Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Compete in Arena Mode

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Compete in Arena Mode

Here's some tips and strategies for succeeding in Fire Emblem Heroes' most competitive mode.

One of the best features of Fire Emblem Heroes is Arena mode, which lets you pit your team against other people's teams for points that can earn you precious feathers. But it's kind of vague as to the specifics of how it works.

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Fortunately, it's not terribly complicated at its heart, as it just gives you another way to test your best team's capabilities. Here's everything you need to know about Arena mode:

So what is Arena mode?

Arena mode is comprised of two different aspects: Attack and Defense. When you Attack, you spend a Dueling Sword to choose one of three different teams from other players. They'll be at three different difficulty levels, but even the highest will never be impossible to complete. Winning the battle will get you Attack Points, which will get you a certain number of Hero Feathers at the end of the season. The more Attack Points you earn, the higher the number of Hero Feathers you earn when the season ends. Hero Feathers can be used to unlock the potential of your units. For tips on unlocking potential, check out Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Unlock Potential and the Item You Need to Do It. For more information on how to get your hands on Hero Feathers, look at Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Lots of Hero Feathers.

There's also a more passive element to Arena battles, and that's Defense. You don't actually need to initiate this part of Arena, as this is where your teams can be chosen by other Attacking players in Arena mode. Again, you don't need to do anything for this part, as your party will be controlled by the AI. Every successful Defense is recorded and will earn you Defense Points which, again, will net you Hero Feathers at the end of every season. The team used for your Defenses is always the team in the leftmost slot, so make sure that's your strongest team.

The Best Strategies for Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Battles

Honestly, having a balanced team is the most important factor, as unlike other map types, you don't know what you're going to be facing until you've fully committed. Notably, you'll want a good mix of melee and ranged classes, as well as attackers both magical and physical. If you bring a healer, make sure your other three characters are surefire winners. As always, use heroes with higher star rankings, as they have the highest potential stats. For more tips and strategies for building a balanced team, check out Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Form the Best Team. When choosing a team difficulty, check out the different Tier levels and see if you can get away with pushing your luck. If your team is a lower Tier than what's available, then stick to the easier fights for the time being. If not, go in with swords blazing.

You can also chain together consecutive wins for bonus points. Up to seven consecutive wins can be chained together. Certain heroes also give you bonus points if you use them in Arena, with the featured ones pictured on the front Arena page. The current crop consists of Alfonse, Sharena, Marth, Tiki, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Lyn, Takumi, and Camilla. If you have any of these heroes on your team currently, you'll get bonus points, though this may change from season to season. One more good rule of thumb is to use the team you're having success Attacking with as your Defense team. If your team is strong enough to handle other Defense teams, then the opposite is true as well.

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