Until Dawn Chapter 7 Walkthrough: The Mines, Save Everyone

Until Dawn Chapter 7 Walkthrough: The Mines, Save Everyone

Follow our lead to survive the mines in Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Chapter 7 Walkthrough we’ll help you make it through the mines and save everyone involved at the end of the chapter.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

Until Dawn Chapter 7 will leave you with four hours until dawn. You’ll start off playing as Sam, and if you have kept up with our decisions so far she should be hanging out in a ventilation shaft. Kick that sucker open and get ready for some story reveals in the next few minutes. Well, reveals from the game, we’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum in this guide.

A nearby desk with a lamp on it should give you the Psychiatric Report, and if you take the time to read that you should have a good idea of what’s been going on. Directly at your back, sitting on the middle level of a shelf will be Josh’s Cellphone, which you should also take the time to inspect. In fact, you should be looking through every inch of this area, because you can also view the Remembrance Board.

When you are satisfied that you have all the clues, move along the path until you reach a wooden door that has a hole you can look through. You should see the psycho inside, and behind you on the table will be yet another clue, the Voice Recording.

Go up the steps just to the left of the table and follow the hallway as it turns to the right. You can only open the large double doors, so forget about trying the other two. Head inside and you can inspect the Video Camera, as well as the Dummy in Sam’s Clothes.

Make your way toward the room’s only exit, and when you find yourself in conversation choose the Curious option instead of Shocked. When the conversation pauses, walk around and open the door, and then one more following a brief cutscene. This will see you transition over to Emily.

Emily is not in a good spot, so follow the on-screen prompts to get her out of this upside down hanging position she’s in, and then get ready for a QTE that we managed to get just in time. We’re not sure what happens if you miss it, so good luck.

Start moving forward through the mines, keeping an eye out for anything of interest. It’s fairly dark here, and there are a lot of hidden corners, so we can’t promise you that we’ve snagged all the collectibles that are in the area.

The path is fairly linear for a moment, and when you reach a door you’ll need to turn left. There is a cart a short way up the tracks, and interacting with it will send it crashing through the door. We didn’t even try to open the door before, so we assume you can’t and this is how you get into the next area. You might actually want to walk past the cart before using it, as there could always be something of interest further up the path. If you die, that’s on us.

Trying the elevator will show you that the power is off, and across the path is the Clocking-In Machine. To the right of that is a ladder, and behind the ladder is a Death Totem that Emily should find a little bit disturbing.

You can now head up the ladder, but expect to find yourself even further down in the mines than before. You’ll have to walk forward from where you gain control, and a short time later you can smash through the barricade to reach the next area.

There’s an alcove on the right that will have the Miner’s Family Photo in it, as well as a couple other items of interest in the immediate area. Check them out, and then get busy climbing back out of this mess. Just make sure that you hit the quick time event prompts as they pop up, otherwise you’re likely going for another ride.

Move along the path as it curves to the right, eventually finding a new torch on top of the bridge. You’ll also be able to restore power here, which is rather handy. Do so, and then move down the steps to grab the Danger Totem at the bottom. The path forward is again fairly linear, so just make sure you don’t forget to inspect Beth’s Cross, and then Beth’s Head after you pull a chain-link door out of the way.

How to Save Everyone in Until Dawn Chapter 7

You should be able to unlock the door in front of you and step aboard the elevator. Take your ride up, and then be sure to stay very still to avoid the stranger in the mines. When the chase begins, do your best to get your fingers ready for some QTE moments. We even lit the fuel on fire as we passed by, and then chose the option to Hide rather than Turn Back. We can confirm that choosing the same options as us will see Emily live through this.

This will bring you to a game-changing cutscene, and when it’s done you will have some decisions to make. We opted to Scold rather than Dismiss, and then a little while later Skeptical instead of Angry. You’ll have a few more choices to make before this situation ends, and we decided to be Aggressive rather than Defensive, and then chose Disarm instead of Hit. That should take you to the end of the chapter, and if you followed our lead everyone involved should have survived.

Continue with Until Dawn: Chapter 8.

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