Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Exotic - How to Complete the Fallen Transponder Quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Exotic - How to Complete the Fallen Transponder Quest in Destiny 2

Here's how you can get your hands on the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Exotic weapon, through completing the Fallen Transponder quest.

While it was originally uncovered through a data mine, the Fallen Transponder quest in Destiny 2 can now be completed, so you can obtain the Outbreak Perfected weapon. In this Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected guide, we'll be walking you through how to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2, through completing the new Exotic quest.

Destiny 2 Fallen Transponder Quest Steps

First off, undertake the Bad Neighbors Heroic Adventure on Titan. At a certain point within the Adventure, you'll come across a room with a Shrieker in it. Next, scan the nearby crystals to open the door within the room. Proceed through here, and you'll find the Fallen Transponder item, which effectively begins the Exotic quest.

The Bad Neighbors Heroic Adventure. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

However if you can't go through the door to get to the Fallen Transponder item, then you might have missed out crucial step. You need to make sure you've completed the Enemy of my Enemy quest line on Titan, which unlocks after you complete the base Destiny 2 campaign.

The crystal that you'll need to scan. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bungie

After you've kicked off the Fallen Transponder quest proper, you need to find six Nodes in total. We've compiled the location of each Nove below, in the specific order you need to locate them in.

Fallen Transponder Node Locations

  • Node 1 - In the Drain Lost Sector within the European Dead Zone.
  • Node 2 - In the Whispered Falls area of the European Dead Zone.
  • Node 3 - In the Atrium area of the European Dead Zone.
  • Node 4 - In the Widow's Walk section in the European Dead Zone.
  • Node 5 - In the Carrion Pit area of Nessus.
  • Node 6 - In the Rift area of Nessus.

Fallen Transponder The Message

Once you've retrieved all six Nodes, you need to head back to the Farm, of all places. Here, turn right when you first enter the original social hub, and you'll see an open cellar door near the huge barn. Head down the stairs and follow the path until you find a Fallen Captain.

Fallen Transponder Zero Hour

For this next step in Fallen Transponder, you're going to need a Fireteam. You have 20 minutes in total to beat a mission called 'Zero Hour.' You're going to need to move quickly through plenty of Fallen enemies here, so we'd recommend equipping Power weapons that have an area of effect blast radius, like a rocket or grenade launcher.

When you're most of the way through the Zero Hour mission, you're going to run into a maze. This can be incredibly intimidating, but with the simple steps below, we'll walk you through making it through the maze as easily as possible.

  • Running forward to the right, you need to take a path on your left.
  • Keep going until you reach a fork in the path.
  • Turn to your rightt, and you'll be in a rectangle.
  • Follow the path ahead of you and hit the switch you encounter.
  • Keep running forward down the path, and you'll reach the original hallway.

At the conclusion of Zero Hour, you need to fight a Fallen Captain boss, called Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. You need to take out the minions that Siriks summons to this fight, including Fallen troops and turrets, as quickly as possible. If you can complete this entire mission in under 20 minutes, you'll immediately earn Outbreak Perfected.

Fallen Transponder Outbreak Perfected

So, what's the big deal about Outbreak Perfected? The original weapon, Outbreak Prime, was one of the most powerful weapons in the first Destiny, and the same can be said for Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2. Take a look at the range of stats for the weapon just below.

The Outbreak Perfected weapon stats. | Bungie

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