Kingdom Come Deliverance Skills Guide - How to Upgrade Your Stats and Skills

Kingdom Come Deliverance Skills Guide - How to Upgrade Your Stats and Skills

Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

Skills play a pretty large role in Kingdom Come Deliverance, especially if you want to survive for long out in the open world. In this complete Kingdom Come Deliverance skills guide, we'll be detailing a complete list of all the skills you should be trying to unlock first in the game, as well as a full list of the very best skills available.

If you need anything else on Kingdom Come Deliverance, including how to get to grips with the basics of the combat and Alchemy systems employed by the game, head over to our Kingdom Come Deliverance guides walkthrough hub.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Skills

It’s not entirely unfair to compare Kingdom Come Deliverance to the likes of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, especially when its upgrade systems basically work in the same way. In Oblivion you’d increase skills like Acrobatics by simply jumping, and in Kingdom Come you increase Skills like Reading through, well, reading.

Just below, we’ve outlined every Skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance:

  • Alchemy - Used for brewing potions.
  • Drinking - Toughens you against the effects of Alcohol.
  • Herbalism - Allows you to collect more Herbs with a single action.
  • Horsemanship - Governs your horse’s stamina and how often it’ll rear up.
  • Hunting - Governs the amount of meat and other items that you can gain from animals.
  • Lockpicking - Allows you to more easily crack open harder locks.
  • Maintenance - Lets you repair weapons and armor items.
  • Pickpocketing - Increases the chance you can steal an item from someone without being noticed.
  • Reading - Lets you character actually read books.
  • Stealth - Decreases the chance you’ll be seen by an enemy character.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Stats Guide

Under the main Stats tab of Kingdom Come Deliverance, you’ll find all the statistics of Henry, the protagonist of the Medieval adventure. Just below, you can find a complete list of all the major stats in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, as well as how each one affects the way Henry plays:

  • Strength - The stronger you are, the less stamina you use up during combat, and the further you can sprint. On top of this, Strength increases the capacity of your inventory, affecting how much Henry can carry at once.
  • Agility - Simply put, Agility is a measure of your speed. Not only can you move faster with a higher Agility statistic, but you also have an increased chance of avoiding enemy attacks entirely, and you’ll also be more accurate with Bows.
  • Vitality - Increased through simply running and climbing, Vitality affects Henry’s overall stamina, the rate at which it regenerates, and how long Henry can last without getting tired.
  • Speech - This Skill affects how well you’re able to persuade someone, into either backing down from combat, or giving you a better price for goods that you’re trying to sell. Speech is improved by talking to people and successful persuasions.
  • Charisma - Influenced by how clean you are and the state of your equipped clothes, Charisma affects how much you impress people.
  • Visibility - The lower this Skill is the better, as it actually affects how easy you are to spot in the environment, affecting how well you can sneak your way around. Visibility is affected by the color of the clothes you’re wearing at the time.
  • Conspicuousness - Dependant on your clothing, this Skill governs how much you’ll stand out in the environment.
  • Noise - Another Skill that’s governed by your weapons and clothing that you have equipped, the Noise Skills affects how likely you are to be heard wherever you go.
  • Speed - Derived from your Agility Statistic, this Skill governs how fast you can walk, run, and sprint.

We might be all done with our Skills and Stats guide for Kingdom Come Deliverance, but head over to our complete combat guide, or our Good Thief quest guide, for more on the game.

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