Pokemon GO November Field Research - Shedinja Research Breakthrough, Rewards

With a new month, comes new Pokemon GO Field Research. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO November Research.

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Pokemon GO isn’t all about catching pokemon. It’s a big part of it, sure, but there’s also a series of Field Research tasks to work through every month. Each one offers a reward, and completing a few in a row will grant trainers a chance at a headline pokemon. Field Research has been refreshed for November, focusing on Bug-Type pokemon this time around. In this Pokemon GO November Field Research Guide, we’ll be detailing everything that Pokemon GO players will be getting up to this month. We’ll take a look at the Shedinja Research Breakthrough, and more!

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Pokemon GO November Field Research

Niantic has just announced some key info on the Pokemon GO November Field Research. We know what the focus will be, and also what the Research Breakthrough is. We’ve gathered all of the key info below.

Pokemon GO November Research Focuses on Bug-Type Pokemon

Every month, the Field Research in Pokemon GO shines a spotlight on a different type of pokemon. For November, players will be seeing a ton of creepy crawlies showing up in their neighbourhood. Bug-Type pokemon are the stars of Pokemon GO November Field Research, and as such, there will be increased spawn rates. It’s worth noting that with the recent addition of gen 4 pokemon to Pokemon GO, you’ll likely be seeing Bug-Types like Kricketot and its evolution Kricketune will be appearing more frequently.

Pokemon GO Shedinja Research Breakthrough

The Research Breakthrough for the Pokemon GO November Field Research is Shedinja. Shedinja is a Ghost/Bug Type Pokemon, who is a kind of special evolution of Nincada. Its unique Ghost/Bug Type stats make it an interesting one, and make it perfect post-Halloween choice. To get a Shedinja for yourself, you need to complete 7 research Tasks. Once you’ve done so, head into the Research menu, and tap on the package icon. This will take you to a Shedinja battle, where you can catch t for yourself.

Pokemon GO November Research Tasks

The Pokemon GO Research Tasks refresh every month and since we're now well into November, the November Field Research is now live in Pokemon GO. We've included a graphic summing up all of the Pokemon GO November Field Research below. The image used is from the hard-working community over at r/TheSilphRoad

Source: u/MatterGuy98

Pokemon GO November Research Rewards

As you can see from the excellent graphic embedded above, there's some pretty great rewards to pick up this month. Spinda is still in the mix, and there's plenty of chances to pick up more gen 1 starters if you need. You'll also notice a Shiny Pinsir as a reward for catching 5 Normal-Type pokemon. There's plenty to sink your teeth into, so get out there and start exploring.

When Will Pokemon GO Research Tasks Refresh?

The Pokemon GO Field Research Tasks will refresh on Nov 1. Generally, they update some time between 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. PT. Be sure to check back when they do, because we’ll be bringing you a full list of research and rewards.

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