Far Cry 5 New Release Date, Season Pass, Far Cry 3, Arcade, Vehicles, Animals, Location, Religious Cult, Trailers - Everything we Know

Far Cry 5 New Release Date, Season Pass, Far Cry 3, Arcade, Vehicles, Animals, Location, Religious Cult, Trailers - Everything we Know

All the details on Ubisoft’s Latest take on the Far Cry franchise, due for release early in 2018. Gameplay, setting, release date and more. New details on the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, Far Cry Arcade, and Far Cry 3 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft is returning to its Far Cry series with Far Cry 5, the first numbered entry since Far Cry 4 released back in November 2014. While initially rumoured to be a 19th Century Western, the game is set in modern day Montana, a western state of the United States, with the area taken over by a militant cult. On this Far Cry 5 Everything we Know hub we’ll provide you with all the latest info on the game, including Far Cry 5’s release date, pre-order info, story and location details, arcade, characters, and anything else of interest.

What is the Far Cry 5 Release Date and Where’s it Set This Time?

Although it was originally set to release in February 2018, Far Cry 5 will now finally release worldwide on March 27, 2018. Although rumoured to be a Western set in the 19th century, it is now confirmed that Far Cry 5 is set in the modern day, with players able to take on foes using modern weapons and machinery. Ubisoft has announced that players on PS4 will get free content with their purchase of the game, while players on Xbox One and PC will be able to access the same content through Ubisoft Club.

Locations wise Far Cry 5 will take place in Hope County, Montana. While Montana, a western mountainous state in the United States is very much real, Hope County is fictional. Chances are Ubisoft will take elements from numerous counties in Montana and build them into Hope County. Expect lots of large open plains, mountains, snow-covered peaks, glaciers, huge rivers, lakes and woodland.

You will take on the role of Hope County’s Sheriff’s Deputy and will have to fight members of the religious cult of Project at Eden's Gate, and their followers after they descend on Fall's End - thankfully you can recruit mercenaries to help your cause. Your character is fully customisable, so you can choose your gender, ethnicity, and appearance as you see fit.

You can see the majority of the cult members (along with their rather mean looking dog) in the artwork below. They are not customisable.

Far Cry 5 Season Pass - Includes Far Cry 3

The Far Cry 5 Season Pass will include three story packs, each taking players on a unique journey with the trademark Far Cry twist:

  • Hours of Darkness: Players will travel back in time to Vietnam to battle against Vi?t C?ng soldiers
  • Dead Living Zombies: Players will face hordes of zombies in multiple b-movie scenarios
  • Lost on Mars: Players will leave Earth behind to go toe-to-claws with Martian arachnids

In addition, all Far Cry 5 Season Pass owners playing on consoles will receive Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, a current-gen release of the single-player portion of last-gen game Far Cry 3. This will be free to all Season Pass holders. While Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is getting a standalone release in the summer, it'll come to Season Pass owners four weeks early.

All Season Pass content will also be available to people who purchase Far Cry 5 Gold Edition.

Pre order Far Cry 5

Pre ordering a copy of Far Cry 5 can get you a whole range of bonuses and exclusive content. We've got a complete guide to Far Cry 5's pre order bonuses and special editions that you can check out.

Far Cry 5 Arcade

Far Cry Arcade, a mode within Far Cry 5, combines the map editing of previous games but with far more assets and possibilities. Ubisoft has included assets from numerous games outside of the Far Cry (including Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed), and the editing tools let players create maps and games that let imagination run wild. You can find out more in the Far Cry Arcade trailer just below.

Far Cry 5 Hands On Impressions

We recently got to go hands on with Far Cry 5. Just below, you can find all our various impressions of different aspects of the upcoming game, as well as our extensive interview with the Ubisoft development team behind Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay Videos

Plenty of Far Cry 5 gameplay videos are now out in the wild. We've embedded a couple of them for you below, each showing extended sequences that give you a taste of how Far Cry 5 will play on its February 2018 release.

Ubisoft showed off a brutal presentation of Far Cry 5 during its E3 conference. The sequence started with villagers being beaten to death. It also showed off the people you can recruit to help you out and the ability to play cooperatively. Watch the full demonstration below.

Far Cry 5 Features a Rather Interesting Group of Characters

Far Cry 3’s Vaas and Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min have set the villain bar extremely high, so Ubisoft will be hoping Far Cry 5 doesn’t let down fans in this area. Much like Capcom’s Resident Evil 7, a large focus of Far Cry 5 seems to be the family at the head of the religious cult.

