Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Summon Five-Star Characters

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Summon Five-Star Characters

Here are some tips to help better your chances of summoning five-star warriors in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Every character in Fire Emblem Heroes comes with a star rating. Each hero you summon with Orbs is guaranteed to be three stars or higher, but some of the characters you acquire through regular gameplay – for instance, the Fire Emblem Heroes-exclusive characters you start with – tend to be two stars or less.

If you instead need help with any other areas of the game, then make sure to check out our Fire Emblem Heroes guides walkthrough hub, featuring articles like how to summon 5 star Heroes, and how to earn Orbs quickly.

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Fire Emblem Heroes FAQ: How to Get Five-Star Characters, How to Get Orbs, and More

Stars in Fire Emblem Heroes Explained

The higher a character's star-count is, the more powerful they generally are. Characters with four or five stars generally have higher stats and more skills than characters with three stars or less.

Can a character change their star ranking?

Characters aren't necessarily enslaved by their star count: A three-star character can still become quite powerful if you invest the time and resources. Heroes can unlock new skills with Skill Points, increase their base stats and star ranking by undergoing Advanced Growth (which involves merging allies), or by using Badges and Great Badges.

How do I improve my chances of summoning a five-star character?

Summoning a coveted five-star character in Fire Emblem Heroes involves considerable luck, but there are ways to improve your chances. Here are a few tricks you can try:

Pay attention to the Appearance Rates in each summoning category
When you opt to summon a character, you can pull from different categories (e.g. "Legendary Heroes" or "Deep Devotion"). The potential summons from each category differ, but more importantly, your chances of pulling a five-star character differ, too. One category may offer a 3% chance of getting a five-star character, while another offers a 3.25% chance. That .25% makes a difference.

Be open-minded about possibly pulling a "Focus" character
"Focus" characters are, simply put, five-star characters you have an increased chance of summoning because Nintendo put them in the spotlight for whatever reason. For instance, with the "Legendary Heroes" focus, you have an increased chance of finding a five-star Marth, Lucina, Tiki, or Robin. You might prefer a five-star Roy or another character who's not part of a focus, but try not to despair. Power comes at a cost, right?

Use the training tower to build up three- and- four-star characters
Here's a bit of good news if you're a die-hard Fire Emblem fan who wants certain characters on their team, but also doesn't want to pray for a five-star pull: Characters aren't necessarily restricted by star classifications. If you don't pull a five-star Marth, there's still a good chance of pulling a four-star one. Of course, a four-star character is less powerful, but that can be remedied. Tackle the training tower to win badges and great-badges that can be used to increase a character's star count. You can also combine clones to increase a character's base stats and star count.

Feeling lucky? Ready to start summoning? Learn how to get plenty of Orbs, and brush up on some general tips and tricks.

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