PUBG Best Guns - All the PUBG Gun Damage Stats, Weapon Tier List

Here's our guide to the best PUBG guns, including weapon damage stats, and a tier list.

PUBG guns come in all shapes and sizes, and you're going to need to get your hands on the best weapons as quickly as possible if you want to survive. In this complete guide to the best PUBG guns, we'll be providing you with a full PUBG weapon tier list, for guns at close quarters, long ranges, and more.

PUBG Best Guns

At the very start of a game of Battlegrounds, you land on the map with no weapons or equipment whatsoever. It’s essential that you scavenge whatever you can from within buildings straight away, as you don’t want to be caught out in the open with no weapons to defend yourself.

While you can’t really afford to be picky with the weapons you first acquire in PUBG right after you’ve touched down from the plane, we can give you a PUBG weapons guide in order to help guide you towards weapons for close and long range encounters, as well as the types of weapons that work better if you’re in a team.

PUBG Best Close Range Guns

Close quarters weapons are typically more common than long range weapons in Battlegrounds. They come in the form of melee weapons like machetes and crowbars, as well as pistols, uzis, and submachine guns, all of which are pretty good for taking out someone that’s a little too close for comfort. Here are the best close range weapons in PUBG.

  • Melee Weapons - Machetes and other weapons can generally take someone out in 2 hits, if they were at full health, and also have a fairly wide swing, meaning it’s hard to miss someone that’s right in front of you.
  • Pistols - The firing mode of a pistol can’t be changed, meaning you can only fire one shot at a time. Despite packing some decent damage, this limits the usefulness of a pistol in close quarters combat, unless you’ve a good aim.
  • Shotguns - As you might expect, the firing mode of a shotgun can’t be changed, meaning you’ll always be limited to a single shot before having to cock the gun again. Although incredibly powerful, shotguns should be used with care and attention when in close quarters.
  • UMP - The UMP can change between single, burst, and auto firing modes, meaning it could arguably be the best close quarters weapon. Although the UMP packs some fairly hefty recoil, it is ideal for gunning down anyone within 100 yards of you.
  • Uzi - As you might imagine, the Uzi is best for close quarters combat, and close quarters combat only. While it does have a single shot mode, the accuracy and recoil of the Uzi are poor, meaning you should realistically save it for battles within buildings.

PUBG Best Long Range Guns

While it’s easier to survive without long range weapons early on in Battlegrounds, they become ideal the more the white zone shrinks, and the more everyone is pushed together. By the time it gets down to 20 players or less, you won’t want to be without an assault rifle, as these and other longer ranged weapons are essential for picking off players from a distance. Here are the best long range weapons in PUBG.

  • M24 Sniper - This sniper might be the most powerful of the bunch, and can generally kill a player with one shot to the head, no matter their health. The M24 does pack some kick in the recoil though, and the bullet drop means you’ll have to aim your shots carefully.
  • SCAR - Arguably one the most popular weapons in Battlegrounds, the SCAR has a fairly high rate of fire, and generally kills most people in around 4 hits.
  • M416 - Perhaps the standard assault rifle in PUBG, the M416 can be changed to fire in single or burst firing modes, and doesn’t carry a whole lot of recoil, meaning it can effectively be used in all situations.
  • Crossbow - The Crossbow is a specialist weapon in Battlegrounds, able to pick players off from long distances in mostly a single hit, but takes an incredibly long time to reload. On top of this, the bolts from the Crossbow travel very slowly, meaning you’ll have to time your shots just right in order to hit anyone.

PUGB Best Team Loadouts

In the case of Battlegrounds, the more people you have on your team, the better your chances of survival and achieving the chicken dinner. In this section, we'll run down which roles players should take if you're in a team of two, three, or four people.

PUBG Two Player Team Loadout

In the case of playing Battlegrounds with just one other person, you want to maintain a balance in your weapons. Both players should have one weapon that's close range, such as a shotgun or an SMG, and another that is long range, like an assault rifle or a sniper. Since there are only two of you, you both need to be able to tackle any situation you face, whether this be short or long distance combat.

