Until Dawn Chapter 10 Walkthrough: Ending - How to Save Everyone

Until Dawn Chapter 10 Walkthrough: Ending - How to Save Everyone

Save all characters and escape the lodge in this walkthrough to the final chapter of Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 10 Walkthrough we’ll guide you through the finale of Until Dawn and help you save everyone.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 10 will leave players with only one hour until dawn, and thus the end of the game. If you have followed our advice you could be in line to save all eight of your characters, although we admittedly stumbled in places, allowing you to learn from our mistakes. This walkthrough is a classic case of needing to do what we say, and not what we do. The final chapter is no different.

Players will start off controlling Josh and wandering around the mines, and things are about to go a few degrees past sketchy. You can do a tiny bit of wandering around, but for the most part you just get to enjoy the story unfolding in front of you. The only interaction for a few moments will be with a giant pig head, and you better believe we punched that sucker. You should be able to do nothing and get a similar outcome as us, as we played this part again and didn’t notice any differences.

When you transition over to Sam you’ll want to explore the left path before you get into the water. You’ll find a shallow grave, and inside of that will be Beth’s Watch. You can head back to the water after you inspect it, but be sure to grab the Fortune Totem laying to the right of where you jump in. After you snag that, time to go for a dip.

Once you’re in the water you need to head to the left. If you fail to do this it can result in Josh’s death at a later point, and we assume you don’t want that. Find the ledge to the left and climb out of the water, and then inspect Scrawled Journal. This is actually a Butterfly Effect moment, which makes sense since we know that not coming up here could lead to Josh’s death.

You can get back into the water and continue along. You’ll eventually climb back out and have to pass through a door with word Danger written on it. You’ll regret opening the door the moment that you do, but we won’t spoil why. Just know that you’re safe… well, safe-ish.

Let the following cut scene play out and you’ll be back in control of Josh. Follow Mike a few feet forward, and then take the left path to find a Fortune Totem. From here you can tail Mike all the way back in the direction that he and Sam just came through, choosing to Drop Down into the water despite your better judgement.

Following another cutscene you’ll play as Sam for a bit longer, and your first order of business will be to follow the on-screen prompts as you climb out of the mines. From here you’ll have to choose between the right and left forks in the road, but you should be able to explore them freely without any trouble. We suggest that you spend some time on the right path, stopping when you reach a downed tree and grabbing the Danger Totem on the opposite side of the trail.

You should be good to push forward from here, hopping down into the water and moving across to the other side. We did a little poking around so that you don’t have to, but we came up short in our search for items of interest. When you can, climb out of the water and keep moving until you take a bit of a tumble from a rock wall.

After you land you’ll be tossed into a chase scene full of QTEs, and we suggest that you don’t miss any of them. We didn’t, and we can confirm that Sam lived through this part. We can’t promise you the same fortune if you aren’t quick with the buttons, so stay on point.

After Sam and Mike regroup at the door, break into the lodge and start making your way back down to the basement. You should know the route by now. If you don’t, just keep descending until a cutscene tells you that you’re in the right place. Also take note of the interaction between Emily and Ashley, assuming that both of them are still alive in your play through.

How to Save Everyone at the end of Until Dawn

This will kick off the final portion of the game, and we played through it no less than six times in order to test out all of the options in front of you. Because of our mistakes (that we guided you away from), Chris, Josh, Matt and Jessica are not here, but if they are your path should remain the same.

Start off by having Sam Lock instead of Follow, although truth be told we didn’t really notice a difference after choosing both options on separate runs. When you get upstairs, be prepared to hold your controller perfectly still several times. This is what tripped us up, even though we had our hands, arms and elbows on our desk in order to provide stability. It’s actually the vibration in your controller that is the biggest threat, and after several failed attempts we just turned that function off in the PlayStation 4 settings.

If you aren’t able to hold your controller still, people will die. If you are, the only other thing you have to do is make the right decisions. Again, we ran this back several times, and can confirm that at no point should you ever choose to Run, or Run to Switch. We first opted to Save Mike, and then after that we chose to Hide behind the large wooden support beam. You’ll have to choose whether to Run or Hide at least once more, and if the option keeps coming up for you, continue to hide. Eventually this will lead to the most favorable ending you can hope for, as more and more of your characters will run out the door. If you (playing as Sam) choose to Run or Run for Switch and there are still characters in the lodge, they will be burned alive. Only when Sam is the lone character left inside can you choose to run outside.

This will take you to the final cutscenes of the game, and there is no need for us to spoil it for you. Even if we wanted to, we managed to get a different ending every time we played. What you experience will likely be different from everyone else you know.

What we would suggest, is playing back the various points where you may have failed using the chapter select option. Study the Butterfly Effect screen to see where you stumbled, and then work for a different outcome. Either that, or you can just fire up a new story and see how it plays out. This game has wonderful replay value due to its design.

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