The Division 2 Skill Power Explained - How to Boost Skill Power and Use Skill Mods in The Division 2

The Division 2 Skill Power Explained - How to Boost Skill Power and Use Skill Mods in The Division 2

You may have equipment that you need a certain Skill Power rating to equip. Here’s everything you need to know about Skill Power in The Division 2.

When you get further and further into The Division 2, you can start equipping mods to your items. In this Division 2 Skill Power guide, we'll be explaining how you can increase the power of your gear and gadgets with mods, as well as other methods of increasing your Skill Power.

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How to Increase Skill Power in The Division 2

To increase your Skill Power, you need to equip items which boost it. These are usually blue or rarer, and you’ll see whether or not each piece of gear has an effect on your Skill Power. There’s no hard and fast way to pick up Skill Power specific gear, but keep an eye out at Shops and the Crafting station for anything you can use.

How to Check Your Skill Power

Before we take a look at increasing your Skill Power, you may not know how to check your current level. Well, all you need to do is open up the character menu, and look for the info on the left hand side. You’ll see Skill Power listed underneath health.

The Division 2 Skill Power

You’ll probably start to craft and receive skill mods at around level 11 in The Division 2. These mods allow you to increase the effectiveness of your skills, obviously a hugely important thing to do as the difficulty starts to ramp up. Problem is, you’ll need a certain Skill Power rating to equip skill mods, with rarer mods requiring a higher Skill Power. Let’s take a look at how to increase it.

How to Equip Skill Mods

Once you’ve reached the requirement Skill Power, you can start equipping Skill Mods. To do so, hover over the skill you want to mod in the Character Menu, then hold square/X. This will bring you to the modding page, which works in exactly the same way as with weapons and gear

That’s all of the info we have for you on The Division 2 Skill Power and Skill Mods. For more on the game, be sure to check out our The Division 2 Exotic Weapons Guide. There’s also our breakdown of The Division 2 Character Creator.

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