Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Lots of Hero Feathers

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Lots of Hero Feathers

Here's how to get plenty of Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play iOS and Android game from Nintendo. In this game, you summon heroes from various Fire Emblem games released across the years to fight through a continuing storyline, as well as other combat-related events.

Should you instead need help with any other areas of Fire Emblem Heroes, then make sure to check out our Fire Emblem Heroes guides walkthrough hub, containing guides like how to summon 5 star Heroes, as well as how to earn Orbs quickly.

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It's important to have strong fighters on your side, which is why you'll want to unlock your characters' potential whenever possible. You need Hero Feathers to send your heroes' stats soaring, so here's how to gather as many as possible.

What are Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Hero Feathers are a vital ingredient for unlocking your heroes' potential. "Unlocking potential" increases a hero's star count. A three-star hero can become a four-star hero, a four-star hero can become a five-star hero, and so on.

When a hero's star count increases, they go back to level one. This means their stats take a hit, but they can potentially grow well beyond the limits imposed by their previous star count.

A hero must be level 20 or higher to have their potential unlocked. You also need a requisite number of badges and / or great badges in addition to feathers. Read our guide about unlocking characters' potential in Fire Emblem Heroes. We have some great tips about when you should undergo the unlocking ceremony, and how you can get more badges and great badges.

How can I get lots of Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Believe it or not, you can't buy Hero Feathers with Orbs or real-world cash. If you want to up your Feather count, you need to grind things out. Here are some tips:

Make lots of friends and greet them
Share your friend code with pals. You can find said code by tapping on the fountain in your castle, then tapping on the search function (it's shaped like a magnifying glass). When you have some friends on your side, tap the friend fountain at least once a day and then tap "Greet." You'll earn some feathers for your trouble.

Tap on visitors and heroes with hearts over their heads
When you see hearts floating above a character's head, tap on them to get a fistful of feathers.

Fight in the arena
You can accumulate a lot of Hero Feathers if you fight in the Arena. When a campaign is over (a single campaign stretches across several days), you'll be rewarded according to how many foes you defeated, and how many times your own team successfully defended themselves from other players.

Send unwanted characters home
Parting is sweet sorrow, but at least you'll get some feathers out of it in Fire Emblem Heroes. Sending heroes home is a good way to keep your roster tidy, too. Just tap "Send Home" under the "Allies" sub-menu. You get 5 feathers for sending a single-star character home, 10 feathers for sending a two-star character home, 150 feathers for sending away a three-star character, 300 feathers for parting ways with a four-star character, and a whopping 1000 feathers for saying goodbye to a five-star character.

Now that you have a good idea of how to feather-up your team, learn how to assemble the best team in Fire Emblem Heroes, how to level up quickly, and how to get lots of orbs.

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