How to Install a Micro SD Card in Nintendo Switch - Where is the Micro SD Slot? Do I Need a Micro SD Card? Best Price Switch Memory Card

All you need to know about Micro SD cards and your Nintendo Switch. Where does a Micro SD card go in a Nintendo Switch? Do you need a memory card? What size memory card should you buy for your Switch?

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If you have recently bought a Nintendo Switch you may not be aware of the probable storage problem coming your way. While the Switch has a bank of internal memory for storing downloaded games, this will fill quite rapidly if you plan on buying numerous titles. In this guide to Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards we'll explain why you need a Micro SD, where you install a Micro SD in your Switch, and what size Micro SD you need. At the bottom we'll also give you the best prices for Switch memory cards. If you want to know where the Micro SD slot is on the Switch, this is the guide for you.

Nintendo Switch Micro SD Card Guide

If you don't know your Micro SDs from your SSDs, fear not as this guide to all things Micro SD on the Nintendo Switch will explain all you need to know. Read on for details on the Switch's internal memory, how to access the Micro SD slot on your Switch, and what Micro SD card is right for you.

How Much Internal Storage Does a Nintendo Switch Have?

A Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB internal memory as standard. This isn't all available for storing game data, with some reserved for essential system functionality. Reports put the amount of available in-built storage space on a Nintendo Switch at approximately 25 GB. That doesn't sound like much when you compare it to the 500GB of internal storage (400 GB available) found in a standard PS4, but thankfully Switch games aren't as large as their PS4 and Xbox One cousins.

How Much Storage Space do Nintendo Switch Games Take up?

Doom on Switch can take up a lot of space.

The storage space taken up by Nintendo Switch games varies massively from title to title. As a general rule, Nintendo developed titles tend to be smaller in their storage space requirements, often coming in at under 5GB, whereas third-party games can exceed 20 GB. It's also worth noting that while games bought on Switch Game Cards (buying a game in a case from a store) will take up less internal memory, updates will be downloaded and stored in the system's available space, as will any modes not found on the game card - Doom on Switch requires you download the multiplayer mode even if you buy the game in game card format.

One of the worst offenders for storage space required on Nintendo Switch is NBA 2K18. The game needs approximately 23 GB of storage space, which is almost all that is available on a freshly bought Switch. On the opposite end, the excellent Mario + Rabbids only requires 2.4 GB.

Do you Need a Micro SD Card for the Nintendo Switch?

In short, yes, you're highly likely to need a Micro SD card for your Nintendo Switch and it's worth factoring this in to the cost of the system unless you don't plan on playing many games beyond the first-party offerings and will only buy physical game card releases.

If you want to go digital download only for Switch games (which is a great idea and makes your library far easier to take with you) the in-built storage will be used up very rapidly.

Where is the Micro SD Slot on a Nintendo Switch?

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Something we've seen time and time again is people asking where the Micro SD card slot is on the Nintendo Switch. If you're one of these people who simply can't find the Micro SD card slot on your Switch, don't worry as it's trickier to locate than it ought to be.

In order to find the Micro SD card slot on your Nintendo Switch you must first locate the kickstand. The Switch kickstand is found on the rear of the Switch, on the left hand side as you look at it, with the rear facing you. The stand (located below the Game Card port on the top of the handheld) can be pulled out, and if you look in the space underneath you'll see a small slot for installing a Micro SD card!

With the logo on the Micro SD card facing you, push the card into the slot until it clicks. To remove the card, turn off the Switch and then push the card in until it clicks. Then use your fingernail to pull the card out of the slot.

What Size Micro SD Card do I Need for Nintendo Switch?

If you're wondering what size Micro SD card to buy for your Nintendo Switch, the easy answer is whatever size your budget allows. We'd go for 128 GB if possible as this should provide plenty of space for a not ridiculous price. In a few years you might want to do some game data shuffling to get rid of the games you're no longer playing, but these titles can always be re-downloaded should you want to give them another whirl in the future.

What's the Best Price Switch Memory Card/Micro SD Card?

Now you've decided to buy a Micro SD card we've got the best prices for you, whether you're after a small 32 GB upgrade or a more substantial 128 GB storage boost.

With this guide to Micro SD Cards on Nintendo Switch read you should now know all the info you need to get your Switch upgraded with more storage space for games.

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