Kingdom Come Deliverance Good Thief Quest - Where is the Spade, Unlock Lockpicking and Pickpocketing Tutorials, Sell Stolen Goods

Kingdom Come Deliverance Good Thief Quest - Where is the Spade, Unlock Lockpicking and Pickpocketing Tutorials, Sell Stolen Goods

Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

Some of the quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance aren't straightforward, and this is especially the case for The Good Thief side quest. In this Kingdom Come Deliverance Good Thief quest guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about the quest, including how to kick off the adventure, as well as how to find the spade in Kingdom Come Deliverance, in case you get stuck.

For more help, head over to our Kingdom Come Deliverance guide hub. It's got some useful tips if you're starting out with the game, as well as some helpful advice if you're struggling with lockpicking.

Kingdom Come Deliverance The Good Thief Quest

By completing "The Good Thief" side quest you get numerous rewards: sell stolen goods to specific NPCs, lockpicking and pickpocketing tutorials, and increased popularity in Rattay. In this The Good Thief Guide we'll walk you through how to get the spade and complete the quest.

How to Start The Good Thief Quest

Starting "The Good Thief" is easy. Just talk to Miller Peshek in Rattay Mill. Miller is the man who gave you a place to stay following the Homecoming quest. When given the option to help him, do so.

Where is the Spade in The Good Thief Quest?

While finding a spade might sound very easy, finding things in Kingdom Come Deliverance is trickier than in most games. Rather than place a marker in the world and have arrows showing you if you're going in the right direction, you just have to look around for the spade. Look around Rattay for the open-sided barn that is housing lots of logs. The spade is stuck in the ground to the side of this, near the wooden cart.

Dig the Grave and get the Ring

Now you have a spade you can head to Gallow Hill and locate the quest marker. Look for the executioner platform. To the side of this is a grave. Dig this grave and jump. There's no ring to be found, so head back to Miller Peshek.

It's worth noting here that we've read reports of some players not being able to jump out of the grave. This is due to being too heavy. If you are stuck in the grave hole you'll need to drop items to decrease your weight.

Get the Ring From the Executioner

After telling Peshek that the you couldn't find a ring in the grave, you'll unlock the lockpicking tutorial and receive a bunch of lockpicks. You'll want to practice before you attempt to steal the ring from the executioner's house.

The house you need to find is marked, so head over there (it's where you dug the grave). The ring is inside the house and in a chest in the bedroom. You'll have to use your new lockpicking skills to get into the chest.

To get into the executioner's house and get the ring you have numerous options:

  • You can sneak past him to the bedroom, shutting the door behind you so he can't see or hear you trying to break into the chest.
  • Get the executioner to come outside, either by deliberately being seen or by making noise. When he comes out to investigate you can run around the house and then head inside.
  • Convince him to leave by talking to him. This will require you have levelled up your Speech skill, but if successful he'll leave to go pay an outstanding debt.

Complete The Good Thief Quest

With the ring in your possession, return to Peshek. He'll teach you how to pickpocket and direct you to take the ring to a friend nearby. This friend is found in a town northeast of Rattay. Deliver the ring and you'll discover it wasn't worth anything, but you'll now be able to sell stolen goods to Peshek and his friend. You'll also be given new side quests from them.

That completes our guide to The Good Thief quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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