Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Lots of Orbs

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get Lots of Orbs

Here's how to lots of Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes.

In this guide for Fire Emblem Heroes, we'll walk you through how to earn plenty of Orbs in relatively quick succession. Orbs are usually fairly difficult to come by, so having a solid way to earn them is a good idea.

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What are Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Orbs are pretty rainbow-hued gems that serve as Fire Emblem Heroes' "hard currency." That is to say, they're fairly difficult to come by in-game, but they can be purchased for real cash via Heroes' in-game store.

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Orbs are extremely valuable. Their foremost use is to summon heroes to fight for you, but they can also be used to restore your stamina instantly, upgrade your castle (which increases the amount of experience you earn from battles), increase the number of warriors you can have in reserve, and more.

How to earn Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

While it's rare to find Orbs in-game, they're certainly not impossible to dig up. Here are a few things you can do to grab yourself some of that sweet spherical action:

Log in every day to earn orbs
You earn Orbs simply for logging into Fire Emblem Heroes once a day. Don't forget! It's easy, and it doesn't cost you any Stamina to do.

Link a Nintendo account to get 10 free Orbs
This freebie is easily missed! Link Fire Emblem Heroes to your Nintendo account for several benefits, including ten free Orbs. Once the link-up is made, tap on the fountain in your castle. Then tap the icon beside "Quests and Missions." Tap the "10 Free Orbs" reward, then collect it from the owl in your castle. Don't forget to check the "Missions" tab, by the way. You can earn Nintendo points for completing specific tasks, which you can then put back into valuable items like crystals, shards, stamina potions, and dueling crests.

Complete story missions
You earn an Orb for every story mission you complete. You only get the Orb for the first time you complete a mission, however.

How much do Orbs cost?

Unsurprisingly, buying Orbs is the fastest and easiest way to get them. Here's how much you can expect to dish up for the gems (all prices in USD):

  • Three Orbs = $1.99
  • Ten Orbs = $5.99
  • 23 Orbs = $12.99
  • 35 Orbs = $19.99
  • 48 Orbs = $26.99
  • 75 Orbs = $39.99
  • 140 Orbs = $74.99

How to Use Orbs Wisely

Orbs are hard to come by, so use them carefully. Here are some tips:

Don't worry about expanding your barracks until you need to
When you start playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you can hold about 200 warriors in reserve. After that, you need to expand the size of your barracks, which costs Orbs. It'll take a while for you to hit your 200 cap, so hold off.

Don't spend orbs to regenerate stamina
You spend Stamina every time you engage in a fight. When your stamina is depleted, it must refill before you can fight again. Don't waste Orbs on a fill-up, though. Instead, purchase stamina potions using your Nintendo reward points, or earn them by completing quests and by going through the game's story. You can also simply wait out the timer. Make a sandwich.

Summon in bulk When possible, store up your Orbs until you have at least 20 before going to the summoning altar. Your first summon costs five Orbs, but your second, third, and fourth summon cost four Orbs. Your fifth summon costs three Orbs. That's a tidy savings of five Orbs, which you can put towards future summoning sessions or castle upgrades.

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