Vampyr Medicine Guide - How to Craft Medicine to Cure a Cold, Fatigue, Sepsis, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Headache

Here's everything you need to know in one handy Vampyr guide, including a full combat walkthrough, how to water the plant, and how to craft medicine.

Medicine is a critical part of Vampyr, especially if you want to keep your fellow residents of London alive, and avoid districts falling into utter chaos around you. In this Vampyr Medicine guide, we’ll be walking you through how to craft medicine, as well as how to properly distribute it among your patients scattered throughout the four districts of London.

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Vampyr Medicine Crafting Guide

All throughout the four districts of London, you’re going to encounter many citizens that you can get to learn. Take for example the Pembroke Hospital, which marks the first district you arrive at after the tutorial of the game. Here you can speak to doctors and patients alike, and it’s through talking to them that you learn more about them and their medical conditions.

To quickly scan your surroundings, you’ll need to use your Vampiric Senses, which are toggled on and off by pressing in the left analog stick. If you’re new to a district, you’ll see that when you focus in on a character, the information card that appears over their head will be blank, not giving you any details about them or their medical needs.

You’ll have to approach a character and talk to them in Vampyr if you want to cure them. This includes asking them questions about who they are, where they come from, what they do, and even questions about other characters in the game. Once you’ve gotten to know them as Dr. Jonathan Reid, you’ll be able to check up on them when using your Vampiric Senses, and see if the quality of their blood is being tainted by any illnesses.

If, for example, they’re suffering from a cold or a headache, then you’ll need to go and craft the corresponding medicine in order to cure them.

In order to actually craft medicine in Vampyr, you’ll first need to head to a hideout scattered across the map. Once in a hideout, interact with the workbench, and you’ll be taken to the crafting screen.

In this menu, you’ll see a range of medicine you can craft on the left hand side, while on the right hand side you’ll see items you can craft that’ll aid Jonathan in combat, like health or blood vials. You now need to craft the item that corresponds to a particular illness. For example if nurse Pippa Watts in Pembroke Hospital has a cold, you’ll need to craft the medicine that heals a cold.

How to Craft Fatigue Medicine in Vampyr

If a character is suffering from fatigue in Vampyr, then thankfully a cure is just about the easiest item to craft in the entire game. To craft a cure for fatigue, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • One quinne.
  • Two ferrous tartrate.
  • Two sodium hydrochlorite solution.

How to Craft Anemia Medicine in Vampyr

A slightly harder item to craft due to the sheer number of items required, the cure for anemia as no less valuable than the cure for a cold in Vampyr. To craft the cure for anemia, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • Two quinne.
  • Eight ferrous tartrate.
  • Eight sodium hydrochlorite solution.

How to Craft Sepsis Medicine in Vampyr

A pretty lethal condition of the heart, Sepsis is often even more difficult to craft a cure for than anemia. In order to craft a sepsis cure in Vampyr, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • Four quinne.
  • Fifteen ferrous tartrate.
  • Fifteen sodium hydrochlorite solution.

How to Craft Cold Medicine in Vampyr

The cold is definitely going to be one of the more common illnesses you come across during your time with Vampyr. To craft a cure for the cold, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • One clove essence.
  • Two codeine.
  • Two potassium permanganate.

How to Craft Bronchitis Medicine in Vampyr

Bronchitis might not pop up as often as some of the other illnesses in Vampyr, but you’re definitely going to want to cure it as soon as you see it. To craft a cure for bronchitis, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • Two clove essence.
  • Eight codeine.
  • Eight potassium permanganate.

How to Craft Pneumonia Medicine in Vampyr

Finally, pneumonia is going to be one of the rarer ailment in Vampyr, like bronchitis. To craft the relevant cure for pneumonia, you’ll need:

  • One glass vial.
  • Four clove essence.
  • Fifteen codeine.
  • Fifteen potassium permanganate.

Once you have the relevant cure in hand, simply head back to the character that you wish to dispense the medicine to, and engage them in conversation. Now press the right bumper, and you’ll be prompted to hand over the medicine. Keep in mind that it takes a day to cure someone completely of an illness, so you’ll need to sleep in a bed in a hideout and advance time for your medicine to take effect.

Remember that if you’re in a hideout and you need a quick reminder on what medicine to craft for which characters, make sure to pause the game and scroll across to the citizens list menu. It’s here that you can survey each citizen that you’ve spoken to so far in the game, and they’ll have a gold star next to their icon if they’re currently suffering from an illness.

This concludes our guide for the medicine factor in Vampyr, but make sure to check out our additional guides here at USgamer. We’ve got guides on how to water the plant in Vampyr, as well as a complete Vampyr combat guide, for all you need to know about defeating every enemy you encounter.

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