Until Dawn Chapter 6 Walkthrough: Save Matt, Save Chris, Save Emily, Save Ashley

Until Dawn Chapter 6 Walkthrough: Save Matt, Save Chris, Save Emily, Save Ashley

Save Matt, Chris, Emily and Ashley in this chapter of Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 6 Walkthrough we’ll help you Save Matt, Save Chris, Save Emily, and Save Ashley. At this stage in Until Dawn a lot of bad stuff is going down, so stay on your toes or else you’ll be saying goodbye to some of your favorite characters.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 6 will begin with players in control of Matt, standing near a ledge with Emily as some deer close in on them. In this situation your instinct might be to freak out, but we would suggest staying Calm over the Rebuke option. As soon as you can move, walk straight toward the deer and they should get out of your way. If they don’t, resist the urge to strike one of them with the axe and you should be able to pass through without any additional fuss. This is another Butterfly Effect moment.

Continue up the path until you trigger a light that’s wired to a motion sensor. To your left will be a Guidance Totem that shows Chris setting a handgun on the table. This is a fairly significant event, and you would be wise to keep it in mind for the second half of this chapter.

How to Save Matt and Emily in Until Dawn Chapter 6

You’ll be in control of Emily at this point, and you’ll have to climb up several ladders to reach the top of the structure. Do so, and then head outside and start walking around the building in a counter-clockwise direction. You will first discover a Flare Gun, and a previous Guidance Totem showed us giving this to Matt. We followed that path and chose to Give rather than Keep. If you hope to see Matt make it out of this chapter alive, this decision is a must. If Matt fires the flare gun as soon as Emily hands it to him, you did something differently than us (possibly even in a previous chapter) and we’re not aware of another way to save him.

Continue around the building until you find a fuse box, opening it and flipping the switch. Once you go back into the building you’ll be able to use the printer to get Beth’s Poster, and if you open the locker you can find Hannah’s Poster.

Your final order of business in here is to interact with the radio. You’ll want to turn the dial all the way to the right and then press the button to speak. As the voice on the other end struggles to understand you, choose the option to Comply rather than Persist, and then Inform rather than Persist.

Things are about to get nuts for Emily and Matt, and your next interaction is a quick time event (QTE) that sees you dodge some falling debris. After a short cutscene plays you’ll be back in control of Matt, and there are some major decisions to be made if you hope to make it out of this one alive.

First we chose to be Supportive rather than Suspicious, but after taking a verbal lashing from Emily we responded in a Sarcastic manner rather than a Concerned one. This led us to choose between Save Emily and Jump to Safety, and we went with the former. When we got the same options a second time, we did the same thing. This was another Butterfly Effect moment, although we’re not quite sure of how our choice impacted future events.

The rest of this section will be a cutscene with a quick time event popping up in the middle of it. Well, if you have the flare gun you will get the QTE, but if you don’t you are just along for the ride. Keep a close eye on the screen, and the moment you can move your cursor to the target and fire, do so. You don’t have much time, and if you miss it you’re going to lose Matt from your group.

You’ll be back in control of Ashley for the next sequence, and as always Chris will be by her side. You can just follow him down to the lower level of the lodge, passing through the Cinema Room. From here you will have two doors you can open. Try to open the first only to have it slammed shut, and then move through the second when it opens automatically. It seems that a ghost is trying to show you the way, and from our play through we can tell you that following it shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

When Ashley spots the ghost you can choose to Insist rather than Concede. We opted for this because we saw the same thing she did, so it seemed like the sensible play here.

When you get to the main basement room you can inspect the dollhouse. You can even wander around and find the path that Sam was on while being chased by the psycho. Eventually, however, you will have to follow the directions given to you by the ghost, obtaining the key and using it to unlock the dollhouse. It’s in there that you’ll find Hannah’s diary. Take a look and then get ready to move on.

After going through the door with Chris the path forward will be quite linear, but there are a lot of things to find and inspect along the way. Start with the Hidden Camera just inside the door and to the right, and then the Lightbulb Catalogue just a few feet further on. The latter is important because it will reveal a pair of scissors that Ashley will put into her back pocket. This is another Butterfly Effect moment, and trust us when we tell you that you want those scissors.

A few feet further down the hallway you can inspect a doll head, but there doesn’t seem to be any need to since it didn’t pop up as anything helpful. Just keep following Chris until you pass through another hallway that has broken walls, a broken ceiling and debris on the floor. There isn’t much to find here, so just keep moving along until you stop to chat with Chris. During this conversation we went with Sympathetic over Dismissive.

Continue walking along until Chris stops at the top of some stairs. To your right you can pick up the Faked Newspapers Clue, but beyond that you just have to head for the stairs. This will trigger another chat between the two, and this time we decided to be Courageous rather than Reluctant. There will be one more conversation a few feet further along, but this time you won’t have any input.

Now that all that talking is out of the way, proceed along the linear path until you move through a door and see the Batteries and Timers Clue sitting on the floor to Ashley’s left. Inspect it, and then move along until the door slams shut behind our two clueless teenagers.

Once you’re locked in the room you can check out the Photos of Friends, then keep walking until you find a closed door and a hallway to the right. Going through the closed door will trigger a cutscene, and at the end we chose to be Apologetic rather than Unrepentant.

Leave the room and head for the hallway we mentioned earlier. Chris will soon open a door and ask you to pass through it. You’ll have the option to Follow Chris or Investigate Movement, and although we can’t say for sure we made the right call, Follow Chris seemed like the best bet. We’re fans of always sticking together if given the choice. Get separated and you are likely to get killed.

In front of you should be the motor for a refrigerator (or something). Take a quick look at it and then head into the next room and through the closed double doors. From here we passed some additional double doors on the left, and took a left at the end of the hallway. This led us to a closed door that we couldn’t open, but if you can interact with it there must be a reason. Just for fun, jiggle the doorknob and then backtrack and go through the closed double doors.

Inside the room will be a dummy dressed up like Sam. Spin it around (because you sort of have to) and then get ready for some tense moments, starting with the QTE that involves the scissors. Unlike our time with Matt, we hit this one, but if you miss you should still live to tell the tale.

Shoot Chris or Ashley in Until Dawn Chapter 6

Your last decision of the chapter is going to be whether you want to shoot yourself (Chris) or Ashley. We advise that you pause and look at your Guidance Totems, specifically the one where Chris sets the gun on the table. That is what prompted us to take the game’s advice and not make any decision. We didn’t shoot ourselves or Ashley, and instead let the timer run out. Having played ahead, you want to do what we did here, bringing the chapter to a close.

Continue with Until Dawn: Chapter 7.

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