Need for Speed Payback Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Parts Location - Shift Lock

Need for Speed Payback Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Parts Location - Shift Lock

In this guide for Need for Speed Payback Derelict Locations we will explain how to unlock each derelict car quest and where to find the parts for the 1965 Ford Mustang, Nissan 240Z, 1963 VW Beetle, Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965, and Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 Derelict Car Parts. League 73, Shift Lock, Riot Club, Runner Events, and Graveyard Shift derelict cars.

The third or fourth derelict car you’ll be able to find in Need for Speed Payback is the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. When this Beetle is upgraded from stock it looks really, really cool. In order to unlock the quest to find the car parts for the derelict 1963 VW Beetle you’ll need to finish all the events in the Shift Lock (Green icon) events and beat the boss. This guide to the Shift Lock 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Derelict car part locations will give you all the info you need. Follow our tips and you'll soon get the abandoned Volkswagen Beetle that's hidden in the game world.

Should you instead need anything else to do with Need for Speed: Payback, including the location of every other Derelict Car in the game, head on over to our Need for Speed Payback guides walkthrough hub.

How to get the Derelict 1963 Volkswagen Beetle in Need for Speed Payback

To get clues for the locations of the Volkswagen Beetle chassis and the four car parts to build this derelict car, you’ll first have to complete all the Shift Lock events (the green event icons that are all about drifting). Do this, then beat the Shift Lock boss (the drift events are some of the easiest once you know what you’re doing) and you’ll be pointed towards the location of the Derelict Volkswagen Beetle chassis. Find this and you’ll get the clues to the four car part locations. We’ve got the VW 1963 Beetle car part locations, and tips on how to reach them, for you below.

Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Chassis Location

The chassis for the Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict in NFS Payback can be found on the west of the map. Head towards the location shown on the map above.

1963 Volkswagen Beetle Derelict Car Part Locations - Shift Lock Derelict Car

There are four car parts to find for the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Derelict car. Follow our map locations below and you’ll get all the parts needed to build the Beetle. We’ve indicated which part we’re going for my referring to each quarter of the clue picture.

Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Car Part 1 (Top Left)

West of the map, but on the north east corner of the green area on the map. Can’t get to it directly from the freeway, so take the side road (if you go past the part, with it on your left, carry on through the tunnel then take the first right, then look for a dirt road that leads to a ramp overlooking the freeway). To make the jump you need some decent speed, and as it’s dirt you’ll struggle unless you’re in an offroad car.

Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Car Part 2 (Top Right)

You can find the ramp that will lead you to the second derelict car part for the Volkswagen Beetle 1963 right in the center of the red map area to the west of the map. The road leading to the ramp is lower down than the ramp itself, so you’ll have to head down before heading up again.

Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Car Part 3 (Bottom Left)

The third part for the derelict Volkswagen Beetle 1963 is found right in the center of the map, on the south side of the northern yellow area on the map. The location on the map above shows where you can find a ramp (next to a barn) that will lead you to the car part. Make sure you use this ramp and not another nearby, as only the one next to the barn will get you to the car part.

Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Car Part 4 (Bottom Right)

The final car part for the derelict 1963 Volkswagen Beetle is found in the north of the map, in the north east corner of the top red area. This one is pretty tricky to find, but it’s near a billboard that the game will tell you that you’re close to. Essentially you need to find a ramp once again. This ramp is located in the location marked on the map above, and the road leading to it is seen in the accompanying picture.

This might be it for this particular Need for Speed: Payback Derelict Car, but make sure to follow the link near the top of the guide, where you can find the locations of every other Derelict Car scattered across the vast map of Fortune City. Or click on one of the following: Ford Mustang 1965 Derelict Car Guide - Graveyard Shift, our Nissan Fairlady 240ZG 1971 Derelict Car Guide - League 73, our Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Derelict Car Guide - Shift Lock, our Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965 Derelict Car Guide - Riot Club, or our Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 Derelict Car Guide - Runner Events

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