and pursuit ratings well over 80.
  • Rob Ninkovich (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Fitting in generally the same role that Ellerbe would hold on your MUT team, Ninkovich has great stats for a blitzing linebacker with rating of over 80 in play recognition, awareness, pursuit, hit power, and tackling.
  • Paul Worrilow (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Worrilow can be quick to get off the line with an acceleration rating of 84, and he can chase most players down with a pursuit rating of 76, as well as a tackling rating of 79.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget MLBs:

  • Kevin Minter (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Minter is a solid linebacker for generally patrolling the middle of the field, able to cover in zone very well with a 74 rating, while also being able to track down players with a pursuit rating of 79 and a tackle rating of 78.
  • Anthony Hitchens (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Hitchens truly excels in zone coverage, able to move quicker with an acceleration rating of 84 and a speed rating of 75, while able to also stop any running backs with a tackle rating of 75 and a hit power rating of 77.
  • Jake Ryan (78 OVR, Core Gold) - This solid middle linebacker for the Packers has a great speed rating of 79, while also boasting a tackling, pursuit, and hit power ratings of 78.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget CBs:

  • Delvin Breaux (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Generally going for right around 1,000 MUT coins, Breaux can work in either man or zone coverage with ratings of above 70 in each category, while also having great speed, acceleration, and agility stats in the mid 80s, meaning he can keep pace with most receivers.
  • Bradley Roby (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Roby boasts a great speed rating of 87, and also balances out in man and zone coverage, having stats of 73 in both areas.
  • Brandon Carr (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Another great budget cornerback, Carr's speed, acceleration, agility, and jumping are all in the 80s, and his man and zone coverage are both 73, meaning he can work for you in virtually any scheme.
  • Eli Apple (77 OVR, Core Gold) - A promising young cornerback, Apple can keep pace with most receivers with a speed rating of 86, while having some pretty nice coverage stats at a 71 rating for both man and zone coverage.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Budget Safeties:

  • Quintin Demps (79 OVR, Core Gold) - This strong safety has a solid pursuit stat of 80, meaning he can couple this with a man coverage statistic of 75 to be able to cover most receivers should they make it into the backfield.
  • George Iloka (79 OVR, Core Gold) - Iloka is a solid free safety, having a great zone coverage stat of 74, while also being able to keep close to any players with a press rating of 81 and an acceleration rating of 83.
  • Patrick Chung (78 OVR, Core Gold) - A solid strong safety option year on year, Chung is best used on the blitz, where he has pursuit, tackling, and hit power ratings of above 70, coupling this with a speed stat of 80, and an acceleration stat of 86.
  • Tashaun Gipson (78 OVR, Core Gold) - Another solid option at free safety, Gipson has good awareness and play recognition stats of 74, also having some decent statistics in the coverage section with a zone coverage rating of 72 and a press rating of 73.

Should you need anything else on Madden 18's Ultimate Team mode, head over to our Madden 18 MUT Squads guide, or our guide to the best MUT offensive players.

There you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best Madden 18 Ultimate Team budget players, no matter the coins you have available. Bear in mind that the prices in the MUT auction house are constantly changing, so while we can never guarantee the price of any player on either console, we can guarantee that these players are always a great option for new MUT collectors.

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