Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicking Guide - How to Use Lockpicks, How to Pick Every Lock

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicking Guide - How to Use Lockpicks, How to Pick Every Lock

Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

Lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be a pretty tricky business, especially if you get caught in the act. In this Kingdom Come Deliverance lockpicking guide, we'll be walking you through absolutely everything there is to know about breaking through a door in the game, as quietly as possible.

For more info, head over to our Kingdom Come Deliverance guide hub. We've got some tips to get you started in the game, with more to come as we delve deeper into this complex RPG. Carry on reading for a complete guide to lockpicking and how to get lock picks.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicking

The NPCs living in the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance are obviously well aware that others will do all they can to steal what isn't there's, so almost every door you come across is locked. In this guide we'll tell you how to become a brilliant lockpick. No matter what you want to steal in Kingdom Come Deliverance, there's a high chance you'll need to pick a lock in order to get to it.

Lockpicking can also be very useful during quests and activities, with the lockpicking skill allowing you to bypass an otherwise difficult fight.

In this lockpicking guide you will learn everything you need to know about this skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance. We start with the lockpicks, detail how to get more lockpicks, and then go into the ability itself and how to improve it as you level up. You'll also find tips and tricks on how to crack a lock and what to look for if you want to get away with it undetected.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicks - How to get Lockpicks in Kingdom Come

In Kingdom Come Deliverance you'll never have too many lockpicks. These are essential if you plan to break into places, and thankfully you can get them in numerous ways. Each time you use a pick it depletes your stock and can be broken and lost if used incorrectly.

You will get your first set of lockpicks from Heinrich's friends shortly after the game starts. Be careful not to blow through all your picks as they are pretty costly when you start the game and will break easily due to your lack of skill. Lockpicks are frequently given as rewards for completing side quests, but you'll likely want to acquire more from other means.

You can restock your lockpick supply by visiting traders, although this will cost money. Increasing your lockpicking ability is a great way to cut down on the amount of picks you use (and break), which we'll detail just below.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicking - How to Improve Your Lockpicking Ability

As is the case in the modern world, all locks are not made the same in Kingdom Come Deliverance. While some locks can be cracked easily, others present a far tougher challenge - one that you might not be skilled enough to complete.

The difficulty of having a lock will always be shown in parentheses when you target it. There are the levels "Very easy", "Easy", "Hard" and "Very difficult".

You'll obviously start the game with very limited lockpicking skills, but these can be improved by practicing and taking advice from experienced NPCs. You'll mee Miller Peshek in the castle a couple of hours into the game. He gives you the side quest "The Good Thief" and teaches you the necessary basics of lockpicking if you ask him. If you successfully pick his training box a number if times, then Heinrich's lockpicking abilities increase by one or two points. Head over to our full The Good Thief Quest walkthrough for more info.

As your skill level increases, you will not only be able to crack more difficult locks, but also unlock new abilities enhancements. You may choose and activate an improvement every three levels. To do this, open your character info window, select the tab "Player" and from there the sub-tab "Skills". The following improvements can be made to lockpicking (level requirement in brackets:

  • Stable lockpicks (3): Your lockpicks are more stable and therefore last twice as long.
  • Locksmith (3): After you've successfully picked a lock, there's a 20% chance that broken pegs will end up in your inventory again.
  • Clever hand (6): When cracking locks, the starting point is closer to the end of the lock, making it easier to open.
  • Luck of the drunkard (6): Drunk, you can crack locks 30% faster, but it will cause 30% more noise
  • Sixth Sense (9): Your sixth sense sounds the alarm when someone is on the verge of catching you at the lock, which gives you more time to flee.
  • Silent locksmith (9): You can use a lockpick almost silently, even if the lock causes you problems.The noise caused by a breaking is 90% quieter.
  • Thief in luck (12): If you break a lockpick, there is a 10% chance that the lock will open.
  • Master of castles (12): You crack simple locks automatically.

How to Use Lockpicks in Kingdom Come Deliverance - Step by Step Lockpicking Guide

If you're finding the act of lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance a little tricky, follow our step by step lockpicking guide and you shouldn't have any more problems:

  • Stand in front of the lock you want to pick and press the action key/button to commence the lockpicking (make sure you do this without anyone spotting you).
  • Next, you'll see a picture of the locking mechanism in front of you. If Henry's locksmithing skills are enough, you can wind up.
  • It is important to find the right place to set the lockpick. Here the on-screen cursor helps you: the bigger it gets, the closer you are getting to the correct position. If it turns golden, you have found the ideal point.
  • Now comes the hard part: You have to turn the locking mechanism by pressing while moving the lockpick relative to the ideal position. This is harder than it sounds as you can't pause once you've started turning the lock, and the sensitivity of the lockpick is very high.
  • Complete the lockpicking and the lock is cracked.
  • If you try to turn the locking mechanism without the pick in the correct position, the mechanism will lock. As a result, the lockpick is damaged or even destroyed and you'll have to repeat the process again.
  • Damage also causes noise, which can bring unwanted attention to the illegal act you're carrying out. If you are spotted the best solution is to run until you are no longer being followed.

This is all you need to know about lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Hopefully now you'll be able to break into buildings with ease.

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