Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse Guide - How to Get a Horse, How to Get Horse Armor

Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse Guide - How to Get a Horse, How to Get Horse Armor

Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

You don't start off Kingdom Come Deliverance with your own horse, and it might not be until hours into the game that you actually come across one. In this full Kingdom Come Deliverance horse guide, we'll be walking you through not only how to get a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance, but also how to get horse armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so you keep your trusty steed alive.

If you instead need anything else on Kingdom Come Deliverance, including how to get to grips with the basic combat system, as well as how you can track down the elusive shovel in the Good Thief quest, head over to our Kingdom Come Deliverance guides walkthrough hub.

How to get a Horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance

There are actually three ways of unlocking a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance, as you won’t be automatically given one at the outset of the game. The three ways of obtaining a horse are:

  • Naturally through story progression
  • Stealing a horse
  • Buying a horse from a trader.

The first option is obviously easier than the other two, but it’s also the most time consuming—if you’re after a horse quickly, then you’ll be waiting a while for the story to progress far enough for Henry to be given a horse.

Henry is first given a horse to escape with during the attack on Skalitz, roughly an hour into Kingdom Come Deliverance, but this is little more than a trial, as the horse disappears after you’ve successfully escaped the battle. But later on in the game, after you’ve completed The Prey quest, you’ll be granted a horse as a reward, and this one is yours to keep for good.

The second method we mentioned is stealing a horse, which you can realistically undertake at any point in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In the starting area, you can venture into Talmberg Castle, but doing this is classed as a crime. Therefore, you’ll need to steal a guard’s uniform from the watchtower of Talmberg Castle, and the guards will let you come and go as if you’re one of their own. You can now walk into the castle stables, get on a horse, and ride off, unlawfully claiming the horse as your own.

The third and final method of unlocking a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance is to outright purchase a horse. We previously mentioned The Prey quest by which you legally obtain a horse in Kingdom Come, but should you want to purchase a better horse (one that has increased stamina), you’ll need to head to a Horse Trader. The first chronological Horse Trader that you can encounter in the game is stationed in Neuhof, and he trades in horses that are valued anywhere between 500 and 2,000 Groschen.

How to Ride a Horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The one factor you need to be aware of when riding a horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the stamina bar. Instead of applying to Henry, the yellow stamina bar near the bottom of the screen represents your horse’s energy, and how long they can continually sprint for.

To sprint while you’re on your horse, press either the left Shift button on your keyboard, B button on your Xbox One controller, or Circle on your PS4 controller. While you’re sprinting on the horse, the yellow stamina bar will continue to decrease, to the point at which your horse will occasionally rear up if you let the stamina get too low.

Particularly during the escape from Skalitz, you’ll always need to be managing the stamina of your horse. Don’t be afraid to push your horse, but stop and let the horse reduce to a canter if the stamina bar gets too low, or else you risk the horse stopping entirely, which isn’t what you want during a chase.

How to Unlock Horse Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Horses are rated on a five point scale, with one being the lowest level, and five being the highest. The five star horses of Kingdom Come Deliverance have the best stamina stats in the game, letting you cover the wide open world extremely quickly. You’re going to want to keep your horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance safe, and that’s where horse armor comes into play.

The only method of unlocking pieces of horse armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance is through visiting a stable out in the open world of the game. If you’re anywhere near the Horse Trader located in Neuhof, then good news, for there’s a stable where you can purchase horse armor very close to the vendor, in north west Neuhof.

However horse armor comes in separate parts, with a piece to protect the body and head. Since each piece costs a different amount of Groschen, we’d advise saving your hard earned cash, and spending money on a few decent pieces of horse armor, and even then only using the horse armor on three star horses or above, ideally. Buying armor is by no means easy in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so you’ll only want to use it to protect something valuable.

We might be done with our horse guide for Kingdom Come Deliverance, but why not continue ahead to our full Skills and Stats guide, as well as our in-depth combat guide for the game.

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