Until Dawn Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Jess and Emily, Darkness, Jealousy

Until Dawn Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Jess and Emily, Darkness, Jealousy

Choose a side when Jessica and Emily start to fight in Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 2 Walkthrough we’ll help you make all the difficult choices as you start to get deeper into the story. This Until Dawn guide is all you need to make it through Chapter 2.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 2 kicks off with a bio of Josh, the brother of Hannah and Beth, the two unfortunate girls from the game’s prologue. He is listed as complex, thoughtful and loving. Unlike previous intros you won’t immediately play as Josh, but instead as Chris. We chose to Worry instead of Gossip here, and then a short time later we went with Confident instead of Unsettled as we spoke with Ashley.

When you take control of Chris you can go one of two ways. Don’t walk in the direction of Josh just yet, instead moving down the path behind Chris when he’s speaking with Ashley. This will take you to where Matt is standing, and nearby you’ll find a Guidance Totem. Snag it, and then take a moment to speak with both Matt and Sam as you continue along the path. We chose to be Friendly rather than Nosy with Matt, but didn’t have any choices to make when speaking with Sam.

When you’re done, backtrack to the steps where Ashley is sitting and take the opposite path (Ashley’s left) that leads around the lodge. When Josh began to talk about Ashley we decided to Protest rather than Agree on the first choice, but then opted to Agree rather than Disagree on the second.

As you move around the lodge you’ll see some windows on the left. There was a case with an axe on the side of the wall that we wanted to interact with, but didn’t get the chance because we moved the box under the window first. We’re not sure if you can do something with this case or not, but if you plan to investigate it should be the first thing you do. When you’re ready, push the box under the window and climb inside to progress the story.

Take a moment to investigate the garage and pick up the Loss Totem on the ground next to the bike tire. When you’re done you’ll want to go through the door to your left and snag the Newspaper Fragment. It’s one of many clues that you can pick up to help unravel the mystery of what’s happening at the lodge, as well as perhaps give yourself a leg up when it comes to surviving whatever horrors await.

Backtrack and take the door on the right, moving along the corridor until you can view the Family Portrait hanging on the wall. From here you can enter the foyer and interact with Sam who is sitting in the cold outside. When you’re ready, move into the main first floor room of the lodge. Head to the right of some large double door and you’ll find the Prom Night Photo of Hannah, Sam, Mike and Emily.

The room you’re trying to find is actually on the top floor, but before we head that way we went down another floor and found the Cinema Room. We avoided this for now, but we did grab the Beach Photo of Josh, Hannah and Beth sitting just to the left.

Head back to the main floor of the lodge, and then up another flight of stairs until you reach the first landing. We went up the left set of steps here, and then turned left and walked all the way to the end of the balcony. It was here that we found another clue, the Film Trophy. Investigate it, set it back down, and then go through the large door with the bull skull hanging overhead. Go left again and pass through the next room, opening the closed door to find yourself in the bathroom. Open the lower cupboard to trigger a cutscene.

When the cut scene was over we had a little confrontation between Mike and Matt. We opted to Challenge rather than Warn, and then to Apologize rather than Distrust. We weren’t huge fans of either option, so we went with the one that was more likely to defuse the situation rather than see it escalate.

Of course, the drama continued with an interaction between Emily and Jess, and this is where we learned to read the smaller text below the larger options above. We only saw the prompt to Provoke or Defuse, not realizing that the latter option might put us in a tough spot with Emily. We made the same mistake with the second prompt, again choosing to Defuse rather than Provoke. This is a Butterfly Effect moment, and you can safely follow our lead here (Defuse) without fear that you’ve killed someone in the future.

Playing as Mike you’ll want to go down the stairs and follow the path until you reach the gate. Take a right and look for a Danger Totem on the ground, and then make your way into the shed with the generator. Fire it up using the on-screen prompts, and then backtrack to the gate and go through it.

Walk along the path until you can have a conversation with Jess about the police tape. When prompted we chose to Ask rather than be Respectful, but you can go with the option that you prefer. When the chat is over you’ll want to continue following the path until you reach the old mine.

Once Jess is in the mine you’ll have to choose whether to be Cautious or Heroic. We went with cautious, but in hindsight likely should have just jumped down. We’re not sure of the impact, but when we check the Butterfly Effect tab by pressing R1, we’re told that Jess didn’t appreciate our hesitation. Learn from our mistakes and just jump down.

Once the mine cart has been moved, spend just a moment looking around to ensure you aren’t missing any Totems or clues. We are doing our best to find them along the way, but this walkthrough is more about getting to the end in one piece than picking up every scrap of paper. The two might be related, but we can’t promise that we won’t miss something here and there. This is relevant because we chose not to explore deeper into the mine, and then found out later that we missed a Totem. You should go get it.

Watch an Until Dawn Chapter 2 walkthrough in this handy video.

Backtrack after you grab the Totem, taking the side path to the top of the stairs. Go into the alcove on the right and look at the different clues. The first is a Mystical Symbol on the wall, and the second a Cigar Stub sitting near some candles. When you move along the path a little further you’ll find the Mine Danger Map.

Continue until you exit the mine, taking a right and going up the stairs at the sign that points to the cabin. You can then interact with the telescope and the sign, both of which you should check out. When you’re done, look to the left of the sign and you’ll see a gate. Pass through that gate and keep on keeping on until you run into some wildlife. At this point we chose to go with the Witty response rather than the Annoyed one. This should take you to a cut scene that brings your time (for now) with Mike and Jessica to an end.

Playing as Sam, take a moment to look around the bathroom. Eventually you’ll have to exit and make your way to the top floor balcony. Turn to Sam’s right and open the closed double doors, walking into the next room where you’ll find Josh on the main floor of the lodge.

Follow Josh as he takes you to the bottom floor and starts talking about Chris and Ashley. We decided to go with Flattering over Mocking, and then followed him into the basement through the single wooden door. During our next conversation opportunity we went with Reassuring rather than Uneasy, and then made our way down to the boiler. From here you just need to follow the on-screen prompts to get the hot water in the lodge working.

Sam and Josh will keep chatting, and we opted for the Prank option rather than Protest, but gave it up and chose Gloat rather than Insist. You can choose your own adventure here, but if you want the same outcome as us you might want to follow along.

Shortly after your prank you’ll hear a loud noise, and keeping with our idea that splitting up is never the best option, we decided to choose Concerned instead of Heroic. Walk along the hallway as Sam, and then follow the QTE prompts that will pop up on your screen. If things work out for you as they did for us, you’ll end up back on the first level of the lodge when things calm down.

That will pretty much bring you to the end of this Until Dawn Chapter 2 Walkthrough, with only your session with Dr. Hill to go. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger with him, but we’ll allow you to experience that for yourself. As always, answer his questions with honesty. We aren’t sure how it will change the game, but lying can’t be the path to a more positive experience.

Continue with Until Dawn: Chapter 3.

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