The Division 2 Gunner Specialization - Which Specialization to Pick, How to Earn Specialization Points

The Division 2 Gunner Specialization - Which Specialization to Pick, How to Earn Specialization Points

You’ll gain access to a powerful fourth weapon once you reach the endgame in The Division 2. Here’s what you need to know about Specialization.

There's a level cap of 30 in The Division 2, and it's once you hit this final level that you can unlock a brand new aspect of Ubisoft's online shooter. In this Division 2 Specializations guide, we'll be walking you through how to unlock this fourth special weapon, how to earn Specialization Points in The Division 2, and much more.

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The Division 2 Gunner Field Research

Sometime in June 2019, a new Specialization will be released into The Division 2. It's called the Gunner Specialization, and equips agents with a minigun. Once deployed, players cannot roll or enter cover. They do have access to Riot Foam grenades however and an enemy-confusing Banshee skill. Here are the challenges that you'll need to complete:

  1. Shock Roach twice before defeating him in Bank Headquarters on Normal or Harder difficulty.
  2. Capture all Downtown West control points while using the Sharpshooter specialization.
  3. Defeat enemies with the mounted gun in the Grand Washington Hotel on Normal or harder difficulty.
  4. Complete five public execution activities with only the marksman rifle.
  5. Break Sgt. Wade’s helmet before defeating him in ViewPoint Museum on Normal or harder difficulty.
  6. Capture all Downtown East and Federal Triangle control points using the Demolitionist specialization
  7. Defeat enemies while they’re confused.
  8. Complete five resource convoy activities using just an SMG.
  9. Defeat General Ridgeway in the Capitol Stronghold without using any armor kits on Normal or harder difficulty.
  10. Defeat five heavy weapons enemies in the open world.
  11. Defeat enemies highlighted with Pulse.
  12. Complete five territory control activities using only an assault rifle.
  13. Destroy all of the Basilisk’s armor before defeating him on Roosevelt Island on Normal or harder difficulty.
  14. Use a mounted weapon to kill enemies in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold.
  15. Use only an LMG to complete control point activities.
  16. Defeat enemies using mounted guns in the open world.

The Division 2 Demolitionist Specialization

The first of the three Specializations that you will choose from is the Demolitionist. This grants you a heavy grenade launcher which can be used to inflict huge amounts of damage over a large AoE. It is especially useful for taking out multiple enemies, and will do burning damage on impact.

The Division 2 Survivalist Specialization

The Survivalist Specialization revolves around a crossbow, which can be used to apply certain effects to enemies. It’s great for taking out heavily armored enemies, and is relatively simple to use. The associated perks will allow you to make the most of your environment.

The Division 2 Sharpshooter Specialization

This Specialization gives the player a .50 cal sniper rifle. It can shoot through targets, highlight weak points, and do massive damage to individual enemies. It’s perfect for those who want to sit back and pick off enemies from afar, and is great for taking out specific armor pieces on bosses. The Perks let you increase rifle damage as well, meaning you can also engage in close quarters if necessary.

How to Earn Specialization Points in The Division 2

In order to assign perks to your Specialized weapon, you’ll need Specialization points. These are earned by leveling up after level 30. You’ll see in the top right of the screen that the XP bar is still there, regardless of the fact that you cannot climb past level 30. Once that bar is filled, you will earn Specialization Points alongside a Field Proficiency Cache. You’ll also earn them for reaching a new World Tier.

The Division 2 Best Specialization - Which Specialization Should You Choose?

Each Specialization offers advantages to a specific play style. In this regard, the Specialization is going to be what is best for the way you play. We will say though, that the Sharpshooter Specialization is especially useful for taking on bosses, and the increase in rifle damage helps make it the most well-rounded of the three.

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