  • Joseph: The Father - Joseph is the head of the family and hellbent on saving people. Unfortunately he doesn’t care about whether or not those people need or indeed want to be saved. He has heard god’s voice and no one is going to stop him.
  • Jacob: The Oldest - Jacob is ex-military and as such incredibly dangerous
  • John: The Youngest - John is the ‘fixer’.
  • Faith: The Half Sister.

The cult isn’t going to get an easy ride, with your character working with the rising resistance to fight back and reclaim the land. Far Cry 5's story should be interesting at the very least, as BioShock Infinite writer Drew Holmes is penning the script for the upcoming game.

  • Pastor Jerome Jeffries - Has felt the crushing weight of the cult in the community and is seen carrying a big rifle.
  • Mary May - Mary grew up in Hope County and her whole family has been taken or affected by the cult. She won’t let them take any more of her home.
  • Nick Rye: A pilot who has fixed a minigun to his crop duster. His father was a lieutenant in the army.

The Vehicles in Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has always included vehicles in its Far Cry games, and Far Cry 5 will be no different. Here are the vehicles we know to be in the game. We've even cut together all the vehicles from the trailer and put them into the video below.

  • Crop Duster (and other planes) - Let you fly around high above Hope County and shoot at enemies.
  • Tractor
  • Semi Truck
  • Mustang
  • Buggy - Seen in a chase sequence with a Semi Truck in the trailer.
  • Quad Bike
  • Oil Tanker - This went boom in the trailer, but could well be used as a vehicle in the game.
  • Pickup Truck

What Animals Will I be Fighting in Far Cry 5? Can I Have a Pet?

Far Cry has always been just as much about a battle against wild animals as it is a fight with human foes. Far Cry 5 will likely be no different, with Montana home to numerous wild animals that will either grace the landscape or threaten your life. You can even use some as allies.

In what we like to think is an Ace Ventura Pet Detective way, players will be able to make use of Fangs For Hire. This will include specialized animals like bears and cougars to complement players’ play styles whether they’re going in stealthily or forcefully.

Here are a selection of animals we're likely to see in Far Cry 5 as foes (although not all confirmed by Ubisoft).

"I'm smarter than the av-er-age bear!"
  • Grizzly Bear - The Grizzly is a threatened species, but it's bound to be one of the most deadly creatures you can encounter in Far Cry 5. Big and strong, you're not going to want to stumble across one of these - the reveal trailer shows a man being chased down by such an beast.
  • Cultists’ Dog - The dog seen on Far Cry 5’s box art isn’t the friendliest of beasts. While not likely to be as dangerous as a bear, this mutt could well be a dangerous foe in the game.
  • Canadian Lynx - While about double the size of a normal domestic cat, a Canadian Lynx isn't nearly as dangerous as one of the large big cats. Found hunting alone or in groups, the Lynx could still cause some problems.
  • American Buffalo - American Bison/Buffalo live in river valleys, and on prairies and plains. They are grazing animals, but incredibly strong and intimidating in groups. There will also be cows, with one seen kicking a dog in a presentation given to games press.
  • Gray Wolf - Likely to be one of the deadlier animals in Far Cry 5, gray wolves are pack animals. We've already seen wolves pose a significant threat in Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Liam Neeson didn't have a good time in The Grey.
  • Mountain Lion - Also known as cougars, Mountain Lions are the largest of the small cats, and pose a greater threat that the Lynx.

Other animals likely to appear during your adventure across Montana in Far Cry 5 include deer, elk, sheep, and numerous species of fish and birds.

Will you be able to fish in Far Cry 5?

We can see a member of the community fishing, but it's not clear if you'll be able to fish in Far Cry 5. It's possible this will be one of a number of side activities.

Far Cry 5 will also include a map editor, allowing players to create as many new playgrounds as they wish. Ubisoft is planning to reveal more details on the Far Cry 5 map editor at a later point, but it will come with features never before seen in a Far Cry map editor.

Prior to the big reveal, Ubisoft released a bunch of Far Cry 5 live action videos, each showing a vista or location for a few seconds and an incident that looks to represent the tone of the game.

Teaser #1 shows off a lovely river. Well, it was lovely until a corpse floated past the camera.

Teaser #2 shows a grassy farm field, then a man runs into view and attempts to escape into the distance but is cut down by an unseen shooter.

Teaser #3 seems to be an aerial shot of a classic rural church, only for the camera to close in on and fly by a man beating another man against the church bell in the steeple.

Teaser #4 shows Hope County's gorgeous woodland, before an off-screen man screams and sends a flock of birds into the sky.

Far Cry 5 is likely to play a major part in Ubisoft's E3 2017 Press Conference. The game releases on March 27, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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