No Man's Sky Guide - No Man's Sky Beyond, Xbox One, Controls, Changes Since Launch

No Man's Sky Guide - No Man's Sky Beyond, Xbox One, Controls, Changes Since Launch

Our guides hub for everything No Man's Sky, including the No Man's Sky Next release date and time.

With the addition of No Man's Sky Beyond, the game has changed drastically. Resources, ships, mining and even base building all work a little differently now, and the universe looks the best it has ever looked so far. To help you get acquainted with the new content, we've put together this No Man's Sky Guide. It's got info on a wide array of topics, spanning as much of the game as possible. There's a lot to take in when playing No Man's Sky, but hopefully this should help ease you in a little better.

No Man's Sky Guide

Below you can find links to some of our other No Man's Sky Guides. They cover individual aspects of the game, like how to make money fast, how to your inventory better, and general tips and tricks for getting started.

No Man's Sky Changes Since Launch

With so many new features added since launch, No Man's Sky can seem like a very different game to what it used to be. And with the new update likely to bring back players who maybe didn't play a lot at launch, we thought we'd list some of the biggest changes that have come No Man's Sky since launch.

  • Star-Systems each have their own economy, wealth and conflict levels
  • New portal Stargates allow players to quickly travel to any planet
  • More aesthetically interesting planets via the inclusion of new biomes and revisions to terrain algorithms
  • Three Exocraft types, which players can use to navigate a planet’s surface
  • New game modes including Permadeath, Survival and Creative
  • Base building
  • Missions and quests available from alien life-forms
  • Terrain editing that lets players sculpt the world around them
  • Crashed freighters offer scavenger opportunities and repair missions
  • Deeper space combat with new weapons and bounties
  • Interstellar freighters can be used as a mobile base

No Man's Sky NEXT Release Date, PS4 and PC Update Time, Changes

The latest update, No Man's Sky NEXT, will bring a ton of new features to No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky NEXT will launch alongside the Xbox One version of the game on July 24. It' will be's free for everyone with a copy of the game, and will be automatically downloaded as an update. No MAn's Sky NEXT launched at 9AM EDT on Xbox One, with a PC and PS4 launch expected at 11AM EDT. Here's all of the new features that No Man's Sky NEXT adds to the game:

  • Multiplayer - Arguably the biggest addition that the new update brings is multiplayer. We don’t yet know how many friends you can team up with, but you can build shelters together that are shared for all players.
  • Third Person View - One of the first things you’ll notice watching the trailer is that the game is now fully playable in third person. This allows you to see your character and ship, making character customization much more relevant.
  • Unlimited Base Building - Whereas base building was confined to specific areas in the base game, No Man’s Sky NEXT introduces the ability to build anywhere you want. Size limits have been increased too, so there’s much more choice when building out colonies and shelters.
  • Command Freighters - As part of No Man’s Sky NEXT, Hello Games is giving players control over freighters. Players can now assemble and upgrade a fleet of frigates and command them from the bridge of their freighter. It’s now possible to send a fleet out into the universe, or use them to help you explore a specific system.
  • Multiplayer Missions - Players can now team up and take on challenging multiplayer missions. These new missions are picked up from the Galactic Commission Station on the bridge.
  • Improved Freighter Base Building - To go along with the updated freighter control, the new update will add improved freighter base building.
  • Updated Visuals - New features like planetary rings along with improved space visuals make the game look better than ever. There’s also more detail added to ships, buildings and NPCs.
  • Improved Planetary Terrain Generation - As you’ll no doubt notice in the trailer, planet generation has been improved. Environments look much more varied and lifelike as a result, with updated ground textures and clouds really adding character to each planet.

No Man's Sky Controls

Here's all of the controls for No Man's Sky. We've broken it down into on-foot and flight segments.

No Man's Sky On-Foot Controls

  • Jump - X/A/Space
  • Reload - Square/X,R
  • Switch Weapon Mode - Triangle/Y/B
  • Melee Attack - R1/RB
  • Fire - R2/RT/Left-Click
  • Secondary Fire - L1/LB/Right-Click
  • Zoom - L2/LT
  • Build Menu - Up (d-pad)
  • Show HUD - Left (d-pad)
  • Quick Menu - Down (d-pad)
  • Scan - L3/LS
  • Move - Left Analog/WASD
  • Run - R3/RS/ Shift
  • Look - Right Analog/Mouse
  • Inventories - Touch Pad/Select/I

No Man's Sky Flight Controls

  • Fire - X/A/Space
  • Exit Ship - Square/X/R
  • Switch Weapon Mode - Triangle/Y/B
  • Boost - Circle/B/CTRL
  • Thrust - R2/RT/Left Click
  • Roll Right - R1/RB
  • Brake - L2/LT/Right-Click
  • Turn - Left Analog/WASD
  • Scan - L3/LS
  • Look - Right Analog/Mouse
  • Show HUD - Left (d-pad)
  • Quick Menu - Down(d-pad)

That's all of our No Man's Sky Guides in one handy place. As more is added to the game we'll be sure to keep you updated. If you have any questions on certain aspects of the game, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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