Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls - Smash Attacks, How to Use Final Smash

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls - Smash Attacks, How to Use Final Smash

There’s a fair bit to get your head around in Super Smash Bros Ultimate in terms of controls. Here’s what you need to know.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a greatest hits collection of sorts, presenting a bumper pack of every fighter in series history, hundreds of stages, and close to a thousand music tracks. In terms of gameplay though, it’s largely the same as the last entry, though there have been some updates to controls. For new players, it can be pretty tricky to get the hang of the controls in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, especially given that the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining things. We’re here to help though, as you’ll find everything you need to know in this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls Guide. We’ll detail the basic controls, then move onto some more advanced stuff.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls

Controls in Super Smash Bros Ultimate vary slightly from character to character, but there are some that apply to all of them. These basic controls are important to master early on, so that you can apply them to any character you’re using. Smash attacks, shield, grab, and jumping are elements that you’ll be using constantly, so spending a little time in the Training mode learning each scheme will pay off in the long run. We’ve included everything you need to know about Super Smash Bros Ultimate controls below.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Basic Controls

Below, we’ve listed the very basic controls you’ll want to get to grips with as early as possible. The info covers standard attacks, Smash attacks, and more.

  • ZL - Shield
  • L - Grab
  • ZR - Shield
  • R- Grab
  • D-pad Left - Side Taunt
  • D-pad Right - Side Taunt
  • D-pad Up - Up Taunt
  • D-pad Down - Down Taunt
  • X - Jump
  • Y - Jump
  • A - Attack
  • B - Special
  • RS - Smash Attack

Keep in mind that you can customize the controls to you liking in the options menu. We recommend heading into the training section first to hash out the controls, and then make tweaks from there.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Advanced Controls

Now that you know the basics, let’s move onto the more advanced controls. We’ll cover pummels, dodges, moving your shield, and more. Here’s our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls:

Double Tap left Stick left or right + ADash Attack
Hold left stick up + AUp Tilt
Hold left stick left or right + ASide Tilt
hold left stick down + ADown Tilt
Tap left stick up + A (Hold A to charge)Up Smash
Tap left stick left or right + A (Hold A to charge) or A+BSide Smash
Hold left stick up + BUp Special
Hold left stick left or right + BSide Special
BNeutral Special
Hold left stick down + BDown Special
X/Y + ANeutral Aerial
X/Y + hold left stick opposite direction facing + ABack Aerial
X/Y + hold left stick down + ADown Aerial
L (Press A after grab to pummel)Pummel
R + L + Move left StickMove Shield
R + Left stick downSpot Dodge
R + Left stick left or right on groundRolling Dodge
R (in midair)Aerial Dodge
R (in midair) + tap Stick stick up/down/left/rightDirectional Aerial Dodge
B (After breaking Smash Ball)Final Smash
L + Hold left stick up after grabbingUp Throw
L + Hold left stick in direction facing after grabbingForward Throw
L + Hold left stick opposite direction facing after grabbingBack Throw
L + Hold left stick down after grabbingDown Throw

How to Use Ultimate Smash Attack in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

While playing a game of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you’ll periodically see a glowing Smash Ball appear on stage. Break it to obtain a Final Smash attack and press B to trigger it. If you have FS Meter turned on, you’ll need to build up attacks and charge your meter to enable a Smash attack.

How to Refill Ink While Using Inkling in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There’s one more control scheme that we’ll cover in this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls guide. Inkling, one of the new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate has their own attack, exclusive to the character. You’ll need to manage your ink meter while using Inkling, which means refilling every now and then. To do this, press L + R and then B. This will refill the ink meter.

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