PUBG Three Player Team Loadout

In the case of you having two other players in your Battlegrounds squad, then we recommend that one player takes a close quarters loadout, while two players utilise long distance weaponry. This is mainly because of strength in numbers, so while the close quarters team member should go into buildings first with an Uzi, shotgun, or SMG, the other two members will be able to back them up with slower, although more powerful weapons.

PUBG Four Player Team Loudout

If you're lucky enough to be playing Battlegrounds in a team that's four members strong, then we'd recommend sharing roles among yourselves. Two players should go close quarters, while two other players should go long distance with rifles and snipers. Another strategy is that all team members have one close combat weapon and another long distance weapon, so the entire team excels when working together as a single unit, able to take on virtually any challenge that faces them.

PUBG Gun Stats

Below, we’ve assembled a full table of PUBG Weapon Stats based on information from this Reddit thread, for every Battlegrounds weapon, detailing the power range, and stability statistics for each weapon that can be found around the map in PUBG. You’ll have to keep in mind that, due to connection issues and hitbox detection problems, these statistics won’t be accurate 100% of the time.

PUBG Sniper Stats in Battlegrounds

KAR 987.6256679344

PUBG Assault Rifle Stats in Battlegrounds


PUBG SMG Stats in Battlegrounds

Tommy Gun.45100354631100

PUBG Shotgun Stats in Battlegrounds

S68612 G210013777
S189712 G51008778
S12K12 G59298615

PUBG Pistol Stats in Battlegrounds


PUBG Best Assault Loadout in Battlegrounds

If you're heavily focused on damage, then a PUBG Assault loadout is the best for you. While it's not guaranteed that you'll come across the following weapons in a single game of PUBG, we've listed the most ideal weapons and attachments just below, in case you do happen to stumble upon them.

  • Main Weapon - AKM
  • Sidearm - Tommy Gun
  • Attachments - 8x Scope
  • Consumable - Energy Drink

The AKM can pick players off from a distance, as well as being a fairly decent weapon to use up close. This Assault loadout is fantastic for storming buildings, as the Tommy Gun can pack a punch at close range, and the Energy Drink can help you regain health rapidly.

PUBG Best Defense Loadout in Battlegrounds

The PUBG Defense loadout is based on either keeping players at a distance, and surpressing them via constant fire, or for holding a building against incoming attackers.

  • Main Weapon - M249
  • Sidearm - Crossbow
  • Attachments - Holographic Sight
  • Consumable - Painkiller

The Crossbow might seem like a slightly controversial choice, but while the M249 doesn't have a whole lot of accuracy at range, the Crossbow can nearly always kill a person with a single hit, making it an ideal weapon if you see players approaching the building you're in.

PUBG Best Close Quarters Loadout in Battlegrounds

As you might imagine, the PUBG Close Quarters loadout is ideal for either taking, or holding houses and other buildings, excelling at putting out big damage when you have little concern for the range of your weapons.

  • Main Weapon - SK12
  • Sidearm - Crowbar
  • Attachments - Quickdraw Mag
  • Consumable - Med Kit

The SK12 shotgun is fantastic for putting out excellent damage while not necessarily sacrificing fire speed. Aside from this, the Crowbar is good for taking out players in one to two hits, while also having a wide swing arc, so you don't have to worry too much about missing your opponent.

PUBG Best Ranged Loadout in Battlegrounds

As the name might suggest, the PUBG Ranged loadout is great for taking out enemies from range, but certinaly isn't ideal if you find yourself in a close quarters fight with anyone.

  • Main Weapon - AWM
  • Sidearm - P92
  • Attachments - Compensator
  • Consumable - Bandage

The AWM is by far the most powerful sniper rifle on offer in Battlegrounds, as although it's slow at firing due to the bolt action, it offers insane stopping power and distance on shots. The Compensator only helps this, while the P92 can offer you some comfort at close range.

That's all the information you need to get to grips with every single weapon in PUBG, no matter if you're fighting in close quarters combat, or attempting to snipe someone in the middle of a field. Happy hunting!

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