Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Defeat the Barioth

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Defeat the Barioth

This is our complete guide to the Barioth in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, including all attacks and weaknesses.

With the new Iceborne expansion, Monster Hunter World introduces many new beasts, one of the toughest of which is the fearsome Barioth. In this complete Monster Hunter World Barioth guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about the new monster, including any weakness and exploits you can take advantage of, and more.

Barioth Strategy

You won't be able to take on the Barioth in Monster Hunter World Iceborne until you've attained the right to take on three-star Master Rank assignments. The 'Blizzard Blitz' quest has you facing off against the Barioth, so you'd better head into the mission fully prepared to take on one of the toughest monsters in the game.

Speaking of preparing, you're going to need the best ice-protection armor possible for the Barioth fight. You'll have already defeated a Banbaro in your time with Iceborne so far, so we'd highly recommend going back and farming the monster until you can craft a full set of Master Rank Banbaro armor.

The Barioths is extremely quick to start, but you can slow it down. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

As for weapons, we'd recommend taking one of three types of weapons with you to fight the Barioth. Great swords, insect glaives, and long swords work really well against the Barioth. If you've got a ton of materials and ore stashed up, we'd recommend crafting the Firedance Rathmaul insect glaive. It's an excellent weapon for taking on the Barioth given its quick movement.

Make sure to eat a Chef's Choice Platter meal from the canteen to boost your health, take Hot Drinks with you to stave off the cold, and make sure to take an Armorskin potion before the fight to boost your defenses. Additionally, we'd also recommend using the Vitality Mantle and Health Booster whenever possible, and saving your Mega Potions in reserve for emergency use.

Barioth Attacks

The Barioth is quick and relentless. It likes to lunge around the battlefield, covering large swathes of ground extremely quickly. This is why we recommend going with the insect glaive for the fight against the monster, since it allows you to leap into the air and avoid ground attacks from the Barioth with a simple tap of the right trigger and X/A.

The Barioth can use the environment to pounce on you from above. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

One of the most important things to remember when fighting the Barioth is to not spam the Clutch Claw. It gets really tempting to spam the Clutch Claw attack on any monster in the Iceborne expansion, since it's the flashiest new gear available, but since the Barioth is so quick you're nearly always going to get flung off the monster mid attack.

But you do have a very tiny window of opportunity to use the Clutch Claw on the Barioth after it attacks. If you can do a slashing attack while grappling onto the Barioth, you'll knock loose a Piercing Pod from the monster, which you should always save for use while the Barioth hovers in the air.

The rewards you can obtain from the Barioth. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

There is a way to slow down the Barioth, but it takes a hell of a lot of work. If you can successfully damage the wings of the Barioth, you can slow down the rate at which the Barioth does lunging attacks, and this also increases the chance of the Barioth temporarily falling over after an attack. The Clutch Claw is certainly a decent option to damage the wings quickly.

To counter some of the Barioth's attacks, we'd recommend equipping your Palico with a Flashfly Cage, to throw it off balance and stun the monster whenever possible. It obviously won't stop the monster attacking, but it will throw off the Barioth's accuracy for a while.

Barioth Weaknesses

Truthfully, the Barioth has zero weaknesses. But since it's a monster that revolves around ice attacks and damage, you stand a much better chance of beating it using a fire-based weapon, hence why we recommend the Firedance Rathmaul as one of the best weapons to use against the Barioth.

All the various weak points on the Barioth. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Barioth Armor

Once you've encountered the Barioth for the very first time in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, you can create Barioth armor items at the Smithy using any items you managed to scavenge. Check out our complete list of Barioth armor items below.

  • Barioth Alpha Set - 690 total defense, -15 Fire, 10 Water, -10 Thunder, 15 Ice
  • Barioth Helm Alpha - Evade Extender 2, Power Prolonger 1
  • Barioth Mail Alpha - Power Prolonger 1, Constitution 1
  • Barioth Vambraces Alpha - Recovery Up 2, Constitution 2
  • Barioth Faulds Alpha - Quick Sheath 1, Recovery Up 1
  • Barioth Greaves Alpha - Constitution 2, Quick Sheath 1
The Barioth Alpha armor set. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom
  • Barioth Beta Set - 690 total defense, -15 Fire, 10 Water, -10 Thunder, 15 Ice
  • Barioth Helm Beta - Evade Extender 1, Power Prolonger 1
  • Barioth Mail Beta - Power Prolonger 1
  • Barioth Vambraces Beta - Recovery Up 2, Constitution 1
  • Barioth Faulds Beta - Quick Sheath 1
  • Barioth Greaves Beta - Constitution 1, Quick Sheath 1
The Barioth Beta armor set. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

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