Kingdom Come Deliverance Stolen Goods Guide - How to Pickpocket, How to Sell Stolen Items, How to Find a Fence

Kingdom Come Deliverance Stolen Goods Guide - How to Pickpocket, How to Sell Stolen Items, How to Find a Fence

Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

Pickpocketing and stealing items can be tough in Kingdom Come Deliverance, especially if you get caught in the act. In this Kingdom Come Deliverance stolen goods guide, we'll be walking you through not only how to pickpocket in Kingdom Come Deliverance, but also how to sell stolen items in Kingdom Come Deliverance, so you can make a tidy sum.

If you instead need anything else relating to Kingdom Come Deliverance, including how to get to grips with the complex combat system of the Medieval game, as well as how to unlock a horse a little earlier than expected, head over to our Kingdom Come Deliverance guides walkthrough hub.

Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Pickpocket Stolen Items Guide

Before you can even think about stealing an item from a shop or person, you’re going to need to consider how to approach the situation. Say for example that the person is out on the streets walking around, you’ll obviously want to wait for them to head into any alleyway, or somewhere more secluded, before you attempt to pickpocket them. You’ll always want to pay attention to the Noise level of your currently equipped gear, and see if you can’t equip items that are lighter and quieter, giving you a better chance of approaching someone undetected.

If you instead intend on stealing an item from a shop, then you’re far more likely to succeed in stealing an item if you break your way into the shop, successfully lockpicking your way through the door when no one is looking. An easy way of obtaining stolen items is to pickpocket someone if you knock them out in a fist fight, allowing you to swoop in and take anything you please from them after beating them unconscious.

But how should you go about pickpocketing someone while they’re still conscience in Kingdom Come? Firstly, you’ll need to enter sneak mode, and approach someone from the rear if they’re standing, or from any angle if they’re sleeping. Once you initiate the act of pickpocketing someone, there’ll be a number for how long you’ve got to spend rummaging around in the persons pockets before they notice you, and you’ll also be prompted to charge up your own timer to try and match the timer given to you as close as possible.

Charge your timer for too long or too short, and the target will instantly notice you. We’d recommend trying for roughly ten seconds to start off with, which seems to be a fairly decent middle ground to aim for while pickpocketing someone. Once the pickpocketing kicks off, you’ll have the time you put in to try and take an item, which are presented to you in the form of a dial with several mystery items covered by question marks. You start from the top of the dial, and you have to work your way around, revealing any items and then selecting whether you wish to steal or leave them.

You have to do all this, and get the market back to the top of the dial, before the timer runs out and the person notices you pickpocketing them. It’ll definitely be difficult at the beginning of Kingdom Come, but it’s a skill you can definitely work on a perfect over time.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Fence Guide - How to Sell Stolen Goods

But what are you to do with item that you’ve stolen in Kingdom Come Deliverance? If you want to sell them on, then you’ll need to find a fence, or someone that’s okay in dealing with stolen goods. For a start, if you complete the Good Thief quest, you’ll unlock someone that’s specializes in dealing with stolen goods, no matter who you stole them from or where.

The location of where the stolen goods came from might not seem important at first, but if you stole the goods in a town, then no merchant in that town is going to be interested in dealing with the items. Instead, you’ll have to journey all the way to another town to sell the stolen goods, so for example if you were to steal an item in Talmberg, you’d have to travel all the way to Skalitz or another town in order to sell the item on and make yourself a tidy profit.

This might conclude our guide on everything you need to know about stealing and selling stolen goods in Kingdom Come Deliverance, including how to complete the Homecoming quest, as well as how to wash and clean armor.

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