Until Dawn Prologue Walkthrough: Beth and Hannah

Until Dawn Prologue Walkthrough: Beth and Hannah

Choose between holding on and letting go in this introduction to Until Dawn on PS4.

In this Until Dawn Prologue Walkthrough we’ll guide you through the game’s opening moments. There’s nothing too tricky here as you’re really just becoming familiar with the controls.

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. It’s got all you need to survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

After watching a few cutscenes you’ll spend your first moments of the game controlling Beth. As with most prologues, this section is a combination of setting up the story and teaching you how to play. With Until Dawn it’s really not that hard. Most of your interactions are moving and pressing the buttons indicated on your screen. Some of these situations have endless timers, while others are QTE (quick time events) that require your immediate attention. It’s best to ensure that you’re always paying attention, as cutscenes will often be mixed with a QTE event, and missing your chance could mean drastic changes in the way your story plays out.

Feel free to roam around the kitchen for a moment, ensuring that you snag the note on the island counter. Closer to one of the passed out drunks you can also pick up and inspect an empty liquor bottle.

After the bedroom cutscene with Mike and Hannah you’ll get your first chance to choose a path. This will come as Beth back in the kitchen, and we chose to Wake Josh rather than Find Others. This led us to another cutscene, after which the prologue really kicked off.

You’ll be playing as Beth again, and the next part is just a matter of responding to the quick time events as they pop up on your screen. When given the option to be Safe or Fast, we opted for the former. You can pick whatever option you prefer, so long as you don’t miss the button prompts when they appear.

A little further on you’ll have to choose to Follow Footprints or Follow Noise, and again we chose the former. Continue to follow the tutorial to use your phone as a flashlight, and then spend a moment getting used to moving around. The left stick will allow you to walk, while the right stick will move your head and any source of light that you might be carrying.

A short distance up the path you’ll see an item of interest on the ground. This is called a Totem, and there are several kinds in the game. The one you picked up here is called a Death Totem, and it generally shows you how one of the members of your group could die. This isn’t necessarily a sure-thing, as your actions will alter the way the game plays out. Consider all Totems you find to be warnings about what could happen, or what you should choose to do in a future situation.

Watch this video for an Until Dawn Prologue Walkthrough

Continue along the path until you find Hannah, letting the cutscene play out until you have to decide if you want to Drop Hannah or Let Go. Since the latter seemed like certain death for everyone, we decided to drop our sister. You can choose to Let Go if you’d like, as the game shouldn’t change very much based on the option you picked.

No matter what choice you make that should be the end of the prologue, although you will find yourself in the office of Dr. A.J. Hill for a quick session. Answer the questions he asks honestly.

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