Until Dawn Walkthrough - Guide to Survive the Night, Find Totems, Butterfly Effects

Until Dawn Walkthrough - Guide to Survive the Night, Find Totems, Butterfly Effects

Survive the night and save all characters in Until Dawn on PS4. Every chapter detailed in our survival guide.

Until Dawn released on PS4 in 2015 and surprised a lot of people. Having started life as a PS Move title for PS3, the game dazzled on PS4 with more traditional controls, beautiful visuals, tense moments and characters you could care about. Releasing on PlayStation Plus on July 4, there’s no better time to jump in. This Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide will help you make all the game’s difficult choices and survive the night with as many characters alive as possible.

In this Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide you’ll find complete walkthroughs of every chapter, including details on how you can save each of the eight characters in the game. We’ll also be helping you to find Totems, as well as the clues that can be found throughout the environment. Finally, we will cover each and every Butterfly Effect, ensuring that you have the information required to make the best decisions for your desired outcome.

The trick with Until Dawn is that the smallest decision can drastically alter your game several chapters down the line. For example, if you need help with chapter seven, but didn’t choose the same path as us in prior parts, you might see and experience different things. To overcome the potential differences in your play through versus ours, we’ve tried to identify the danger situations for each character, and then figure out how to ensure their survival. These will be clearly explained in the chapters that follow.

Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide

Follow the links below to find complete Until Dawn Chapter Walkthroughs, covering the opening all the way through the game’s tense finale.

Until Dawn Prologue Walkthrough: Beth and Hannah

Choose carefully when deciding the fates of Beth and Hannah. Decisions you make now could have an impact on the final moments of the game.

Until Dawn Chapter 1 Walkthrough: The Butterfly Effect

There aren’t a lot of tense moments in the early parts of Until Dawn, but some decisions still carry weight. Let us help you make the right calls.

Until Dawn Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Jessica and Emily

Things are picking up, but for the most part you should remain safe. Just make sure to make the right call when choosing between Emily and Jessica.

Until Dawn Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Mike and Jessica

Things will start to get dangerous, as Jessica, Chris and Ashley all find themselves in trouble. Let us help you make the best of a bad situation.

Until Dawn Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Save Jessica

We played this one over and over to get it right, and have the exact method you need to make sure none of your characters die during Chapter 4.

Until Dawn Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Save Sam

You can lose a lot of things during this chapter, including fingers and lives. We help you avoid the mistakes that we made to get you out of this mess alive.

Until Dawn Chapter 6 Walkthrough: Save Matt and Emily

Follow our advice to the letter if you want Matt to live, and let us help you make the right call when things get rather tense between Chris and Ashley.

Until Dawn Chapter 7 Walkthrough: The Mines

We’re not even sure if you can die during this chapter, which means we made all the right moves. Come with us if you want to live.

Until Dawn Chapter 8 Walkthrough: Emily and Chris

You can definitely lose lives during this chapter, but as always we can help you avoid that. Some quick fingers and tough decisions are in order here.

Until Dawn Chapter 9 Walkthrough: Save the Wolf

We spent most of the game trying to keep nature in balance, but slipped up ever so slightly here. Learn from our mistakes and save your wolf friend.

Until Dawn Chapter 10 Walkthrough: Ending

We played this chapter repeatedly in order to ensure you can save all your characters. We can make sure that nobody gets left behind, regardless of who is left alive.

Until Dawn Tips and Tricks - How to Survive

  • If you are used to an inverted pitch, expect to struggle. Be prepared to quickly respond to life and death QTEs.
  • Should you struggle with the Don’t Move mechanic, turn your controller’s vibration off in the PlayStation 4 settings.
  • Press R1 on your controller to bring up clues and Totems. Study these to ensure that you know what’s coming.
  • As a general rule, always stick together if given the option. Splitting from the group will often result in your death.
  • You can always choose the quick path over the safe path, but be prepared to hit the QTEs or you might not survive.

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