Until Dawn Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Save Jessica, Kill Ashley or Josh, Loyalty, Malevolence

Until Dawn Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Save Jessica, Kill Ashley or Josh, Loyalty, Malevolence

Follow our steps to avoid a death in Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 4 Walkthrough we’ll help you make all the difficult choices, including choosing to save Ashley or Josh from a sawblade. We also cover how to save Jessica, as things really start to heat up.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 4 will begin with players working with Mike. It’s an action-packed few minutes, and as we mentioned in Chapter 3 that we think this is where we may have made some mistakes. We’ll be telling you what we did, but we’ll also be telling you where you might want to try an alternative if you hope to save some lives.

During Chapter 3 we chose to pick up the rifle in the cabin where Mike and Jessica were about to spend some time together. We think this had a direct impact on the game and allowed us to grab the same rifle on our way out the door to save her. As we were chasing Jessica’s screams in the following sequence, we tried to play it safe thinking that shortcuts and risks might get us injured, or cause us to drop the gun. While we aren’t here to spoil things, this didn’t end well.

Because of our mistakes, we went back and played this part several more times after we had beaten the game. It turns out that you should take every single risk that you can, but you must be quick on the sticks and nail every single QTE that pops up. If you fail them, expect that you might lose a character here.

How to Save Jessica in Until Dawn Chapter 4

  • Risk Shortcut instead of Follow Path
  • Jump Down instead of Go Around
  • Jump instead of Shimmy
  • Risk Slide Down instead of Follow Path

Once you enter the building you can take the stairs next to the Elevator sign, and then grab the Guidance Totem at the bottom. If you didn’t catch the vision the first time, watch it again by pressing R1 and navigating to that part of your menu. When you’re done you’ll want to go along the tracks and under the Unsafe Keep Out sign. As you press forward you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Not to spoil the story, but it’s at this point that we lost Jessica. The instructions we gave you will lead to a different outcome, although we aren’t going to get into details. Just know that after having played it several times, it seems that the outcome we guided you to is the best case scenario.

When the cutscene is over you will need to quickly aim your rifle and fire a shot at the person responsible. This will be followed by a QTE climbing sequence, and we again chose to take risks. You should be good to choose whatever option you want, as long as you don’t miss any QTE prompts along the way. In fact, the rest of your time with Mike will be spent following the on-screen instructions, so we’ll leave you to it and let you play things out on your own.

When you switch characters again you’ll be taking over as Chris, waking up on the floor in the kitchen of the lodge. We took a few moments to look around, but other than a bloody change purse that didn’t even pop as a clue, there wasn’t much to discover. We eventually proceeded through the double wooden doors on the opposite side of the room from where we entered.

The next room will have a bloody stain on the wall, a stain large enough that we’re really unsure if the person who suffered that wound is okay. From here we continued along the linear path, out of the lodge and down the stairs, finally taking a right when we hit the trail. You can follow this for a moment until you find a path that shoots off to the left, taking that until you find a scarecrow with a clown’s mask. If you recall your time from Dr. Hill, this is pretty much the worst of both options.

Walk around scarecrow to the pig’s head at the base of the tree. When you inspect it you’ll get credit for finding the Pig’s Head clue, and just to the left of that is a Death Totem. Watch it a few times using R1 so that you can get a good idea of who it involves and how you can avoid it when the time comes.

There isn’t much more to do on this dead end path, so backtrack the way you came until you’re on the main path. You’ll want to continue forward (as if you had ignored the left trail completely) until you reach a building with an open door, but unlike us, do not go inside just yet.

We made the mistake of ignoring the path to the right of the door, and once inside the building were locked into a situation where we couldn’t backtrack. After playing this through one more time after we had beaten the game, it turns out we missed a Totem a little further up the path. Grab that before you go in the door.

Save Ashley or Josh in Until Dawn Chapter 4 - Can you Save Josh?

Once you’re inside the building you’re pretty much locked into a situation you don’t want to be in, having to choose whether you’ll save Ashley or Josh. We remembered the game’s advice from early on and wanted to do nothing, thinking that maybe by not choosing who died nobody would die at all. This did not work, and we had no choice but to answer either Save Ashley or Save Josh when asked who we wanted to see live. Since Chris has a thing for Ashley and her for him, we decided to save her. This was unfortunate because we really liked Joshua as well.

Even after we told the psycho that we wanted to save Ashley, we still had to option to grab the lever or to not. We decided not to, hoping that the blade would pass between the two (we know, that was a silly hope), or that by not choosing we’d actually be making the right decision. It didn’t matter, however, and Josh took the sawblade like a champ. We played this scene again later on, again choosing to Save Ashley, but this time using the handle and pointing it at Josh. It turns out that no matter what you choose here, Josh is in trouble.

When you’re done with that scene out of one of the Saw movies, you’ll have a short cutscene before you are back in Dr. Hill’s office to finish the chapter. This guy is all kinds of creepy, and not at all as cool as when he played the Russian astronaut in Armageddon and fixed the spaceship by bashing it with a pipe. Seriously, it’s the same guy.

Continue with Until Dawn: Chapter 5.

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