Until Dawn Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Mike and Jessica, Haunted, Isolation

Until Dawn Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Mike and Jessica, Haunted, Isolation

Locate the cabin with Mike and Jessica in this Until Dawn Walkthrough for PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 3 Walkthrough we’ll help you make all the difficult choices, including what to do with the injured deer, as you start to get deeper into the story.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 3 begins with Josh, Ashley and Chris sitting down to play with the Ouija board. The bulk of this is going to be a cutscene, but there are certain points where players will have to interact and make choices. The first such choice is when deciding to be Serious or Flippant, and we chose the former. This led us to choose between Clarify and Probe, and we went with clarify. You can of course make your own choices, but you might see different outcomes from ours.

As our Ouija experience continued we asked if we were speaking with Hannah instead of Beth, and then chose to Apologize rather than Probe. We had the same two options at the next interaction, and this time we opted to Probe rather than Clarify. If you have followed along with us, this should take you to the next scene.

You’ll be back playing as Mike and have no other option but to move forward. We took a moment to investigate the broken down truck up and to the left, and then continued along the path until the next cut scene. At that point we chose to be Witty rather than Grumpy, but in real life we likely wouldn’t have seen the same humor in the situation.

As soon as you regain control of Michael there will be a Guidance Totem at the base of a nearby tree. If you don’t get a good look at it, open it in your menu by using R1. We highly suggest you pay close attention to the boots the person in the vision is wearing, as they look quite a lot like Jessica’s.

Move forward and cross the bridge that passes over the river. From here you can just continue to follow the path until you find yourself in a QTE event. Complete it and then keep moving forward.

A little further along the path you’ll come to an old shack, which thankfully is not the cabin you are looking for. It’s worth going inside and looking around to find the Old Mask clue, and when faced with a decision of how to proceed we opted for Show rather than Scare. Our logic here was that scaring Jessica might cause her to run off into the woods, and that didn’t seem like a good thing. Maybe we’re just a little bit paranoid.

Continue to walk along the winding path until you come to a deer that is dying on the ground. You’ll have the option to Kill Deer or Comfort Deer, and we decided to go with the latter. While a mercy killing did seem appropriate, the deer was already dying, and we wanted to keep nature on our good side if at all possible.

When the scene ends you’ll have to endure another quick time event, and rather than spoil things we’ll just encourage you to hit the buttons indicated on-screen as quickly as you can. When we had to choose between Risk Shortcut and Follow Path, we opted for the latter. A bit further ahead when Jessica fell we decided to Help Jessica rather than Grab Key.

When you find yourself inside the cabin, spend a moment looking around when you are in control of Mike. We began by lighting the lantern next to the fire, and then tried the fuse box next to the refrigerator. Our next stop was the box of matches on the table, and then to the rifle that was hanging just to the right of the cabin entrance. With that in hand we decided to Show Jessica the gun rather than Scare her with it. After we played with the gun for a bit we finally got around to lighting the fire, but should note that we did miss a book somewhere in the cabin, possibly in the bedroom. Grab that before you light the fire.

With the fire going and the conversation continuing, we believe we made the wrong call by choosing Seduce over Reassure. We actually misread Reassure and thought it was Pressure, so in hindsight we would have gone with Reassure. When that chat ended we did as we were asked and closed the shutters on the window. After that we got it right, choosing to Reassure Jessica rather than be Dismissive of her concerns.

Make your way down the hall to examine the Tennis Photo, and then move into the bedroom where you’ll find a blanket stuffed inside of a chest near the foot of the bed. If you wish to explore the room more you’ll want to do it before going into the chest, as afterwards you’ll find yourself in a cutscene. As the scene ends you need to go back down the hallway and grab Jessica’s phone off the floor. This will trigger another cutscene that will transition you back to Ashley and Chris.

Take control of Ashley (you don’t actually have a choice) and head down the stairs. Be on the lookout for any items of interest, such as the Light from Below clue you can interact with when you reach the room before the library. When you finally make your way to the library itself, wandering around will trigger a short cutscene. When that’s over you can proceed to push the button, as we were unable to find any other interactive objects in this room.

Watch a complete walkthrough of Until Dawn Chapter 3.

Ashley will turn things over to Chris, and inside the room that you just discovered will be the Portrait Photo clue to the left. Pick it up and turn it over to get the Threatening Letter. When given the choice about what to tell Ashley, we decided it was best to be Honest rather than Protective.

Leave the hidden room and backtrack through the library to the room where you found the Light from Below. A door that you couldn’t open before is now accessible, so obviously that’s the direction we thought was best to head in. As you move forward and reach another close door, turn to your left and find the Native American Letter on the table. From here you can keep moving by going through the closed door, and eventually you should end up back in the first floor foyer.

After a short cutscene plays you’ll be back in control of Chris. Follow the on-screen prompts to try and break the door down, and then it’s pretty much smooth sailing to the end of the chapter. You’ll have to sit through another session with Dr. Hill, so make sure to be honest with him at all times.

Continue with Until Dawn: Chapter 4.

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