Pokémon Go - Legendary Pokemon Raid Battles Guide, New Rayquaza - All the Details

Pokémon Go - Legendary Pokemon Raid Battles Guide, New Rayquaza - All the Details

Seeing some gaps in your Pokédex? It may be an unreleased Pokémon! Here's who is still to come... maybe.

With two generations of Pokémon currently in Pokemon Go, players have access to up to 251 Pokémon. That is, of course, counting a few Pokémon that haven’t yet made their way into the Pokémon GO world. In this guide we'll detail which Pokemon from gen 1 and gen 2 are yet to be released in Pokemon Go. We've also got the official word on when the first Legendary Pokemon will be appearing in Legendary Raid Battles in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon GO New Legendary Pokemon

Back on July 22, 2017, thousands of Pokemon GO players kicked off the inclusion of Legendary Pokemon by taking to Grant Park in Chicago. Now, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including the brand new Rayquaza, who Niantic just announced will be included in the game from February 9, 2018.

Rayquaza isn't the only new addition to the Pokemon GO Legendary roster, as Kyogre will also be available to battle in Pokemon GO Gyms. You can take on Raid Battles in Pokemon GO with the hope of catching either of the elusive Pokemon.

As of writing there are thirteen Pokémon that are awaiting their debut, some of which will be exceedingly powerful additions to your team, should you be lucky enough to capture one. Here’s what to look out for:

#144, #145, #146 - The Legendary Birds

Perhaps the most notable missing Pokémon are the legendary birds from Gen 1, whose designs are so prominent in Pokémon GO due to the logos of each of the three teams. Given their importance to Pokémon GO it seems unlikely that they’ll be missing for too long - perhaps we’ll see them during an event that pits the teams against each other?

#150, #151 - Mewtwo and Mew

Gen 1 favourites Mewtwo and Mew are also absent from Pokémon GO for the moment, likely due to their estimated strength. While these stars of the original Pokémon movie have many fans urging them to be added to the game, many predict that Mewtwo will have a whopping maximum CP of 4692.

#225 - Delibird

Delibird is the first of our Gen 2 Pokémon that has been held back, possibly due to a unique attack. The attack is called Present, which usually deals a random amount of damage to the Pokémon on the receiving end. However, Present occasionally heals the Pokémon it’s used on, and as there aren’t any healing moves currently in-game. This could be why it’s yet to enter Pokémon GO. However, our theory is that Delibird is being saved for a Christmas event.

#235 - Smeargle

Much like Ditto from Gen 1, Smeargle appears to have been held back from the original Gen 2 distribution thanks to its interesting unique attack. Smeargle has a move called Sketch which, when used after an opponent has attacked, will copy the move used against you permanently, adding it to Smeargle’s attacks. While its stats aren’t much to write home about, Smeargle has had great success in the main series of games simply by being versatile. We expect to see Smeargle added relatively soon.

#243, #244, #245 - The Legendary Dogs

Similarly to the legendary birds of Gen 1, Gen 2 has its own trio of Pokémon. The dogs were unique in that they would roam across the world of Johto, back in Pokémon Gold and Silver, and required players to track them down for a catch. Could they possibly roam the world of Pokémon GO, too?

#249, #250, #251 - Lugia, Ho-oh and Celebi

The last group of missing Pokémon are the legendary birds and Mew-equivalent of Gen 2. The birds specifically were captured in the same way the original trio of birds were captured, so we don’t expect there to be any mechanics from the original games coming over to Pokémon GO ahead of their release. However, Celebi is often portrayed as a fast-moving, intelligent Pokémon with the ability to teleport and time travel. Could Celebi soon be teleporting into your game?

Elsewhere on the site we've got guides to hatching eggs in Pokemon Go, How to evolve Eevee, and which Pokemon are the strongest.

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