Anthem Guide - What is Anthem? Javelins Explained

Here's everything you need to know about BioWare's Anthem, including the demo dates, javelin classes, gameplay, and more.

Anthem is the next big game from famed developers BioWare and publisher EA, and it’s releasing in February. In this complete Anthem guide, we’ll be giving you all the details you need to know about story and gameplay elements for the upcoming game, as well as detailing the full list of Javelin exosuit classes.

Anthem Guide

Throughout this guide, we’re going to be running through all the basic information that you need to know about BioWare’s Anthem. Firstly, you can find a story primer on the world of Anthem just below. Further down, we’ll be detailing everything there is to know about the Javelin exosuit classes in the game.

What is Anthem?

Simply speaking, Anthem is a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter. The game is set in a world where literal Gods have harnessed the power of the ‘Anthem’, to create a brand new world. However the Gods themselves vanished before completing said world, and it’s this ruined world in which Anthem takes place.

In the unfinished world, humanity now lives in small settlements, struggling to survive against the monsters in the wilderness. But, there’s a faction of humanity known as Freelancers, which operate in powerful Javelin exosuits to battle threats against mankind. It’s this faction that you’ll belong to in the story of Anthem.

An in-game screenshot of Anthem | BioWare

We said Anthem was a third-person shooter, but that’s selling the game a little short. You’ll traverse a massive, shared open world over the course of Anthem, battling monsters of all shapes and sizes as you struggle to keep humanity safe. This will all come to a head when Anthem launches on February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Anthem Javelin Classes Explained

In total, there are four Javelin exosuit classes in Anthem: The Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. All four classes have distinct weapons and abilities, that are exclusive to that class only. You’re going to be using your Javelin exosuit to fly around the wide open world of Anthem, but you can switch between all four exosuits when you get deeper into the game.

Anthem Ranger Javelin Class

This Ranger-type Javelin is going to be the exosuit that all Anthem players start out with. Basically speaking, it’s the most versatile of the four classes, but from here you can unlock the additional three Javelin classes in Anthem (more on them below), and switch between all four.

For all the information you need to know on this type of exosuit in Anthem, make sure to head over to our Anthem Ranger Javelin guide.

The Ranger Javelin exosuit | BioWare

Anthem Colossus Javelin Class

You’ve probably already seen the Colossus in footage from Anthem: It’s the big, hulking exosuit. As you can probably tell from the exterior, the Colossus specializes in heavy weaponry, stomping through the wilderness with rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more heavy weapons of destruction.

If you want the full lowdown on the abilities, weapons, and gear for the Colossus exosuit, then make sure to check out our Anthem Colossus Javelin guide.

The Colossus Javelin exosuit | BioWare

Anthem Interceptor Javelin Class

The Interceptor is the most agile of all four Javelin classes in Anthem. It definitely isn’t the strongest of all four classes, but it’s easily the quickest, able to rapidly get up close and personal with enemies, and deal some serious damage with blades.

For a full walkthrough of all the various weapons and abilities that the Interceptor class has at its disposal in Anthem, you can head over to our full Anthem Interceptor Javelin guide.

The Interceptor Javelin exosuit | BioWare

Anthem Storm Javelin Class

From the writing on the official Anthem website for the Storm Javelin, it sounds a lot like this exosuit will unlock after the other three, deeper into the game. It’s basically the wild card of all four Javelin classes, wielding some devastating elemental weaponry and attacks, but with very little armor.

If you’re after a complete list of all the weapons and abilities that the Storm class has available in Anthem, simply head over to our Anthem Storm Javelin guide.

The Storm Javelin exosuit | BioWare

Anthem Stronghold Mode

Strictly speaking, Anthem only has a PvE gameplay mode, as PvP won’t be coming to the game, at least at launch. Strongholds act as a way that up to four Anthem players can easily join up as one force, and delve into a fortress of enemy troops and powerful opponents, for some rare loot.

For a full breakdown of the Stronghold mode in Anthem, head over to our Anthem Stronghold mode guide.

Anthem Progression and Gear

A lot of Anthem is going to revolve around getting your hands on better loot items. It’s not entirely unlike Destiny, where you’re grinding out activities and various mission types like Strongholds, in order to get better weapons and armor for your Javelins.

For a full breakdown of the way that loot and gear progression will work in Anthem upon launch, head over to our Anthem progression guide.

Anthem PC System Requirements

As we mentioned at the top of this guide to Anthem, the game will be arriving on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game thankfully supports an Xbox One controller on PC, so if you'd rather play on PC but can't stand using a mouse and keyboard, you're in use.

For the full lowdown on the both the minimum and recommended PC specs for Anthem, you can check out our complete Anthem PC system requirements guide.

And with that, our guide to Anthem comes to a close. As we draw nearer to the launch of BioWare’s big new game, we’ll make sure to keep all our guides updated with any new information that comes our way.

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