LEGO City Undercover Cheats - Bonus Missions, Unlimited Studs, Cheat Codes for PS4, Xbox One, Switch

LEGO City Undercover Cheats - Bonus Missions, Unlimited Studs, Cheat Codes for PS4, Xbox One, Switch

LEGO City Undercover presents its players with a weird and wonderful sandbox to play around with, and of course it has cheats. Here are all the LEGO City cheats.

LEGO City cheats can transform how you play the game, so it's a good thing that we've got them all here for you. LEGO City Undercover presents a GTA-style open world for players to mess around in. It’s a ton of fun, and that’s even before you throw cheats into the mix. LEGO City Undercover does have cheats too, though, and good ones at that. In this LEGO City Undercover Cheats guide, we’ll bring you all of the LEGO City Undercover Cheat Codes you’ll ever need. We’ll also take a look at how to get infinite studs in LEGO City Undercover.

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LEGO City Cheats

There’s a good selection of cheat codes which can be used in LEGO City Undercover. You’ll be able to spawn in vehicles, transform into a werewolf, and even unlock bonus missions.

LEGO City Undercover: How to Use Cheats

Before you start messing with the world around you, you’ll need to know how to enter cheats in LEGO City Undercover. Well, it’s really simple, in that you just need to head over to the Extras menu. From here, you can input codes to trigger cheats.

LEGO City Undercover Cheat Codes List

As we mentioned previously, you just need to head to the Extras menu to enter the cheat codes listed below. This will trigger the desired cheat, so go wild!

  • Baseball Player - YCMWKP
  • Chan's Drakonas - DWJVCT
  • Classic Alien - CQSZBJ
  • Disguised Natalia Kowalski - HVGTPG
  • Gorilla Suit Guy - XKGZVJ
  • Karate Guy - MRPHVQ
  • Minotaur - SSVKCT
  • Ninja - FHSZYG
  • Pharaoh - NRRXYM
  • Pop Star - CNCNRH
  • Racecar Driver - MHHRHM
  • Roman Soldier - WRSKVC
  • Samurai Warrior - RJYZHC
  • Soccer Player - SYFMWJ
  • Werewolf - GYSTQP
  • Drakonas vehicle - DWJVCT
  • Relocator vehicle - VZHHDM

LEGO City Undercover Bonus Missions

There are two bonus missions to unlock in LEGO City Undercover, and they’re well worth checking out. To unlock them, head to the Extras menu, and input the codes below:

  • 3D74QF9
  • 3GCC7XR

How to Unlock The Super Wrestler - Hidden Block Locations

There are five hidden blocks to find in LEGO City Undercover. Finding all five will unlock the Super Wrestler, so they are well worth seeking out. We’ve listed all five hidden brick locations below:

  • Airport - underneath the freeway
  • Auburn Bay Bridge - on one of the beams overhead
  • Bluebell National Park - head to the top of the dam. There is a boarded up door here that you can cut through. Climb the ladder to get to the block.
  • Apollo Island - There are small garages alongside the main road. There’s a hidden block behind them.
  • Pagoda - There are several walkways into the ocean. There is a hidden block on one of them.

LEGO City Undercover Unlimited Studs Cheat - Chase Statue

The final cheat we have for you is definitely one of the best in the game. By unlocking the Chase statue in LEGO City Undercover, you’ll have access to unlimited studs. To unlock the Chase statue in LEGO City Undercover, you need to collect 400,000,000 studs. This will spawn the statue, and the unlimited studs, in King’s Court.

That’s all we have on LEGO City Undercover. Stay tuned for more LEGO Cheats pages, and guides.

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