FUT Swap Items - FIFA 19 Swap Deals, Swap Player Items List January 2019

FUT Swap Items - FIFA 19 Swap Deals, Swap Player Items List January 2019

The FUT 19 Swap Items and Deals are now live for January 2019, here’s everything you need to know.

Each month, EA is going to add in a selection of special FUT Swap Cards for players to collect. These cards feature the same stats as their base versions, but have a slightly different design. The cool thing about them is that they can be used to complete certain SBCs, which grant special rewards. It’s all a little confusing, but worry not. We’ve been busy pulling together absolutely everything you need to know about Swap Items in FIFA 19. We’ll list the currently active FUT Swap Item players for January 2019, and also take a look at the rewards you’ll get for completing the Swap SBCs.

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FUT Swap Items For January 2019

EA has started to release the FUT 19 Swap Items for January 2019. As before, they will be available until the end of the month, and the cost of each card released increases as the month goes on. We've listed all of the FUT Swap Items for January 2019 below:

  • ST: Lucas Perez - 84 OVR (3 FUT Swap Items)
  • RW: Maxwel Cornet - 84OVR (3 FUT Swap Items)
  • LM: Quincy Promes (OTW) - 83 OVR (6 FUT Swap Items)
  • RB: Danny da Costa - 84 OVR (7 FUT Swap Items)
  • ST: Lautaro Martinez - 84 OVR (9 FUT Swap Items)
  • CM: Moussa Dembele - 87 OVR (14 FUT Swap Items)

FUT Swap Items

After first being introduced last year, FIFA Swap Items are back for FIFA 19. They’re essentially another card-type to collect, operating as tokens which you can exchange for for rewards. There are 14 of these cards released per month, with the highest rewards in FIFA 19 requiring around 12 Swap Items to redeem. We’ve broken things down below, so that you can start collecting FUT Swap Items and getting some awesome rewards. Note that the current run of Swap Items will only last until February 2, and after that will be completely useless.

How to Get FUT Swap Items in FIFA 19?

Now that there are FUT Swap Items in FIFA 19, you’ll need to know how to get ahold of them. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to get, as they can be received as rewards when playing a few different modes. We’ve listed all of the ways you can get FUT Swap Items below.

  • Squad Building Challenges - You can receive Swap Player Items for completing certain SBCs
  • Squad Battles - While the Swap Deals promotion is live, you’ll have the chance to earn Swap Items from Squad Battles
  • Objectives and Challenges - The easiest way to get Swap Player Items is to complete specific Daily Challenges. These can be found in your Objectives menu, and you’ll be able to see the ones which offer Swap Items as rewards

What Can You Exchange FUT Swap Items For?

Once you’ve collected a few Swap Player Items in FIFA 19, head over to the SBC page to redeem your rewards. There are specific Swap SBCs offering certain rewards for a certain number of Swap Cards. These rewards range from player picks to extremely valuable Swap Reward Player Cards.

FUT Swap Deals Rewards List

The only reason to collect Swap Player Items is to trade them in for rewards. The rewards are pretty great though, making the grind required to get the cards a little more worthwhile. There are a handful of different rewards that you can pick up from completing the FIFA 19 Swap Deals SBCs, so we’ve listed them all below:

  • Premium Silver Pack (Tradeable) - 1 FUT Swap items required
  • Prime Mixed Players Pack (Tradeable) - 4 FUT Swap items required
  • Premium Gold Players Pack (Tradeable) - 6 FUT Swap items required
  • Mega Pack (Tradeable) - 8 FUT Swap items required
  • Prime Gold Players Packs (Tradeable) - 10 FUT Swap items required

FUT Swap Player Prizes October 2018

  • 84 ST Paco Alcacer - 3 FUT Swap items required
  • 84 RW Adnan Januzaj - 3 FUT Swap items required
  • 86 CAM Adam Lallana - 12 FUT Swap items required
  • 86 LW Stephan El Shaarawy - 12 FUT Swap items required

Can You Carry Swap Cards Over to Next Month?

FUT Swap Items are month-specific, so cannot be used once the current run expires. The FUT Swap Items for January will run right up until February 2, at which point 14 new Player Items and 4 new Player Rewards will be added. Your Swap Item Cards will be pretty much useless at that point, so make sure you trade them for rewards.

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