Fortnite Mobile Guide - Battle Royale Mobile Controls

Fortnite Mobile Guide - Battle Royale Mobile Controls

All the Fortnite Battle Royale tips you need, plus Fortnite Android info, free V Bucks, and Fortnite Server status updates.

Fortnite Mobile is out right now, and you can play the smash hit game on the go, on both Android and iOS systems. In this complete Fortnite Mobile guide, we'll be walking you through absolutely everything you need to know when getting to grips with the mobile version of Epic's game, including a complete layout of the Fortnite mobile controls.

If you're instead looking for more of an overview on the way that Battle Royale works, you'll want to head over to our Fortnite Battle Royale guides hub. Here you can find a complete beginner's guide to the mode, as well as all the essential tips and tricks that every player should know.

What is Fortnite Mobile?

Fortnite Mobile is the full version of Fortnite Battle Royale, offering the same core functionality and features of the PC and console versions. This means that the mobile version lets you take part in the 100-player battles, limited time events, and everything else. If you want to buy the Battle Pass for the current season, you can, and V-Bucks can be bought to spend on skins. Fortnite Mobile on iOS and Android doesn't include the Save the World mode that is available as a premium purchase on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Downloading Fortnite Mobile on your device is dead simple. All you need to do is go to either the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device you're using, and search 'Fortnite' in the store. Download the 'Fornite Mobile' app, and after a brief download to your device, you're all set to get playing Fortnite wherever you go.

As with all versions of Fortnite, the Mobile version allows crossplay with players on other devices. If you're playing on mobile you can play against everyone else, and you can now have PS4 players in a game that also includes Switch or Xbox One players.

Fortnite Mobile Controls

Fortnite Mobile uses touch controls, and these are split into two modes: combat mode, and build mode. In combat mode, you press down on the screen to move, tap to crouch, drag across the screen to aim, and tap to shoot. In build mode, you’ll be moving in the same way by dragging your finger in a direction, but the build controls use on-screen icons and menus.

As you can probably imagine, playing with touch controls, against Fortnite players that are using an actual controller, can be brutal. Don't be afraid if the Fortnite Mobile control scheme takes some getting used to, as it can take even veteran players hours upon hours to get up to speed with using a touch screen to play the game.

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