Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Gain XP and Level Up Fast

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Gain XP and Level Up Fast

Here's how to get your newest acquisitions into the fight by leveling them up fast.

Leveling is absolutely essential in any Fire Emblem game, but for Fire Emblem HeroesLeveling is absolutely essential in any Fire Emblem game, but for Fire Emblem Heroes, the free-to-play mobile entry in the series, leveling is one of the main draws. Heroes significantly shrinks the scale of the usual Fire Emblem map and even your selectable fighting force, with only four available slots in any given mission.

Should you need help with any other areas of the game, the be sure to head over to our Fire Emblem Heroes guides walkthrough hub, containing guide articles like how to obtain the maximum Hero Feathers, or how to summon 5 star Heroes.

That means the emphasis is on the growth of the many different characters you can recruit. Because Heroes uses a gatcha structure – the heroes you get are random draws from spending orbs – you're going to be collecting a lot of characters, and they all start at Level 1. It's essential to form strategies for leveling these characters fast if you plan on using them. Here's some tips for maximizing XP and leveling fast.

Deal the Finishing Blow

Like most Fire Emblem games, you get experience for hitting someone or even healing someone. But you get the most experience from killing a unit. This is inconsequential in the beginning, but as you progress, taking on anything with a Level 1 character becomes suicide. That's why you need to stagger attacks so that a more experienced unit hits first to weaken the enemy while the weaker one lands the finishing blow without feat of getting counterattacked. The unit who initiates the combat always attack first, and if your Level 1 character can reduce the opponent's HP to zero before the enemy has the chance to launch their counterattack, then you'll kill them without having to suffer any needless damage.

Stay aware that some units have two attacks, though, and will only do half of their total damage for that combat in the opening attack. If they do, look at the attack value to see if it has a X2 next to it. If it does, then that means an attack you initiate will to that value's damage to the enemy, then the enemy will attack you, then you'll attack again with that same damage value. If you're looking to land a finishing stroke without taking counterattack damage, make sure your first hit is enough to kill them.

If you don't want to expose any of your units to unnecessary damage, coordinate your attacks so that no one gets counterattacked. To do this, you first need to identify the potential range an enemy unit can hit from. Once you have, attack it with a unit that uses an attack that can't be countered by that range type. Archers and Mages, for example, can't counterattack melee attackers, and conversely, melee-only attackers can't counter ranged attacks. This ensures that you can weaken units enough to be able to land the finishing strike. If you're fielding multiple Level 1 units, you can also use counterattack range restriction to gang up on certain units while remaining out of reach.

Complete Quests to Get Crystals

At the fountain in your home base, you'll find a list of quests you can do that will get you specific items upon completion. Many of these will get you different sizes and colors of crystals that you can use on units to level them up in between battles. Some quests are tied to your progress in the main story maps, while others require you to have certain conditions met. Yellow Crystals can be used on any unit, but any other kind of crystal can only be used on a unit color that matches the crystal color. This is a great way to get a 5-Star up to speed quickly and without grinding out levels on the battle maps, but bear in mind that they disappear upon use, so plan accordingly.

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