The Division 2 Mask Locations - How to Find and Beat Hunters and Get All 12 Masks

The Division 2 Mask Locations - How to Find and Beat Hunters and Get All 12 Masks

The Hunters are some of the toughest enemies which you can face in The Division 2. Here's where you can find them, and get all 12 Hunter Masks in the game.

There's a ton of side activities you can undertake in The Division 2, and one of these is finding and beating 12 elite Hunters to get their masks. In our Division 2 Hunter Masks guide, we'll be pinpointing every single one of the 12 Division 2 Hunter Mask locations, so you can track down each hunter, beat them, and claim their mask for your own.

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The Division 2 Masks

Hunter Masks are awarded upon killing a Hunter enemy in The Division 2. These enemies are extremely powerful, so caution is advised, as they’ll easily take you down if you’re not careful. If you feel up to the challenge though, you’ll find the locations of all twelve Hunter Masks in The Division 2 below:

  1. Demon Mask
  2. Crimson Mask
  3. Wraith Mask
  4. Midas Mask
  5. Revenant Mask
  6. Ghoul Mask
  7. Death Mask
  8. Cross Mask
  9. Diamond Mask
  10. Phantom Mask
  11. Ghost Mask
  12. Spectre Masks

The Division 2 Demon Mask Location

The first Hunter Mask you’ll have access to in The Division 2 is the Demon Mask. It is made available after a side mission involving the first hunter. We won’t spoil things here, but you’re essentially left beaten at the end, and must begin your hunt. To get the Demon Mask, head outside of this building and look up into the windows.

You’ll notice four targets in the windows above. To spawn the Demon Hunter, shoot all four, from top to bottom. They were around level 35 for us, so not to take lightly.

The Division 2 Crimson Mask Location

Next up we have the Crimson Mask. To find it, head to the location shown in the image below. It’s in Downtown East.

Head into the building and look for a desk with a walkie talkie on it. Approach it, and you’ll be able to interact with it. Once you’ve done so, head North, through the courtyard and into the other side of the building. There is a telephone here, next to the desk area. Interact with the phone and the Crimson Hunter will spawn.

The Division 2 Wraith Mask Location

The third mask to get is the Wraith Mask. It is an odd one to trigger, as you’ll first need to head to the memorial at the location shown below:

Once you’re at the monument, shoot out the lights on the ground nearby. Next, you need to stand next to the flag and play the salute emote. This will trigger the Wraith Hunter.

The Division 2 Midas and Revenant Mask Location

These two masks can be obtained in the same event. That means that you will indeed need to fight two Hunters, so be on your guard. First, go to the area shown on the map below. Then, get into the nearby pool. Performing the star jumps emote will trigger the fight.

The Division 2 Ghoul Mask Location

Next we have the Ghoul Mask, which is obtained by heading into the Underground entrance to the south of the body of water shown in the image below:

Head inside of the sewer, and look for the nearby Echo. In the same room, there is a map on the wall. You can switch on a light to illuminate it. From there, note the position shown on the map and head there. The position is shown on the map below:

You’re looking for a shelter atop a shipping container, next to the Lincoln Memorial. Once you’re there, shoot the lightbulb underneath the roof.

The Division 2 Death, Cross, Diamond and Phantom Hunter Mask Location

These four masks are obtained from the same fight. You’ll need to take on four hunters. Head to the resource node shown in the image below:

You’ll come across a nearby coffee shop, head inside. Next to the counter is a level, pull it. Now, run outside and to the Christmas tree. You’ll need to run in a circle around it three times. All four Hunters will now spawn.

The Division 2 Ghost and Spectre Mask Location

Finally, we have the Ghost and Spectre masks. These two have yet to have their unlock methods fully confirmed, though some players have managed to unlock them using the following method, as posted by u/DadRage over on r/thedivision:

We’re still working to confirm this method, and will update with our findings shortly. For now, get working on the others, and save the Ghost and Spectre Masks for last.

How to Beat Hunters in The Division 2

The Hunters are some of the hardest enemies to defeat in the game. There are some things that you can do to tip the odds in your favor though, we've listed some advice below:

  • Squad up for the best chance of taking down the Hunters
  • Do your research and come loaded with gear and skills to counter those you'll be up against
  • Trigger the bosses, then hang back and snipe from afar
  • Wait until you're at least level 30

The Division 2 Ciphertext Solutions

So how exactly have players managed to find these Hunter enemies? Well, there are ciphertexts scattered throughout the world that point to their locations. They’re pretty complex, but reddit user u/zinfinion has put together an infographic showing some of the workings.

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