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Division Rivals is a brand new online mode in FIFA 19. It replaces the Daily Knockouts from last year (and good riddance), allowing players to gradually earn points and enter the FUT Champions Weekend League at their leisure. In this FIFA 19 Division Rivals Guide, we'll break down exactly what the new mode entails, from rewards to requirements. We'll take a look at FIFA 19 Division Rivals Placement Matches, and also how ranking works.

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FIFA 19 Division Rivals Explained

Good news FIFA 19 fans, there's a new mode in town. It's called Division Rivals, and it sees players facing off against others in online matchups. Each player is placed into a Division based on their skill rating, and every week is given the opportunity to move up or down for new rewards. It can be a little confusing at first, so let's take a look at the basics first.

FUT Division Rivals Placement Matches

In FUT Division Rivals, you play a handful of placement matches before being placed into one of ten divisions. There are ten divisions in total, and range in skill level. If you don’t do amazingly well in your placement matches, don’t worry too much. You’ll get the opportunity to move up or down each week, when your skill rating is re-evaluated based on your performance that week. Rewards get better the harder the division, so you should absolutely be trying to move up. You cannot ‘win’ a division, only move up down or stay the same.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Skill Rating Explained

Your Division will be decided by your Skill Rating. Skill Rating is exactly what it sounds like—a way to rate your skills in Division Rivals. But how is it calculated exactly? Well, it's pretty complicated but essentially involves a K-value, which equates to the maximum amount that your Skill Rating can increase per game. This K-Factor is different for each Division, we've listed the full details below:


FUT Division Rivals Weekly Score Explained

Every week, your performance will be evaluated, and you'll either move up or down a division, or stay where you are. The total is referred to as Weekly Score, and is calculated using your W/L record. We've listed how this is calculated below:

  • Win = 500 Weekly Score
  • Draw = 300 Weekly Score
  • Loss = 150 Weekly Score
  • Goals Scored = 90 per goal to a maximum of 5
  • Complete a Weekend League Match = 400 Weekly Score

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Champions Points

So why compete in Division Rivals? Well, two reasons. The first is that you will receive rewards at the end of each week. The second is that, by playing Division Rivals matches, you’ll earn FIFA Champions Points. FUT Champions Points are a currency that you use to buy your way into the Weekend League. Once you’ve earned enough, you can buy in whenever you want, a big difference to last year’s system. You’ll earn FIFA Champions Points depending on your performance.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Rewards

Whether you’re looking to compete in the big leagues, or just looking for a bit more of a challenge than Squad Battles, Division Rivals is worth playing for the rewards. Depending how you perform each week, you’ll earn rewards. These range from Gold Packs, to Loan Player Cards, and are well worth going after. You’ll see your points total and rewards at the end of each week.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals - How Does Matchmaking Work?

Given that you'll be facing off against real players, you might want to know hoe matchmaking is decided. Well, matchmaking in Division Rivals is based on two things, which we've detailed in the following list:

  • Location - your location determines which game server you're placed into, and therefore who you will match up with.
  • Skill Rating - you'll only be matched with players that have a similar Skill Rating to you.

When is the FIFA 19 Division Rivals Weekly Refresh?

Every Thursday at around 7 a.m., FIFA 19 Division Rivals refreshes. What this means is that players are evaluated - their points and performance totalled - and are either promoted, relegated or kept right where they are. The rewards for that week will also be awarded, and all progress will be set back to zero for the upcoming week.

Can You Play Division Rivals Placement Matches Again?

Unfortunately, you only get one chance at your placement matches. These will be played when starting up Division Rivals for the first time, and once you’ve completed them, cannot be played again. You can move up divisions by performing each week though, so you’re not stuck in the division you’re initially placed in.

How to Move up a Division in FUT Division Rivals

At the end of each week, your performance is assessed and you are either moved up or down a division, or stay put. There are three factors that the game takes into account, which we've listed below.

  • Skill Ratings - Skill Points are earned while playing games, for performing well against other players.
  • Weekly Score - Weekly points are given to the player for each game completed
  • FUT Champions Qualification Points - FUT Champions Points are earned after each game. These can be used to qualify for the Weekend League. The higher the division you're in, the more Champions Points you'll receive.

What's the Difference Between Division Rivals and Squad Battles?

Upon loading up FUT 19 for the first time, you may be a little confused as to the differences between some of the modes. Well, Division Rivals is an online-only mode, while Squad Battles is a single player affair. While playing Division Rivals, you earn Champions Points which you can use to enter the Weekend League, in Squad Battles you earn FIFA Coins and rewards. There are 45 matches to play in Squad Battles each week, whereas you can play as many Division Rivals games as you'd like.

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