Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Unlock Potential and the Items You Need to Do It

Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Unlock Potential and the Items You Need to Do It

A look at Fire Emblem Heroes' rather confusing potential mechanic.

This guide will explain how to unlock potential in Fire Emblem Heroes. This is done with badges and Hero Feathers once your character reaches Level 20. It is similar to the Promotion mechanic in other Fire Emblem games.

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What is Potential in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Potential is an advanced mechanic in Fire Emblem Heroes. You can find it in the Advanced Growth menu of your Allies tab. You will need to use if you want the strongest possible party.

Unlocking Potential raises your hero's star rating. This is especially useful if you have an otherwise strong character who is at four stars or below. Unlocking their potential will allow them to get as high as five stars.

Unlocking potential is the key to getting a more powerful character in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Why Potential is Locked

Unlocking Potential in Fire Emblem Heroes is rathering confusing at first. When you try and access the option you will probably see that nobody can unlock Potential. In order to access the Potential unlocks, you will have to obtain large numbers of Hero Feathers and badges.

The first thing you will have to do, though, is get your hero to level 20. This can be done relatively easily in the normal course of the game or through the Training Tower. If you're looking level up faster, check out our Fire Emblem Heroes guide on how to gain XP and level up fast. Once your character is at level 20 you can look into unlocking their Potential.

Badges and Feathers: Items You Need to Unlock Potential

In order to go from three to four stars you will need a large number of Heroes Feathers as well as badges:

  • Azure Badge - Blue
  • Scarlet Badge - Red
  • Verant Badge - Green
  • Transparent Badge - Colorless

Badges can be obtained by completing the appropriate Training Tower Stratum on the appropriate day. Here are the times were you can get each badge.

  • Scarlet Badge: Tuesday (12:00am to 11:59pm). Complete 6th Stratum and above for Great Scarlet Badge.

    • Azure Badge: Wednesday (12:00am to 11:59pm). Complete 6th Stratum and above for Great Azure Badge.

      • Verdant Badge: Thursday (12:00am to 11:59pm). Complete 6th Stratum and above for Great Verdant Badge.

        • Transparent Badge: Friday (12:00am to 11:59pm). Complete 6th Stratum and above for Great Transparent Badge.

        If you are trying to rise from four stars to five stars, you will need at least 20,000 Hero Feathers and 20 Great Badges of the appropriate color.

        You can obtain Hero Feathers in a number of ways:

        • Go to your Allies Tab and select the "Send Home" option to delete characters. You can earn 150 feathers for deleting a three star character; 300 feathers for a four star character, and 1000 feathers for a five star character.

        • Clicking on your characters when you see a heart on them.

        • Adding friends to your friend list and clicking on them when they come to visit. A "Greeting" will earn you feather.

        • Winning arena duels. The higher the score you get from winning duels, the more feathers you earn each week. The score counter resets each week.
        You will need to farm badges in the Training Tower.

        Should You Unlock Potential at Level 20?

        You can wait until level 40 to Unlock Potential. However, it is best to unlock potential as soon as possible for the best possible stat gains. For that reason, you should try and raise a hero to the highest possible star level once you are able.

        Want to unlock a five-star character without having to unlock their potential? Check out our guide on how to summon five-star characters. Additionally, we have a guide on how to get lots of orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes.

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