Hitman: Sniper Assassin Guide - How to Play Co-Op Online, How to Complete The Last Yardbird Mission - Hitman 2

Hitman: Sniper Assassin Guide - How to Play Co-Op Online, How to Complete The Last Yardbird Mission - Hitman 2

Here's how you can complete The Last Yardbird mission in Hitman: Sniper Assassin, out now as a pre-order bonus for Hitman 2.

Hitman Sniper Assassin is a standalone spin-off game from IO Interactive, released on June 7 as a pre-order bonus for anyone who places an order for Hitman 2. In this Hitman Sniper Assassin guide, we’ll be walking you through how to complete The Last Yardbird mission in Himmelstein, in which your three targets are Dorian Lang, Guillaume Maison, and Doris Lee, as well as their personal bodyguards.

Hitman Sniper Assassin Guide - Hitman 2 Pre-Order

Before you kick off the Himmelstein mission in Hitman: Sniper Assassin, you’ll have the opportunity to either play the mission solo as Agent 47, or to play it online with a friend. There’s unfortunately no matchmaking for this online mode, so you’ll have to have a friend place a pre-order for Hitman 2 to get access to the Sniper Assassin standalone game.

Working in cooperation with a partner in Hitman Sniper Assassin is undoubtedly easier, since it allows you both to plan strikes together, so this guide will be written from the point of view of solo play, since it’s more difficult. You’ll be playing as Agent 47 in solo mode, with only a sniper rifle in your possession. Although you can upgrade this weapon should you successfully complete the mission, for now it’s a very basic weapon.

When you kick off the mission, you’re told that your targets are the following:

  • Dorian Lang
  • Guillaume Maison
  • Doris Lee
  • Bodyguards (12 in total)

Just below, we'll be outlining how each of these targets arrives in the mission, and how they proceed to act once they've made it there:

  • Dorian Lang - Arrives in a limo to the left of the map, and makes his way with the bride up to the alter on the right.
  • Guillaume Maison - Starts off in the second floor of the mansion. Patrols there for roughly two minutes, before coming out and down the huge steps to the first floor room.
  • Doris Lee - Arrives in a helicopter on the landing pad roughly sixty seconds in, and heads over to the large group of people to the left of the mansion, in the garden area.

Keep in mind that if you want to earn yourself a few extra bonus points while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive, take out the three bodyguards standing on the roof and balconies of the mansion. These are easy targets since they don’t move, and hitting a moving target from range in the Himmelstein mission is really tricky.

Maison patrols the second floor, and then moves down and out of the mansion into the middle of the map. Lang walks with the bridge from the limo, all the way to the altar at the other end of the map, while Lee walks up from the helicopter to the group of citizens on the other side of the Himmelstein map. There are windows of opportunity to take out all three while they’re stood still during these phases, but keep in mind that should anyone see the kills, a countdown timer will kick off, leading to the targets fleeing from the map and you failing the mission.

Hitman Sniper Assassin Ammo Types

Keep in mind that you’ve got three types of ammo in Hitman Sniper Assassin: standard ammo (infinite), wall-piercing ammo, and shockwave ammo, but only the first of these different ammo types comes in infinite supply. You’ll have to be very careful with how you use the latter two types of ammo, but remember that shockwave ammo kills anyone caught in its blast radius, so it’s useful for moving targets, and wall-piercing ammo goes straight through cover, meaning you could take out Guillaume Maison while he’s stood behind the glass window on the first floor of the mansion.

If you’re careless and leave bodies scattered about over the map, then an NPC is going to see them and raise the alarm. Your objective is to take out preferably all three targets before the alarm is raised, resorting to your shockwave ammo if you find any of them are on the run. The bodyguards are optional targets, so we’d recommend leaving the ones that aren’t on the roof and out of sight until last, to increase your score and unlock upgrades for your sniper rifle.

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