NBA 2K18 Badge Guide - All Badge Requirements, How to Unlock Badges

NBA 2K18 Badge Guide - All Badge Requirements, How to Unlock Badges

All the info on NBA 2K18, 2K’s upcoming iteration of its blockbuster sports sim. Get all you need to know about the best sports game on the market. Earn VC, beginner's guide, all controls and more.

The NBA 2K18 badge system is pretty great at letting you work on certain aspects of your game and letting you incentivize your personal playstyle. That combined with archetypes this year really broadens out the framework for making a player that is unique and helpful to your NBA and Pro-Am teams. This NBA 2K18 Badge Guide will help you can earn all the badges in NBA 2K18.

Should you need anything else on NBA 2K18, for example help with the defensive controls of the game, or general scoring tips and tricks, make sure to head over to our NBA 2K18 tips and tricks guide hub.

NBA 2K18 Badges Guide

One of the really significant changes to the badge system this year is how you obtain them. In last year’s game, badge requirements were kinda hidden within the game. The community had to do a fair amount of searching and tinkering to uncover what it took to earn a certain badge. In NBA2K18 much of that is pretty transparent. This is fantastic for a couple of reasons, it gives players urgency over how they spend their time and it diversifies the player pool a bunch. Now you can really be a multi-faceted player with more than one thing you can do and be rewarded for it. You’ll also spend less time fussing around with perks you don’t want and can laser focus on the stuff that will get you to be the player you want to be.

There are a couple of sure fire ways to get badges quickly:

  • Work on your game in the practice gym via drills and scrimmages
  • Use your MyPlayer in the various modes (MyCareer NBA games and Park games)
  • In the past when trying to earn badges you had to work on a specific aspect on your game and complete a set number of those actions. This time around you need do those same tasks but reach a certain goal number.
  • Bronze badges unlock at 12,000 points
  • Silver badges unlock at 24,000 points
  • Gold badges unlock at 72,000

My suggestion to players is that if you are grinding badges in the gym to dedicate at least one of your three training sessions to one of the activities that will have you playing against multiple AI players. If you do you’ll have the opportunity to boost multiple badges in one training session.

I really like this system better than last year’s because there is that constant carrot on the stick that pushes you forward in your badge quests and keeps you informed on how you are doing. Kudos to 2K on this front and I hope they do more of this in other modes in the future.

So how do you earn all these wonderful badges? Check out the list below:

How to Earn Badges in NBA 2K18

Inside Scorer


  • What it does: Attempt difficult shot, change shot in air
  • How to Earn: Perform reverse layups and change-shot layups

Tear Dropper

  • What it does: Improve floaters and runners
  • How to Earn: Perform floaters

Putback King

  • What it does: Improves offensive awareness around basketball after offensive rebound
  • How to Earn: Score multiple putbacks

Pick and Roller

  • What it does: Improves offensive awareness of the roller during a pick-and-roll
  • How to Earn: Perform picks-and-rolls

Relentless Finisher

  • What it does: Physical hits on contact shot won’t impact energy as much
  • How to Earn: Attempt contact layups and/or dunks

Post Spin Technician

  • What it does: Help with spin moves in the post
  • How to Earn: Spin or drive out of post


  • What it does: Improves drop-step in the post
  • How to Earn: Execute drop step moves

Dream-Like Up and Under

  • What it does: Improve scoring in the post from up and under move
  • How to Earn: Attempt up and under shots

Outside Scorer

Corner Specialist

  • What it does: Improve 3pt shooting from corner
  • How To Earn: Perform 3pt corner jumpshots

Mid-Range Deadeye

  • What it does: Improves shooting percentage of shots at medium-range
  • How To Earn: Perform shots from within the paint from the elbow when the shot is being contested

Deep Range Deadeye

  • What it does: Improve deep range shot percentage
  • How To Earn: Hit deep range shots while the shot is being contested

Limitless Range

  • What it does: Improves deep three percentage
  • How To Earn: Hit long range shots from beyond the hashmark

Difficult Shots

  • What it does: Improves tough shots off dribble percentage
  • How To Earn: Perform pull up and hop shots that are contested

Pick & Popper

  • What it does: Improves pick and pop receiving capacity
  • How To Earn: Perform pick and pop actions

Tireless Scorer

  • What it does: Improves effectiveness when shooting even when energy is being spent in high capacity
  • How To Earn: Score shot while your energy bar is blinking red

Catch & Shoot

  • What it does: Improves percentage of stand-still shots off the catch
  • How To Earn: Score off the catch and shoot


Ankle Breaker

  • What it does: Ankle break an opponent while executing dribbling moves
  • How to earn: Perform “double move leading to a score” moves then score

Flashy Passer

  • What it does: Improves fancy pass accuracy
  • How to earn: Perform flashy passes

Break Starter

  • What it does: Execute accurate outlet passes after starting a fastbreak
  • How to earn: Grab a defensive rebound and then throw a successful outlet pass to a teammate in transition

Pick & Roll Maestro

  • What it does: Improves accuracy of passes and shooting off screens when initiating a pick and roll
  • How to earn: Perform pick and roll moves and finish the roll or shot

Lob City Passer

  • What it does: Improves accuracy of alley-oop passes
  • How to earn: Perform alley-oops


  • What it does: Helps player become elite passer
  • How to earn: Perform assists


Lob City Finisher

  • What it does: Boosts ability to finish alley-oops on the catch
  • How to earn: Receive alley-oop passes


  • What it does: Boosts on contact dunk efficiency
  • How to earn: Perform on contact dunks


  • What it does: Your player’s physicality will drain the direct opponent’s energy
  • How to earn: Setting screens

Brick Wall

  • What it does: Helps make screens “stickier”
  • How to earn: Perform screens in multiple modes

One Man Fast Break

  • What it does: You run the break with more efficiency
  • How to earn: Score on the fast break


Hustle Rebounder

  • What it does: Improves aggressiveness to chase rebounds
  • How to earn: Grab rebounds when opponents are contesting


Defensive Stopper

  • What it does: Decreases effectiveness of offensive skills of defensive match-up
  • How to earn: Land multiple “good shot defense”, “good transition defense” and “stop fastbreak” teammate grades

Charge Card

  • What it does: Boosts ability to take a charge
  • How to earn: Take charges

Pick Dodger

  • What it does: Improve ability to get around screens
  • How to earn: Use your speed boost to get around a pick

Pick Pocket

  • What it does: Boosts steal ability
  • How to earn: Steal ball from opponent

Rim Protector

  • What it does: Improves defensive awareness around the rim
  • How to earn: Make defensive plays around the rim

Chase Down Artist

  • What it does: Improves ability to get back on defense in transition and stop the fast break
  • How to earn: Make blocks from behind while on the fast break

There you have it, ALL the current badges in the game and ways to obtain them. Remember there is no one way to get these badges now. You literally do the things you want to work on and you get rewarded for those actions. I feel like this revamped system truly makes the game more dynamic and fully featured. Once we’ve found the numeric value for Hall of Fame badges, we’ll update this guide. As always, make sure to check out our previous guides like our First Hours guide and “Best Way to Earn VC Guides” in our NBA 2K18 hub!

But there's now NBA 2K19 on the horizon, and 2K has just released the first few details about the upcoming iteration of the basketball sim. Head over to our full NBA 2K19 everything we know guide, for a complete list of all the details we know about the game so far, including a release date, cover star, and new MyTeam features.

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